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Reid, Harry Fielding
Harry Fielding Reid Photograph Collection, 1890-1892
PCA 115

28 photographs Processed by: Staff

ACQUISITION: This collection was purchased December 5, 1977. Acc. No. 1977-066.
ACCESS: The collection is available for viewing, however, the photographs may not be photocopied.
COPYRIGHT: Request for permission to publish or reproduce material from the collection should be discussed with the Librarian.
PROCESSING: The mounted albumen prints are stored in acid-free folders and box. An item-level inventory is available. Information supplied by staff is enclosed in brackets. Additional information may be obtained from a list provided by William O. Field, located with the inventory.

Biographical Note
Harry Fielding Reid, a professor at Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland, visited Glacier Bay in 1890 with a party of five men. The bulk of the photographs in this collection were taken in 1892 when Mr. Reid again visited Glacier Bay and continued to survey the area.

Reid, a U.S. seismologist and glaciologist, received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore in 1894 then stayed to become professor of dynamic geology from 1896 until 1930 when he was appointed emeritus professor. His early work centered on glaciers, but from 1906 he concentrated on seismology. In 1911, he developed the elastic rebound theory of earthquake mechanics, still accepted today.

He was president of the Seismological Society of America in 1912 and 1913, chairman of the American Geophysical Union from 1924-1926, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. The Seismological Society of America renamed their highest honor, the Medal, after Reid. His most lasting work was The Mechanics of the Earthquake, Volume II of the Lawson report on the 1906 earthquake, in which he made a fundamental contribution to the understanding of earthquake mechanics using observations from that earthquake, the effects of which are depicted on the medal which now bears Reid's name. Reid died in 1944 at the age of 85. His diaries and glaciological papers were donated to the American Geophysical Union.

[Source: Seismological Society of America, online, Encyclopedia Brittanica, online; personal letter from Wm. O. Field to Historical Collections.]

The field notebooks, manuscript collection, maps, and glass plate negatives and prints of Harry Fielding Reid (1859-1944) may be found at the Roger G. Barry Resource Office for Cryospheric Studies in Boulder, Colorado, jas 12/21/10

Scope and Contents
In addition to Reid’s 1892 photographs, several photographs by J.F Morse, a member of Reid's 1890 party, are included (nos. 23-27). The collection includes views of Glacier Bay, the surrounding glaciers and mountains, Metlakatla and the Sitka Sound. These early photographs are printed on 5 ½ " x 8" albumen paper mounted on 8"x 10" gilt-edged hardboard. The negatives are either 2 ½ " x 3" or 4" x 5" and were made from the original prints.
William O. Fielding, glaciologist, provided a comprehensive list of photographs taken by Reid in 1892 and Morse in 1890. The numbers on that list correspond to the numbers in parentheses in the following inventory, and provide additional information.

Inventory of Photographs
1 Icebergs Near Tidal Inlet [partially snow-covered mountains behind]. (1892, #252).
2 Ice pinnacles in middle of Muir Glacier [close-up of pinnacles]. (1892, #269).
3 Bird's-eye-view of end of Muir Glacier, looking eastward. July 25, 1892. (1892, #300).
4 Front of Siwesh Comp at Muir Glacier [campsite in front of glacier]. (1892, #301).
5 Wood Glacier, Geikle Inlet [partially snow-covered mountains; moraine in foreground]. (1892, #318).
6 Geikle Glacier [small ice floes in water]. (1892, #327).
7 Mt. Wright from Sebree Island [summit of mountain partially obscured by clouds, ice floes in water]. (1892, #330).
8 Charpentier Glacier, Hugh Miller Inlet [distant view of glacier water and boulders in foreground]. (1892, #354).
9 Charpentier Glacier, Hugh Miller Inlet, new view. (1892, #358).
10 Hugh Miller Glacier, looking north-westward [ice floes in water, moraine in foreground]. (1892, #359).
11 Hugh Miller Glacier, looking westward (1892, #363).
12 Mt. Crillon and Hugh Miller Inlet [mountain partially snow-covered, ice floes, moraine]. (1892, #364).
13 Mt. Wright, upper cliffs [close-up of snow-covered cliffs]. (1892, #380).
14 Rendu Glacier [distant view, water, moraine and boulders in foreground]. (1892, #396).
15 Mt. Abdallah and Rendu Glacier. (1892, #397
16 Mt. Fairweather and Johns Hopkins Glacier (1892, #398)
17 Sentinel Peak and Carroll Glacier, Queen Inlet (1892, #409)
18 Glacial scratches on Sebree Island (1892, #413)
19 Sitka Harbor, S.S. Pinta and Hasler 1892, #432)
20 Mr. Vestovia from Cross Mountain (1892, #434)
21 Mt. Edgecombe from the southeast (1892, #437)
22 Waterfall at Metlakahtla (1892, #444)
23 Mts. Case and Wright, looking eastward (1890, #204) photographer J. F. Morse
24 Muir Glacier and S.S. City of Topeka (1890, #206) photographer J. F. Morse
25 Ice pinnacles at end of Muir Glacier. (1890, #212) photographer J. F. Morse
26 White Glacier; Tributary of Muir Glacier (1890, #214) photographer J. F. Morse
27 The buried forest near Muir Glacier. Mt. Case in distance. (1890, #221) photographer J. F. Morse
28 Near view of Thlinqwan [Klinkwan], Prince of Wales Island (1892, #448).

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