American Hospital Association Committee on Governance Call for Nominations

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American Hospital Association

Committee on Governance
Call for Nominations
The Leadership Development Committee of the AHA Committee on Governance (COG) is actively soliciting nominations of trustees for the following leadership positions:



AHA Regions*

Committee on Governance
* 5 At-Large Members

* 3 Regional Members




3, 6, 9

Regional Policy Board
* 3 Regional Trustee Liaisons

* 1 Regional Trustee Liaison

* 1 Trustee Delegate

* 3 Trustee Alternates





3, 6, 9



3, 6, 9

* Task forces, advisory committees

Ad Hoc/Ongoing


* See enclosed map for AHA regions.
Please submit your nomination materials

no later than February 16, 2010
Background information on the COG and RPB, the nominations process, and a candidate application form are enclosed.
All appointees must be associated with an AHA institutional member hospital or health system throughout their term on the committee. Regional appointees must be associated with an institutional member of the AHA location with the region. Trustee appointees must have at least three years experience as a trustee by the time of the appointment. No more than one representative from a hospital may serve on the same committee.

AHA Committee on Governance


The Committee on Governance (COG) is one of four specialty committees of the AHA Board of Trustees. The COG is responsible for:

  • Providing input into AHA’s policy development

  • Leading effective trustee involvement in grassroots advocacy

  • Providing advice on AHA’s trustee initiatives

  • Enhancing communication with and involvement of trustees in the AHA


The COG is composed of 28 members: the chair-elect, chair, immediate past-chair, nine regional members, and up to 16 at-large members. All members of the COG are expected to serve the mission and goals of the AHA rather than the interests of any one constituency. The COG seeks to have broad racial, ethnic, and gender mix, be geographically diverse, and though composed primarily of health care trustees, consideration is given for at-large positions to health care CEOs, physicians, nurses, state or metropolitan association CEOs, and other community leaders.
Meetings/Term of Office

The COG usually meets three times a year, with meeting sites across the country. Terms for COG members are three years.

AHA Regional Policy Boards


The nine Regional Policy Boards (RPB) assist in fostering and maintaining communication between the AHA and its membership and state associations, and assist in developing AHA policy by providing input on policy issues to be considered by the Board of Trustees; serving as ad hoc policy development committees when appropriate; assisting in implementing AHA policy and programs; and identifying problems and needs unique to the region and assisting in developing programs to meet these needs.


Each RPB consists of the RPB chair, delegates from each state in the region, constituency and membership section delegates, and regional physician and trustee delegates. There is an alternate delegate for each delegate. Also participating in the RPBs are officers of the AHA Board of Trustees, chief executive officers of state associations, a representative from the American Organization of Nurse Executives, metropolitan/regional association executives, and the Regional Trustee Liaisons.
Meetings/Term of Office

RPBs meet three times a year, with meeting sites rotated among the states in the region. Trustees serving on the RPB should be available for a conference call briefing with the COG chair officers prior to each RPB meeting. Terms for RPB members are three years.

Call for Nominations

Candidate Criteria

The Leadership Development Committee is seeking nominations for candidates who have exhibited accomplishments in one or more of the following:

  • Leadership in community-focused health care delivery

  • Leadership in local hospital/system or other health care organization board

  • Participation in state or metropolitan health care association activities

  • Participation and leadership in other AHA involvement opportunities

  • Leadership in local or national political advocacy activities

In addition, the following personal characteristics are sought in trustee candidates:

  • Demonstrated leadership potential

  • Willingness to devote time for COG/RPB meetings and responsibilities

  • Fairness

  • Consensus builder

  • Ethical

  • Strong interest in public policy discussion and debate

  • Active participant and contributor to discussions

  • Flexibility

Nominations Process

Candidates will be interviewed by telephone by two members of the COG’s Leadership Development Committee in the spring. Nominations made by the Leadership Development Committee are forwarded to the Committee on Governance. AHA’s Board of Trustees makes final approval of appointments in late summer, with letters sent to nominees in the fall.

Candidates recommended through the nomination process but not selected for COG or RPB positions will serve as the trustee leadership pool for other appointments in the American Hospital Association and will become members of the AHA Trustee Leadership Network.
Staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call Cynthia Washington, Associate Director, (312-422-3996) or email at

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