Amilcar cabral

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The Nationalist-Socialist Poet of Cape Verde and Guinea
My hero is Amilcar Cabral because he fought with arms and intelligence, against colonial
domination, for the independence of Cape Verde and Guinea.
He was born in Guinea on September 12 th. He moved to Cape Verde. Here in 1943, he finished
secondary school in Mindelo ,on the island of Sào Vicente, and 1 year after he obtained a job at
the National Printing Office, in Praia, the Capital of Cape Verde, on Saò Tiago island. On 1945
Amilcar went to Lisbon to begin his studies at the Agronomy Institute and started working at the
Agronomy Centre in Santarem (Portugal)
He returned to Guinea under contract with the Agricoltural and Foresty services of Portuguese

He founded the PAIGC, the party for the independence of CV and Guinea.
Amilcar Cabral fought against his enemies, but on January 1973 he was assassinated in

Conakry, the Capital of Guinea.
He participated in many meetings in the World; Africa, America, Asia, and Europe in Rome with
Pope Paul VI


Thanks to Amilcar Cabral Cape Verde and Guinea had independence on 5 July 1975

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