Alessandro volta

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He's full name is Alessandro Giusseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. Alessandro, was born on 18th February 1745 and he

died on 5th March 1827. He was Italian, and he was born in Como, Milan.

He's family was noble, and he's father died when Alessandro has only 7 years.

He is one of the most popular scientist of the history.

He studied physics, and was a teacher in one university of Como.

There is not a lot of information about Alessandro Volta, but seeing his photos we can extract some conclusions. He was tall and thin. He was dress elegant clothes because he was noble. He was a serious man, and he was very intelligent.

People thinks that Alessandro Volta is famous

for inventing the electrical battery. But before this, he

was know by other inventions related to the electricity,

as electrophorus. An electrophorus is a capacitive generator used to produce electrostatic charge.

But the most important invention is the electrical battery.

In 1990 was decided that Volta was the name of the

unit of the electricity. (Volt).
This picture is the first electrical battery.

As anecdote, can be said that Alessandro Volta, inventor of the electrical battery who made advance the technology, didn’t buy electrical batteries. In addition, didn’t learnt to speak up to 7 years.

Thanks to his inventions, scientists could invented new things as cars, clocks, mobile phones, portable computers, and other many things more.


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