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International Contest of Young Scholars and Students in honor of the 110th Anniversary of Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences
We invite students, post-graduates and young researchers to participate in the International Contest in honor of the 110th anniversary of Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences.

Taking into account an exclusive authority of the Nobel Prize Laureates in society, such a Contest is an urgent need of time, as it is aimed at popularization, in-depth study and practical use of their academic achievements in our rapidly changing world, public opinion and global economy. These are the Nobel ideas, which have passed the time test, can accelerate the fundamental changes in the economy and society.

The main objective of the Contest is promotion, in-depth study and practical implementation of scientific heritage by Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, and the promotion of research activity among young scholars and students which favor the maturing of the new type specialists.
Contest Terms and Conditions
1. To take part in the contest the entry and essay should be submitted.

The essay topic is the same for everybody: “The Role of the Nobel Prize Laureates’ Researches in the Modern Global World” (1-2 pages or 3 000 signs with blanks).

2. The following entries can be submitted to the contest: created by students individually or collectively, by the group of students (not more than 3 persons); written individually by post-graduate students and young scholars. No entries, which were sent to other competitions, or been awarded by the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, or by the Branch Academies or which have got special awards from different organizations, are allowed to be submitted to the Contest.

The reference entry topics are offered in Appendix A. The Entry Topics list is open and can be extended at the contestants’ suggestions.

The entry should include the title, annotation, keywords, an introductory part, the main part and conclusion. Annotation should contain key findings of the research both in the native and English languages (about 3-5 sentences). In the detailed introductory part the problem and the objectives should be formulated, value of the research and current scientific situation should be outlined; the methods selected by the contestant should be enumerated and described. The main part is to offer brief but clear statements of the contestant’s original research. In conclusion the basic results of entry are briefly formulated together with theoretical and practical appendices. The entry should contain the reference to the sources cited and bibliography.

Entry should not exceed 10-12 printed pages (16-20000 signs with blanks).

The list of documents to participate in the Contest
•Application form (appendix B “Contest Application Form”).

•Entry completed according to the requirements (appendix C).

•An essay on “The Role of the Nobel Prize Laureates Researches in the Modern Global World”, which is a compulsory requirement for all the participants.

Undergraduate and graduate students must submit scientific advisor’s review and Department’s recommendation; young scholars are to present scientific advisor’s review and Doctor of Sciences’ review.

•An identity document copy (copy of passport).
•A copy of a document that proves the status of the participant (student, graduate student, employee) and his affiliation to higher educational institution on behalf of which the entry is presented (it may be in the form of endorsement letter).

•Copies of documents, which prove the research activity of the contestant (such as copies of publications, certificates of scientific conferences participant, copies of scientific contest winner diplomas, copies of patents and so forth).

To participate in the contest it is sufficient to give information only about the one of the above mentioned public approval elements (at option: either publication or contest award).
Procedure and Format of the Winners’ Placement
All the entries should be sent to by e-mail from 01.02.2011 to 01.03.2011.
The deadline is the 1st March, 2011.
Since 1 February 2011 all the contest entries will be presented on the website of Alfred Nobel’s Planet Charity Fund.

The Steering Committee summarizes the proposals of Scientific Committee Members to 10 April 2011. Then it announces the Contest results on the website of Alfred Nobel’s Planet Charity Fund.

The Contest winners will be determined in two categories – the first category - students, postgraduates; the second one – young scholars. The following awards will be provided for the contest winners: Alfred Nobel’s Planet Charity Fund Diplomas of I-st, II-nd, III-d degrees, special prizes and monetary reward, invitation to participate in The International Nobel Economic Forum (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), the best contest entries will be published in the International Nobel Economic Forum Bulletin and other professional journals of Alfred Nobel Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law.

