Alfred Nobel and The Nobel Peace Prize

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Alfred Nobel and The Nobel Peace Prize
Alfred Nobel was born in Sweden. His father was an engineer. When Alfred was nine years old his family moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was very sick as a child. Since he was so weak, he liked to sit and do quiet things like reading. Alfred loved reading and writing poetry. Alfred was also very smart. He spoke five languages: English, German, French, Russian and Swedish.

His father wanted him to study science. He went to America to study chemistry for four years. After that, he returned to Sweden to work in his father’s company which had money problems. Alfred learned about chemistry and eventually became an inventor. Inventors are people who create new things for people to use. One of his inventions was dynamite.

When he invented dynamite, he thought it would be helpful. He wanted people to use dynamite for construction projects. If someone wanted to build a tunnel but there were big rocks in the way, the dynamite could be used to clear away the rocks.

But people started using dynamite as a weapon. It was used in wars and it

hurt many people. Alfred felt bad for creating something that people used to hurt others. He did not want his invention to be used this way.

Alfred had earned a lot of money as an inventor. He decided to leave all of his money to people who used science in peaceful ways. He created the Nobel Prizes. Every year, prizes are given to people who help make the world a better place. Nobel awards are given for chemistry, medicine, economics, literature, and peace.

The most famous of all of the Nobel Prizes is the Nobel Peace Prize. Each year the person or group that did the most to make the world a more peaceful place wins the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize is announced on October 10th of each year and is given to the winner on December 10th at a big ceremony. The person who wins the prize receives a diploma, a medal, and approximately one million dollars.

We are going to be studying about some of the people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. We will be learning about their lives, where they lived,

and what they did to make the world a better place.

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On the map on the next page mark where Alfred Nobel was born, where he moved when he was little, where he went to study chemistry, and where he went to work with his father’s business.

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