An act relating to revenue and taxation. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 04/20/16 02 REG. SESS. 02 RS BR 2591

AN ACT relating to revenue and taxation.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. KRS 136.120 is amended to read as follows:

(1) Every railway company, sleeping car company, chair car company, dining car company, gas company, water company, ferry company, bridge company, street railway company, interurban electric railroad company, express company, electric light company, electric power company,[ telephone company,] telegraph company, commercial air carrier, air freight carrier, pipeline company, common carrier water transportation company, privately owned regulated sewer company, cable television company, municipal solid waste disposal facility, as defined by KRS 224.01-010(15), where solid waste is disposed by landfilling, railroad car line company, which means any company, other than a railroad company, which owns, uses, furnishes, leases, rents, or operates to, from, through, in, or across this state or any part thereof, any kind of railroad car including, but not limited to, flat, tank, refrigerator, passenger, or similar type car, and every other like company or business performing any public service, except bus line companies, regular and irregular route common carrier trucking companies, and taxicab companies, shall annually pay a tax on its operating property to the state and to the extent the property is liable to taxation shall pay a local tax thereon to the county, incorporated city, and taxing district in which its operating property is located.

(2) The property of the taxpayers shall be classified as operating property, nonoperating tangible property, and nonoperating intangible property. Nonoperating intangible property within the taxing jurisdiction of the Commonwealth shall be taxable for state purposes only at the same rate as the intangible property of other taxpayers not performing public services, and operating property and nonoperating tangible property shall be subject to state and local taxes at the same rate as the tangible property of other taxpayers not performing public services.

(3) The Revenue Cabinet shall have sole power to value and assess all of the property of every corporation, company, association, partnership, or person performing any public service, including those enumerated above and all others to whom this section may apply, whether or not the operating property, nonoperating tangible property, or nonoperating intangible property has heretofore been assessed by the cabinet, and shall allocate the assessment as provided by KRS 136.170, and shall certify operating property liable to local taxation and nonoperating tangible property to the counties, cities, and taxing districts as provided in KRS 136.180. All of the property assessed by the cabinet pursuant to this section shall be assessed as of December 31 each year for the following year's taxes, and the lien therefor shall attach as of the assessment date. In the case of a taxpayer whose business is predominantly nonpublic service and the public service business in which he is engaged is merely incidental to his principal business, the cabinet shall in the exercise of its judgment and discretion determine, from evidence which it may have or obtain, what portion of the operating property is devoted to the public service business subject to assessment by the cabinet under this section and shall require the remainder of the property not so engaged to be assessed by the local taxing authorities.

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