Alex vayner • 40 Waterside Plaza Manhattan, ny 10010 • (646) 912-2649 •

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ALEX VAYNER • 40 Waterside Plaza Manhattan, NY 10010 (646) 912-2649

Yale University, New Haven, CT. B.A. Russian & Eastern European History, GPA 3.17 term June 2007

RIA®, Series 65 Certification ant. October 2007

CFA®, Level I Certification ant. June 2008

Boston University Institute of Finance, Online. Certified Financial Planer program ant. June 2008

  • CFP program includes courses in risk management, investments, tax and financial planning among others


Quantitative: Financial statement analysis, cashflow, risk measurement, trading system development

Computer: Microsoft Office Tools, Ibbotson Analyzer, Excel, Bloomberg, MetaStock 8.0, LightSpeed,

Calyx, LexisNexis, Outlook, PowerPoint

Languages: Fluent English and Russian

Associate, Tomkin Group LLC., Edgewater, NJ (part-time during school) 2005 – June 2007

  • Provided exec. support to a partner. Decreased costs by improving deal origination, offer terms, financing, and outsourcing at this real estate development firm

Investment Risk Analyst, The Atlantic Philanthropies Inc., Manhattan, NY June 2004 – Sep. 2004

  • Increased portfolio profitability by generating internal management reports for CIO on how to re-balance investments in the alternative asset sector after quantifying investment risks and researching return drivers

  • Met with managers, conducted due diligence on potential investments, analyzed empirical behavior of

manager performance, analyzed risk profile, strategies, and asset allocation of the entire $4-billion-

dollar portfolio in hedge funds

  • Conducted analysis that suggested which hedge fund managers were generating real alpha returns

Executive Assistant, Law Offices of Anthony LeCrichia, Manhattan, NY Sep. 2003 – May 2004

  • Increased efficiency of firm’s operations; handled confidential communications, court errands, calendar management, and all computer hardware/software support for the head of the firm

Loan Officer, One Source Mortgage Corp., Hackensack, NJ May 2003 – July 2003

  • Originated loans, prepared/facilitated financial loan packages, projected due diligence reports, corresponded with borrowers, lenders, title agencies and attorneys


Athletics 1988 – present

  • Trained to professional degree of competence in martial arts, tennis, skiing, and power-lifting. Built and lead teams, developed superior discipline and work ethic

Creator, Empower A Child Inc., Manhattan, NY August 2006 - present

  • Outlined the infrastructure that will enable this non-for-profit organization to enhance the quality of immigrant children's lives by networking key services and skill-development programs

Writer, Millionaires’ Blueprint to Success anticipated publication Summer, 2008

  • Manuscript details how top achievers across fields attain success by following the same principles


Kevin D. Gray, CRE, FRICS

  • Faculty, Real Estate Finance, Yale School of Management - 917 597 1278

David Walsh

  • Senior Accountant, The Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation – 212-916-7346

Anthony LeCrichia

  • Law Offices of Anthony LeCrichia – 212-481-9866

Gela Meier-Staude -

  • Tennis coach with 12 years exposure to my personality and work ethic

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