Alaska State ata state Trapshooting Report

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Alaska State ATA State Trapshooting Report
Name of Club: Birchwood Recreation Shooting Park City: North Birchwood

Name of Shoot: Alaska State Shoot Date: July 17, 2013

Reporter: Jenn Geary P.O. Box 671750 Chugiak, AK 99657-1750

Phone Contact: 907 – 244-1897


Saturday July 20, 2013

Weather: 72 degrees, sunny in the morning, rain shower late afternoon than sun again.

Alaska State Singles Championship

Number entered 65 Event Date: July 20, 2013

Champion Jim Fleming Anchorage AK 199 of 200***

Runner-Up Brad Bowman Palmer AK 196 of 200

Class AA Dean Glick Soldotna AK 195 of 200*

Class AA RU Brandon Nieder Anchorage AK 195 of 200*

Class A John Lovell Soldotna AK 192 of 200

Class A RU Brian Baines Anchorage AK 191 of 200

Class B Brett Nieder Anchorage AK 195 of 200

Class B RU Clint Brooks Fairbanks AK 190 of 200

Class C Mike Wascom Wasilla AK 189 of 200

Class C RU Dennis Geary Wasilla AK 187 of 200

Class D Beryl Palmer Fairbanks AK 184 of 200

Class D RU Tom Renwick Whitehorse YK 178 of 200

High Lady I Carol Inman Anchor Point AK 190 of 200

High Lady II Evie Seymore Fairbanks AK 184 of 200

High Sub Jr. Steven Brown Anchorage AK 187 of 200

High Jr. Elias Graham Homer AK 179 of 200

High Jr. Gold Justin Herrick Eagle River AK 184 of 200

High Sub Vet Michael McConahy Fairbanks AK 196 of 200

High Vet Dave Inman Anchor Point AK 194 of 200

High Sr. Vet Malcom Menzies Juneau AK 187 of 200

Non-Res Champ Kenneth Johnston Junction City KS 195 of 200

Non-Res RU Champ William Walton Carlinville IL 195 of 200

*** 2013 ATA Western Zone AA Class Singles Champion Jim Fleming
*Singles Shoot-offs –

Brandon Nieder & Dean Glick shot off for Double AA and after 75 straight Dean took top honor.

Boondocks Sporting Goods HANDICAP Number entered 58 Event Date: July 20, 2013
Champion Jon Hayes Wasilla AK 98 of 100

Runner-Up John Zajchowski Wasilla AK 95 of 100*

18-23 Yd Wally Smith Fairbanks AK 95 of 100*

24-27 Yd Greg Yocum Fairbanks AK 93 of 100

High Lady Carol McConahy Fairbanks AK 92 of 100

High Jr. Steven Brown Anchorage AK 92 of 100

High Vet Jim Tavis Anchorage AK 96 of 100

High Sr. Vet Wayne Bertholl Juneau AK 88 of 100*

*Handicap Shoot-offs –

There was a 3 way tie with John Zajchowski, Wally Smith and Jerry Wasson for runner-up champion and short yardage, after 2 shoot-offs and 50 birds the dust settled and John was our runner-up champion and Wally took short yardage.

Other Highlights:

Just as the shoot-offs for the day was over and the steaks were coming off the grill for our Saturday night steak dinner a little black bear trotted down the berm behind the trap houses. He gave our non-resident shooters a chance to see what Alaskan shooters have to contend with at the range. The campers fortunately did not see him later that evening, but he truly enjoyed all the leftover steaks in the dumpster in the early morning hours.

The Ladies Bling Shoot was as fun as ever and after the ladies all shot their 10 targets from the handicap (registered lady shooters were given penalty yardage of 2 yards) Evie Seymore & Carol Inman received the money and Trish Yocum won the gold nugget necklace in the drawing.

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