All the Latin information should appear on the vocabulary flashcards, D

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Ecce Romani I – Lesson by Lesson Vocabulary Info for cards page

  1. Latin on one side of the card, English meanings and derivatives on the other.

  2. All the Latin information should appear on the vocabulary flashcards,

  3. Derivatives - for the longer lists of derivatives, write down at least 6 on your cards

  4. [Learn definitions of derivatives for quizzes/tests. See]

Chapter 8 Vocabulary:

iam = now, already

agō, agere, ēgī, actus/a/um = to do, drive; discus; spend time

[ab agendo, act, action, activate, activation, activity, actor, actress, actual, actuate, agency, agenda, agent, agile, Agilisaurus, agility, agitant, agitate, agitatrix, agitographia, agitolalia, ambiguous, circumagitation, coagulate, cogent, cogitate, corrigible, counteract, cutireaction, deactivate, deactivation, ecoactivist, enact, exact, exagitate, exigency, exiguous, fumigate, hyperactive, inaction, inactive, incorrigible, interaction, intransigence, intransigent, litigation, litigious, mitigate, objurgate, paragitate, photoactive, proactive, prodigal, prodigious, psychoactive, radioactive, ramifactive, react, retroactive, squatter, subagitation, transact, transaction, variegated]

Age! / Agite! = Come on!

intrō, intrāre, intrāvī, intrātus/a/um = to enter

[introduce, introflection, introjection, intromission, introrse, introvert, introverted, introspective]

vōs, vestrī, vōbīs, vōs, vōbīs = you [pl], y’all

nōs, nostrī, nōbīs, nōs, nōbīs = we; us [in the objective cases]

excitō, excitāre, excitāvī, excitātus/a/um = to rouse, wake[someone] up

[citation, cite, excitable, excitation, excite, excitement, exciting, incite, incitement, recital, recite, recitation, recite, resuscitate, solicit, solicitor, solicitous, solicitude, suscitate]

cubiculum, cubiculī Neuter. = room, bedroom

[accumbent, brachiocubital, concubinage, concubine, covey, cubicle, cubit, decubitus, decumbent, genucubital, hora decubitus; hor. decub., incubate, incubator, incubus, incumbency, incumbent, procumbent, recumbent, succumb, superincumbent]

tempus, temporis Neuter = time

[contemporaneous, contemporary, contemporize, contretemps, equitemporaneous, extemporaneous, extempore, omnitemporal, pretemporal, pro tempore, pro tem, spatiotemporal, supertemporal, tempest, tempestuous, tempo, temporal, temporally, temporarily, temporary, temporicide, temporize, tempus fugit = “Time flies”]

deinde (adverb) = then, next

celeriter = quickly from...

celer, celeris, celere = quick, fast

[accelerant, accelerate, acceleration, accelerator, accelerogram, accelerograph, accelerometer, cardioaccelerator, celeripedean, celerity, decelerate, deceleration, decelerometer]

celeriter = quickly; celerius = more quickly; celerrimē = very quickly

quam celerrimē = as quickly as possible

induō, induere, induī, indūtus/a/um = to put on (clothes), to don

iterum (adverb) = again, a second time [reiterate, iterative, iteration, reiteration]

Ego, meī, mihi, mē, mē = I, of me, to/for me, me, with/by/from me (respectively)

[ego, egotist, alter ego, alteregoism, egocentric, egocentricity, egodystonic, egoism, egomaniac, egotheism, egotistical, ego-trip, egotropic, egosyntonic, superego, Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia]

nam = for, indeed; because, since

namque = since, because

paterfamilias, paterfamiliae M = male head of the household

[allopatric, allopatrically, allopatry, ante-patriarchal, compaternity, compatriot, compatriotism, compatriotic, depatriate, expatriate, expatriated, expatriation, misopaterist, opsipatria, pater, paterfamilias, patresfamilias, paternal, paternally, paternalism, paternalist, paternalistic, paternalistically, paternity, paternophobia, pater noster, patradelphy, patriarch, patriarchate, patriarchy, patrician, patricide, patricidal, plebeian, patriciate, Patrick, Patricia, patrilineal, patrilineage, patrilocal, patrilocality, patrimony, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, patripassian, patripotestal, patrist, patristic, patroclinous, patroclinic, patrocliny, patriclinous, patrogony, patrolatry, patrology, patron, patronym, patronymic, patronymically, patron, patrophile, philopater, philopatric, philopatry, repatriate, repatriation, sympatria, sympatric]

familia, familiae F. = family – including slaves, married and unmarried children

[extrafamilial, familiar, familiarity, familiarize, familiarly, family, family get-together, famulus, materfamilias (s), matresfamilias (pl), paterfamilias, patresfamilias, unfamiliar]

dominus, dominī M. = master (domina, dominae F. = mistress of the house)

[condominium, condominial, danger, dangerous, dangerously, despot, despotic, despotism, despotocracy, domain, domatium, domatologist, domatology, domatophobia, domatophobiac, dome, domestic, domesticate, domesticated, domestication, domesticable, domestically, domesticity, domicile, domiciled, domiciling, domiciles, domiciliary, domicolous, domicile, domiculture, domify, domifying, domification, dominance, dominant, dominate, domination, dominatrix, domineer, domineering, dominion, dominule, domotics, domotic, dungeon, major domo, myrmecodomatia, myrmecodomus, philodespot, polydomous, polydomic, predominance, predominant, predominantly, predominate, predomination, uxorodespotism, uxorodespotic, zoodomatia]

manus, manūs F = hand; band; a handful

[amanuensis, bimanous, emancipate, emancipation, manacle, manage, maneuver, manicure, manifest, manifesto, maniloquism, manipulate, manual, manufacture, manumission, manumotor, manure, manuscript, pedimanous, quadrumanous]

potestās, potestātis F = power

[armipotent, astripotence, auripotence, bellipotent, biopotency, compossible, cunctipotent, deipotent, divinipotence, equi-omnipotent, equipotent, funipotent, granulopotent, idempotent, ignipotent, immunopotence, impossible, impotence, linguipotence, magnipotent, multipotential, nilpotency, noctipotence, omnipotence, omnipotent, parvipotent, pennipotent, plenipotence, plenipotentiary, pluripotent, Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, possess, possession, possible, possibility, potency, potent, potential, potentate, potestate, prepossess, prepossession, prepotent, salsipotent, sapientipotence, solipotent, subpotent, superpotent, totipotence, unipotence, ventripotent, viripotency]

patria potestas = a father’s power over his children; he may even legally kill them if he feels that it is necessary


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