Alfredo M. Ronchi, professor of Computer Aided Design, Politecnico di Milano, italy

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Alfredo M. Ronchi, professor of Computer Aided Design, Politecnico di Milano, italy

Alfredo M. Ronchi is a professor of Computer Aided Design at Politecnico di Milano - Engineering Faculty and Multimedia Publishing both at Politecnico - Industrial Design Faculty and DSI (Information Science Dept.) at State-owned University in Milan. He is Director of a set of post-degree curses in the field of ICT for Culture.

Alfredo M. Ronchi has developed his interests in three main converging sectors: CAD, Computer Graphics & IVR, Hypermedia and Networking. Those interests have led to the development of tight contacts and collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes both Italian and international, which allowed him to further increase his research activity in Europe and elsewhere. Co-founder and Coordinator of the Computer Aided Architectural Design Laboratory (1984 – 1990), Founding Director of the HyperMediaGroup Laboratory (1990 - /) all of them at the Politecnico di Milano.
Alfredo M. Ronchi has developed and coordinated both European research and development projects (De Architectura, MOSAIC, Peripatetic, MIMS, MEDICI Framework, etc) and extra European (EuroSinosoft, Microsoft EMWAC).

In the last decade he contributed as deviser or coordinator to several projects in the field of ICT and advanced technology applied to culture. ‘La Sagrada Familia’ (92-93); ‘Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea Virtuale (93); ‘La galleria d’arte moderna Ricci Oddi’ (94-95); ‘Musei Virtuali in Rete’ (96); ‘Masterpiece’ (96); ‘Peripatetic’ (96); ‘EuroSinoSoft’ progetto tele-didattica Euro cinese (97); ‘L’abbiatense: un territorio da scoprire’ (96-98); ‘EC MOSAIC – Museums Over States & Virtual Culture’ (97-99); ‘European Agency ICT for cultural heritage – MEDICI Framework’ (1998-99); ‘BAA Provincia di Milano’ (97-99); Progetto Parnaso ‘Sistema rete per le raccolte di beni fotografici di interesse artistico, storico e documentale’ (99); ‘MIMS Monuments Integrated Management System’ (99); Progetto Regione Lombardia/CESTEC ‘Ricerca/Formazione per l’innovazione nelle professioni tecniche nel campo della conservazione preventiva e della manutenzione programmata del patrimonio storico’ (2000); ‘ICT Bridge’ framework IHP; EC MEB Maintaining Europe’s Built Cultural Heritage (2001), c-NET (INTEREGIIIC 2002), Alpha (CADSES 2003).

He was the Founding Chair of the Virtual Project October 93,94 (BolognaFiere - Italy), Programme Chair of ACM Multimedia International Workshop on Multimedia Virtual Exhibition: Models, Technologies and Applications, October 1999 Orlando FL, Programme Chair of the Cultural Track of the IX International World Wide Web Conference, May 2000 Amsterdam (NL), Chair of panels “On culture in a world wide information society” WWW Conferences 2001,2002, 2003, Founding Chair of the International Conference Cultural Heritage Networks Hypermedia, September 1996, / Milan, Co-Chair of Infopoverty Conferences 2001,2003, Founding Chair of the panel “Business opportunities from cultural heritage” CeBIT 1998,99,00,01,02,03 Hannover (D). He had active roles in events promoted by The World Bank, Council of Europe, European Commission, IEEE.

He is involved in ICT application both in the cultural heritage and education fields. Different projects and studies were carried out in Educational Multimedia application in the field of tele-didactics, tele-training and lifelong learning.

Alfredo Ronchi contributed as active member of “MultiMedia Acces to Cultural Heritage Memorandum of Understanding”, participating both in the Working Group Standards and Protocols for Interoperability and Intellectual Property Right Protection.

In the last decade he contributed as designer or coordinator to some projects in the field of Cultural Heritage. Alfredo Ronchi is actually technical secretary of the European Commission MEDICI Cooperation Framework. He is an European Commission expert both in the EU Telematics Applications Programme, e-Content and IST programme, Council of Europe and CNR expert enlisted in Gran Albo dei Referee.

Alfredo M. Ronchi is a consultant of the Council of Europe, member of the UNESCO OCCAM Mediterranean Programme, Infopoverty, Global Forum 2003, Fondazione Italiana Nuove Comunicazioni, Sacred World Foundation Scientific Committee.

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