Alp goals in College In Colorado for the gifted and talented student

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Activities and Milestone selections in College In Colorado can be very helpful to Gifted and Talented students as they write their Advanced Learning Plans (ALP). The activity clusters are Career Planning, College Planning, High School Planning, Your Profile and Financial Aid Planning. The following is a list of suggested milestones in these sections that can benefit students as they write ALP goals.
Activities include:

Career Planning;

  • Ability Profiler (Individually licensed sites only)*

  • Career Cluster Survey

  • Career Key (All About You)

  • Do What You Are - All About You (Self report unless licensed)*

  • Work Values Sorter

  • Career Finder Searchers

  • Career Plan Builder

  • Focus Career Cluster

  • Saved Career Clusters and Career Pathways

  • Life Roles

  • Personal Values and Priorities

  • Resumes

  • Thank You Letters

College Planning

  • Academic Goals

  • AP Exams

  • EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT and SAT scores

  • Postsecondary Planning Factors

  • Postsecondary Programs and Majors reviewed

  • Postsecondary Schools reviewed

High School Planning

  • Early College Access Programs

  • Enrichment Courses and Workshops

  • Planning for My Goals

  • Your Plan of Study (high school course plan)

Your Profile

  • Projects you have completed

  • Networking

  • A Picture of Me in the Future

  • Annual Reflections each year

  • Goals into action

  • Personal/Social Goals

  • Self-Knowledge

  • Self-Advocacy Strategies

  • Ultimate Goals

  • Parent Comments

  • Personal Statement

Financial Aid Planning

  • College Opportunity Fund application

  • College Savings Calculator

  • Components of My Financial Aid Plan


  • Financial Aid Wizard

Grade Level Suggestions for using CIC for Students with Advanced Learning Plans Activities in Bold are found in College In Colorado.

9th Grade

  1. Review incoming 9th grade records.

  2. Create ALP group in IC

  3. Send letter to 9th grade parents explaining the ALP process and ask them to complete the “Parent Comment” section in College In Colorado after ALP goals are finished.

  4. Give students the “12 Traits of Giftedness” handout and discuss

  5. Hand out the illustration “How students think”

  6. Complete Planning for My Goals

  7. Complete Life Roles mileston

  8. Begin Your Plan of Study (High School course Plan)

  9. Complete Ability Profiler if available at the site

  10. Complete Academic Goals

  11. Complete Career finder searches

  12. Use Personal Values and Priorities

  13. Write Personal/Social Goals incorporated into ALP goals.

  14. Instruct students to write at least 3 ALP goals. Can be inserted into “College In Colorado” for individual students by counselor as a task to complete.

(Examples below)

  • Write a goal to strengthen skills in one area (something student can work on)

  • Write a goal for completing four year plan related to ICAP

  • Write a goal for GPA or a subject area of achievement

  • Write a goal for exploring an area of interest for future courses at CHS

10th Grade

  1. Send letter to parents reminding them to complete the “Parent Comment” section in College In Colorado

  2. Hand out Resource List for Gifted Learners to students

  3. Complete Career Cluster Survey

  4. Discuss ideas for careers of interest

  5. Complete Work Values Sorter

  6. Use the Career Plan Builder

  7. Use College In Colorado to begin exploring careers of interest

  8. List Postsecondary Programs and Majors

  9. List Postsecondary Schools of interest

  10. Explore Early College Access Programs available at your school

  11. Complete A Picture of Me in the Future milestone

  12. Complete section “Personal Qualities You Possess”

  13. List Self-Advocacy Strategies

  14. Begin Resume

  15. Explore Postsecondary Planning Factors

  16. Complete Annual Reflection

  17. Write at least 3 ALP goals (Examples below)

  • Explore handout “Resources for Gifted Learners”

  • Write a goal regarding exploration of careers of interest

  • Write one goal about involvement at school or in leadership

  • Write a goal of choice

11th Grade

  1. Send Letter to Parents reminding them to complete the “Parent Comment” section in College In Colorado

  2. Write draft of Personal Statement

  3. Complete Focus career Cluster

  4. Complete Life Roles

  5. Goals into Actions

  6. Begin Networking

  7. Update Resume

  8. Update Course Plan

  9. Update Planning for My Goals

  10. Use College Saving Calculator to determine how much you could or should be saving to meet college expenses.

  11. Complete Review Postsecondary programs and majors

  12. Review Postsecondary schools

  13. Complete “Do what you are” Personality Inventory

  14. Complete Annual Reflection

  15. Write at least 3 ALP goals (Examples)

  • Using the personality inventory, write a goal for one of your blind spots

  • Write a goal to broaden one of your strengths

  • Write a goal about a preparing for career of interest

  • Write a goal about researching a post-secondary area of interest that capitalizes on one of your strengths

12th Grade

  1. Send letter to parents reminding them to make “Parent Comments” in CIC

  2. Finalize Resume

  3. Ultimate Goals

  4. Contact teachers for letters of reference if needed

  5. Write Thank You notes to teachers that provide letters of reference

  6. Finalize college applications

  7. Explore scholarships and financial aid sources in “College In Colorado”

  8. Apply for any and all eligible scholarships

  9. Use Financial Aid Wizard

  10. Complete FAFSA in January

  11. Review “blind spots” in the personality inventory “Do what you are.

  12. Complete Annual Reflection

  13. Write at least 3 ALP goals (Examples)

  • Write a goal about college or scholarship applications.

  • Write a goal regarding leadership or involvement

  • Write a goal regarding a “blind spot” or area to work on for future success

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