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BSC 1005

First Day Handout
Instructor Information:

Allan Tidwell

Office - Room 110

526-2761 Ext. – 3248

e-mail address:


Audesirk, Audesirk, & Byers Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology, ninth edition, Publisher: Benjamin Cummings, 2011. ISBN 0321681517 or ISBN 9780321681515

Mastering Biology:

This is a student study area that offers access to Pearson eText and other resources 24/7. Mastering Biology is an online tutorial system that is pedagogically proven to help students learn. If you are using a used textbook, you must purchase a Mastering Biology access code. New textbook price includes the Mastering Geology access code. Please refer to the Mastering Biology Instruction Sheet found in D2L content.

Mastering Biology Online Homework.

You must have an access code to use Mastering Biology. Please refer to the Mastering Biology Instruction Sheet found in D2L content. There is an online Mastering Biology homework assignment for each chapter of this course. Each assignment has multiple parts. The assignments should average 40-45 minutes to complete. The assignments and due dates can be found by clicking on assignments from the Mastering Biology course homepage. They do not have to be finished at one time. You may work in smaller increments of time until the assignment is completed. No grade can be obtained for the assignment after the due date. The average of all homework grades will count as test seven.

PowerPoint Presentations & Study Guides are on D2L:

The slides do a good job of condensing the material that needs to be learned. Learning the content of the slides for the chapters covered on your upcoming test should prove to be an excellent study tool. The study guides are a tremendous aid in preparing for the exams. I strongly recommend answering the questions on the study guides, then learning this information in partial preparation for each exam.

Instructions for printing the power point slides are provided on the D2L BSC 1005 course content page. Computers in the ACE lab & the Tech Center can be used for printing the slides. When printing power point presentations, I recommend saving the presentation to the H drive, then opening, and then printing. This process is much shorter than opening and printing from the internet.
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE): Free peer tutoring is available to all Chipola Students at the Academic Center for Excellence. Test Review Sessions are scheduled throughout the semester for many courses such as College Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Humanities, Chemistry, Biology and Accounting. Study groups can also meet at ACE to prepare for exams. ACE provides access to computers for class and lab assignments. Instructional software for many courses is also available on ACE computers. ACE is located in Building L. For hours of operation or additional information, visit the ACE website at

or contact Bonnie Smith at 526-2761 ext. 3247 or email .

Student Wireless Access

A website has been created that provides information to students about connecting to the wireless network. It also includes information on how to print and access your H: drives. The website is:

Special Note:

By the very nature of Biology, some course material may provoke strong emotional responses. Material presented in class is of a generalized nature, and not intended to offend or discriminate against any person, religion, or way of life. If anything presented in class does create a misunderstanding, please see the instructor after class to resolve the matter.

While the instructor encourages discussion and class participation, please do not use the classroom as a public forum for personal grievances or to bait another person. Such

conduct can not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave the classroom if you persist in such behavior.

Class Attendance:

A student's presence is one of the essentials for satisfactory completion of the course. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to report punctually. When absent, they are expected to account for the absence to the instructor and be responsible for work missed. Any student who accumulates more than ten absences will automatically fail this course. An appeal may be made in writing to an appeal committee. In the letter, you must explain reasons for all absences. You should also provide copies of any documentation pertaining to absences. This appeal may or may not be approved.

Summer session classes and mini-session classes count as two absences each. Night classes and Friday classes count as 3 absences each.

Extra Credit:

Five points will be added to a regular test grade for attendance at special seminars sponsored by the Science Club. No extra credit will be given to compensate for poor test performance


There will be six tests scheduled during the semester. The final exam will be test six, and will be given according to the Chipola College final exam schedule. The average of all of your online assignments will count as test seven. Your final grade will be determined by the average of the seven test grades, with all seven tests given the same weight. . If you have no absences and no tardies for a given test period, five points will be added to your grade on that test. This includes no leaving early at any time during the class.