Appendix A
List of research topics for the contest

  1. S. Kuznets’ Economic and Statistic Analysis Research Methods.

  2. Evolution of Capital Accumulation Rate in Developed Countries.

  3. Level Investments and Distribution as Fundamentals for National Economic Development.

  4. Cyclic Fluctuations in International Trade.

  5. Dynamics of Production and Prices: Modern Prospects and Trends.

  6. Interaction of Economic Fluctuations and Long-Term Economic Growth.

  7. National Income and Capital Generation.

  8. Quantitative Aspects of National Economic Growth.

  9. S. Kuznets’ Cycles in Modern Interpretation.

  10. Structural Changes in the World Economy in the context of Globalization.

11. Kuznets’s Law in Developing Countries.

  1. Economic and Social Structure Influence upon Development Process.

  2. S. Kuznets’ Ideas Transformations in the Modern Economic Growth Theory.

  3. The Role of S. Kuznets’ National Economic Accounts in the Economic Theory Development.

  4. National Economic Accounts in the Modern International Practice: Trends of Development.

  5. International Markets: Experience of Overcoming Crisis.

  6. Globalization and its Impact on the World Production Development.

  7. Peculiarities of the World Economic Development in the Context of Globalization.

  8. Economic Researches and Investment Processes Analysis.

  9. Peculiarities of the World Investment Policy.

  10. Peculiarities of the Post-Crisis Financial Systems Performance.

  11. Economic and Mathematical Models and Information Technologies in Social and Economic Problems Research.

  12. Modernization of State Control System of the National Economic Development.

  13. Innovative Methods of Economic Studies.

  14. Modern World Intellectual Potential.

Appendix B

Application Form

of young scholars and students contest in honor of the 110th Anniversary of Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

Surname, first name, patronymic

Date of birth

Postal address

Phone number, e-mail

Place of study / employment

Year of study, major, job/ position

Entry’s reference number

The theme of entry

Scientific supervisor, position

List of documents applied to the contest (tick the documents applied in the left column):

Application to the contest

Independent contest entry


Scientific supervisor’s review

Department reference/ Review (underline the applied document)

Passport copy (signed by the applicant)

Copy of the document attesting the applicant as a student of higher education establishment

Copies of the documents confirming that the entry applied corresponds to the chosen field of research

Certificate confirming the entry has not been awarded previously

Date of application to the Steering committee____________________________________________

Participant’s signature________________________________________________________

Appendix C

Contest Entry Requirements

The Contest entry and other documents must be e-mailed directly to the Contest Steering Committee.

The Entry must be up to 12 printed pages (20 000 symbols with blanks) format A4, 1,5 space, in Times New Roman 14 pt, full justification. Page Setup (margins): head – 2, bottom – 2, left – 3, right – 1, 5sm.

The Entry must have: the title, annotation in the entry language and in English; keywords, introduction, main body and conclusion.

The Title must briefly and clearly represent the principal idea of the entry.

Annotation must briefly (in 3-5 sentences) sum up the results of the research.

Annotation must be followed by the list of keywords (up to 10 words) revealing the subject matter of the paper.

A detailed introduction defines the problem, which is under consideration, outlines the objective of the entry, its importance and modern approach, and describes the methods of investigation chosen by a contestant.

The Main body must briefly and clearly state the results of the research contain the contestant’s own ideas and solutions.

Conclusion must briefly sum up the results of the entry and define its theoretical and practical value.

The Entry must have references and the list of sources / bibliography.

The Entry format includes:

  • the reference number that consists of the first Latin letters of the applicant’s surname and name and two numerals (e.g. PI12- Petrov Ivan), should be given by a contestant himself;

  • annotation in the entry language and in English;

  • key words;

  • the text of the entry;

- the list of sources / bibliography in the alphabetic order (all the sources should have references in the text).

The Contest Entry languages are Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Author(s) responsibilities: The Author must look over an entry thoroughly, put the date and sign the last page. If there are several authors, the entry must be signed by all of them.

Authors, scientific supervisors and reviewers are responsible for the methods, validity and authenticity of the entry.

The Contest Steering Committee will not accept the entries if they are not drawn properly and in compliance with the requirements and the subject matter of the contest.

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