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Alaska State Library

Historical Collections

Collection of Alaskan Maps, ca. 1597-[ongoing]
MS 145

1 Oversize box

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Revised: Connie Hamann,

14 maps

Jacki Swearingen 3/2/11

ACQUISITION: Maps, plans and drawings both original and photographic reprint from various sources. Ongoing.
ACCESS: The collection is unrestricted.
COPYRIGHT: Requests for reproductions should be discussed with the Librarian.
PROCESSING: Images are sleeved in Mylar, or acid free or unbuffered folders. Maps 1-10 are located in an archival box in MS Oversize, maps 11-14 are located in an oversize folder in Map Case #4.

Maps, plans, charts – hand drawn originals, bluelines and photo reproductions from various sources. Some of these items may be found in other collections. Noted if known. Includes copy of official floor plans of Fort Wrangell. The collection is ongoing.

1 Plan of public buildings and Government Square, Fort Wrangell, Alaska, Max Pracht, Custodian. Drawn by Edward Chamberlain, March 1890. [buildings are numbered with reference at lower right.] From: Division "K", Record Group No. 49, National Archives. [photographic print]
2 Plan of Fort Wrangell, Alaska Territory, 1870 [buildings of fort are numbered with references at center; latitude and longitude also given.] From: Division "K", Record Group No. 49, National Archives. [photographic print]
3 Golovnin Bay [U.S., Coast and Geodetic Survey map of Golovnin Bay and surrounding shoreline.] 1939. [See also 1903, 1917 edition, Golofin Bay, Historical Collections, Map Case No. 4]
4 Port Clarence and Grantley Harbor. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey No. 9385, 1932.
5 Map of the Copper River and Northwestern Ry. When You Think Alaska -- Think Alaska Steamship Co. 1917. [See also: G4371.P54 1929, 1917 .P6 Map Case]
6 Recreation Areas Adjacent To Juneau, Alaska Within The Tongass National Forest [includes Tracy Arm, Hasselborg Lake, Mendenhall Glacier, etc.][VR1962]
7 Limes Occidentis Quiuira et Anian, 1597. Anian Regnvm, 1597 [map of area later named Alaska]. [G4370 1597.W9 Map Case; also UAF Rasmuson, Rare Map collection.]
8 Article: “Historian believes map locates site of 1860 shipwreck” by Richard Hartman (Historian: Dr. Richard Pierce) [re: 1860’s shipwreck and photocopy of hand-drawn Russian map of Elovyi (Spruce) Island showing location of shipwreck, “former barka Kad’iak,” chapel, Aleut settlement. Orig. in MS 81, Vinokouroff maps oversize, Kodiak Folder 4-1]
9 Federal and Territorial building, Juneau Alaska. Drawn 11-22-1929; rev. through 1959. Approach plan, ground floor, first through fourth floor plans. [Bluelines, 6 sheets]
10 Juneau Subport. 7/20/1959; rev. 9/13/1963.[Blueline drawing by F. A. Metcalf.]
11 Map of government reserved land in the town of New Archangel, Sitka, Territory of Alaska. Reserved by order of the military Commandant. Nov. 1867. [Ink on linen.] Located in MS Oversize, Map Case #4.
12 Map of a part of Fort Liscum, Alaska showing location of proposed wagon road for Rainbow Basin Mining and Development Co. [ink on paper. Shows proposed road from Valdez Bay to Solomon Basin, survey markers.] n.d. Located in MS Oversize, Map Case #4.
13 [Fishery management districts kept by AK Territorial Fish & Game, 1943-1944, Western District, Eastern District, Icy Straits District. Locations of canneries, packing companies, traps and trap owners, production, etc.] Superimposed on U.S.C. & G. Survey Chart No. 8202, SE Alaska Midway Islands to Cape Spencer including Lynn Canal. Gift of Jim Geraghty. Located in MS Oversize, Map Case #4.
14 Alaska Colonization & Development Company in Kachemak Bay, n.d. 5 sheets (bluelines). Three maps of Port Axel including a dock survey dated Aug. 11, 1903; 2 maps of Ismailof Is. Saltery and Fertilizing Plant. Located in MS Oversize, Map Case #4.
14a. Dock Survey, Port Axel (Bear Cove), Aug. 11, 1903.
14b. Ismailof Island Saltery and Fertilizing Plant.
14c. Ismailof Island Saltery and Fertilizing Plant.
14d. Port Axel (Bear Cove) Homestead and placer claims in the Kachemak Bay area.
14e. Port Axel (Bear Cove). Large scale version of 14d. Also includes oil claims between Fox River and Sheep Creek.

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