The grading system used by Chipola is:

100-90=A 89-80=B 79-70=C 69-60=D

You can access your test grades by going to the BSC 1005 course homepage of D2L and clicking on grades from the menu bar. There is a potential of 30 bonus points that may be earned by class attendance and 5- 10 points for science seminar attendance. With this in mind, there will be no bumping the final grade up a point or two to obtain the next letter grade. Your final grade will be what you have earned. Do not ask for any additional points to be added to your grade at the end of the semester.
Make-up Policy:

A student who misses a test will receive a grade of zero for the missed test grade. If an acceptable excuse is provided, a make-up test will be given. The score for this test will replace the zero. A make-up test should be completed before the next class meeting. If you know in advance you will miss a scheduled test, arrangements can be made for you to take your test at a different time, possibly with another class section. Communication with your instructor is of utmost importance and can greatly influence your outcome in regards to a make-up test. Please remember, a make-up test is at the discretion of the instructor and should not be an assumption on the part of the student.


If you officially withdraw from a course, a "W" will appear in place of a grade. Withdrawing from class must be done officially. Any student who needs to withdraw from this course should obtain the necessary forms from the Registrar's Office. Students who do not follow these procedures and stop attending class will receive a grade of "F" at the end of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to protect his/her own academic record.

Cell Phone/Electronic Devise Usage Campus-wide Policy

Please turn cell phones off before entering class!!Chipola College realizes that many students have obligations to family and jobs and need access to cell phones, beepers, pagers, and related devices.  The College asserts that the majority of these obligations can be handled before or after class.  Electronic devices ringing and/or being used to text message during class is disruptive to the teaching/learning process, distracting to other students, and disrespectful to the instructor.   Florida Statute 877.13 addresses student behavior in the classroom, where students are expected to contribute to a positive learning/teaching environment including respect for the rights of others and their opportunity to learn. No student has the right to interfere with the teaching/learning process.  The instructor has the authority to ask a disruptive student to leave the classroom, lab, etc., and to file disciplinary charges if the disruptive behavior continues.  As such, Chipola College students are expected to abide by the following policy:

All electronic devices such as cell phones, beepers, pagers, and related devices are to be silenced prior to entering classrooms and/or laboratories to avoid disruption.  Should it become necessary for a student to leave his/her “device” on to send or receive an emergency call and/or text message, the student must inform the instructor prior to class.  If the student finds it necessary to send and/or receive an emergency call and/or text message during class/lab time, he/she is instructed to take all books and belongings and step outside the classroom to deal with the situation.  To minimize classroom disruption and the distraction to classmates, the student will not be permitted to reenter the classroom during that class period.   Any time a test is being administered all such devices must be turned off and put away.  If a device is seen or heard during an exam, a score of zero will be given for that exam.  Initial and repeated infractions may result in disciplinary action. 

Course Contents:
Chapter (Not covered in the order listed) Pages
Chapter 4 Cell Structure and Function 11 pages

Chapter 5 Cell Membrane Structure and Function 9 pages

(begin with 5.2, page 82)

Chapter 9 Cellular Reproduction 15 pages

Chapter 10 Patterns of Inheritance 11 pages

(up to page 186)

Chapter 11 DNA: The Molecule of Heredity 8 pages

(up to 11.3, page 207)

Chapter 14 Principles of Evolution 13 pages

Chapter 28 How Do Ecosystems Work? 14 pages

Chapter 31 Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal Body 10 pages

Chapter 32 Circulation 15 pages

Chapter 33 Respiration 10 pages
Chapter 34 Nutrition & Digestion 15 pages
Chapter 38 The Nervous System 12 pages
Chapter 40 The Muscles & Skeleton 10 pages

Chapter 41 Animal Reproduction 14 pages

Chapter 42 Animal Development 11 pages

(begin at 42.5, page 822)

Chapter 43 Plant Anatomy & Nutrient Transport 13 pages
Exam Chapters Tentative test dates
1 4, 5, 9 ___Sept.8_______

2 10, 11, 14 ___Sept. 26_______

3 31, 32, 33 ___Oct. 11 _______
4 34, 38, 40 ___Nov. 3________
5 41, 42 ___Nov. 15_______

6 (Final Exam) 28, 43 ___Dec. 13 @ 8:00_

7 Homework grade

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