Aleksey Korzun 1729 67th A20 Brooklyn, ny 11204 Phone: (646) 637-7675 Email

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Aleksey Korzun

1729 67th A20

Brooklyn, NY 11204

Phone: (646) 637-7675

I am an entrepreneur with a very strong and diverse technical background.
I spend close to a decade working on amazing projects with some of the most talented people

in the technology sector.

I don't just code. I'm an architect and an engineer who puts a great deal of pride into his work.
When I'm not working, I enjoy studying the art of Muay Thai and spending time with my car:
You can find me on Github: or on Twitter:
I also have a personal blog: and operate a small BMW enthusiast Wikipedia (for older models):
References are available upon request, you can also view expanded version of my resume at:

Aleksey Korzun
Lead Software Engineer, Back-End

BaubleBar (

02/2013 – Present
Highlights of achievements:

  • Single handedly architectured and developed an internal RESTful API in Python.

  • Developed a routing tool-kit for schedule based applications.

  • Wrote custom API clients for third-party providers such as ZenDesk and CheetahMail.

  • Build several Magento addons that introduced new features to our product.

  • Established coding guidelines and best practices.

  • Set-up and maintained department wide Vagrant based development VM..

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5, Python, Flask, Gunicorn, Nginx, Memcached, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML 5, Vagrant, Git

Senior Software Engineer

Lot18 (

09/2011 – 01/2013

Highlights of achievements:

  • Joined the company after Series B funding as a senior software engineer of the Application team which was responsible for integration with Python based RESTful API platform.

  • Was heavily involved with architecture and development of the PHP 5 based MVC framework.

  • Artchitectured flexible checkout system to handle different types of checkout flows with a common set of functionality.

  • Developed 'Darwin' tool that allowed marketing to create and manage landing page campaigns. The tool allowed you to setup different landing flows with different set of steps and

  • gave you ability to change design on any of the steps.

  • Re-factored service layer which automatically converted resources consumed via API into object oriented components.

  • Spearheaded coding standards and best practices within the organization. Implemented Git based pre-commit hooks for PHP Documentator and PHP Code Sniffer with a custom set of rules that reflected internal company standards.

  • Helped with defining development process and building a great engineering culture. I also interviewed candidates for our engineering team and mentored junior programmers.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5, PHPUnit, PHPDoc, Memcached, Redis, IgBinary, XDebug, MySQL, Amazon EWS/EC2, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Git

Software Engineering Guru

StoryDesk (

07/2011 – 04/2012

Highlights of achievements:

  • Served as technical advisor at the early-stage start up phase.

  • Architectured test harness suite for API infrastructure in PHP 5 that allowed for a highly flexible and automated end-point testing.

  • Build and integrated API based document converting service in PHP 5 and Python utilizing OpenOffice API.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5, Python, Amazon EC2/AWS, PostgreSQL, FreeBSD, SVN

Senior Software Engineer

Connected Ventures (

03/2010 – 09/2011

Highlights of achievements:

  • Lead developer of internal PHP based MVC framework utilized by multiple web properties.

  • Re-factored caching library to utilize PECL-memcached.

  • Introduced concept of pre-loading objects within cached collections.

  • Developed commenting engine with 100% cache integrity and data segmentation.

  • Successfully led migration of several web properties to the new platform.

  • Debugged and filled issues with Php/IgBinary development teams.

  • Assisted system administrators with optimization of servers and deployment of Memcached, IgBinary and Varnish.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5, Memcached, IgBinary, MySQL, APC, XDebug, Amazon EC2/AWS, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS/HTML/XML.

  • FreeBSD, Apache, Varnish.

Software Engineer

Schematic (

10/2008 – 03/2010

Highlights of achievements:

  • Core member of open source platform team that build and launched Nokia's application store (Ovi).

  • Involved in architecture and development of major product features such as account, payment and listing functionality.

  • Build a RESTful API layer on to of application routes for consumption via mobile version of Ovi store application.

  • Developed custom Zend Framework components and libraries that handled integration with proprietary Nokia API's.

  • Presented and provided training on high level application architecture to Nokia engineers and system administrators in Boston head-quarters.

  • Assisted with code deployment (releases) to staging and production environments.

  • Worked with emerging technologies such as: Google App Engine, Amazon SimpleDb, RackSpace’s cloud offerings and Hadoop.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5, Python, Java (Android), Zend Framework, Django, Memcached, APC, XDebug, REST, JQuery, Oracle (PL/SQL), MySQL, BigTable, CSS/HTML/XML.

  • Visio (UML/Flow design), SVN, Git, Google Search Appliance, Amazon AWS, Facebook API, Rackspace Cloud and Google Apps Engine.

Back-End Software Development Lead

Posner Advertising (

04/2008 – 10/2008

Highlights of achievements:

  • Responsible for software development, integration and deployment.

  • Developed Flash compatible XML back-end for several clients including but not limited to: 111 Kent, Northside Piers and Clermont Greene.

  • Architectured PHP 5/MySQL based client management system (Posner Dashboard).

  • Re-factored and successfully launched new CMS for Gencom Group.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 5 (OOP, SimpleXML), MySQL, Actionscript, CSS/HTML/XML, User Interface/User Experience design.

  • Visio (UML/Flow design), Trac, SVN.

Senior Programmer / Systems Administrator

City Realty .Inc (

04/2006 – 04/2008

Highlights of achievements:

  • Provided training and led a team of 3 developers.

  • Introduced and implemented Subversion (SVN) source control and a Trac powered workflow solution to the company including a new staging and development environments.

  • Managed several in-house and data-center based servers on both hardware and software levels.

  • Developed a ground breaking sale broker system (The-Edge) for a majority of New York City based real estate agents.

  • Integrated The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) feed to power all current and future systems, including CSR, broker and public site(s). Migration required extensive rewrite of existing software, introduction of new features on several levels of application infrastructure and structural database changes.

  • Developed a new web site for sales. Including a fully validated cross-browser complaint HTML/CSS front-end and PHP 5 back-end. Built extensive business logic for search memory, user tracking and ad/featured listing matching based on previous user habits.

Skills utilized:

  • PHP 4/5 (OOP, SimpleXML, APC, Xdebug), CSS/(X)HTML/XML, AJAX, User Interface/User Experience design.

  • Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise/FreeBSD, Pen/Natd load balancing, Apache 2, Bind, Oracle XE, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SVN and network administration.

  • Visio (UML/Flow design), Trac, Excel and Powerpoint.

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