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40.The activities and plans approved by the General Assembly are implemented under the responsibility of a full time Programme Manager (PM).

41.The Programme Manager, as the main executive officer of the ALADIN Consortium, reports to the General Assembly, and is responsible for:

  1. Making sure that the ALADIN System is maintained, with appropriate coordinated actions with its parent system (called IFS/ARPEGE), and made available to the Members and acceding Members, for implementation at their site;

  1. Execution of agreed Plans within the resources allocated by the General Assembly, and reporting to the General Assembly;

  1. Implementation of other decisions or actions placed on him/her by the General Assembly;

  1. Management and monitoring of the contributions of Members and acceding Members (manpower and financial contributions to the ALADIN Annual Budget) dedicated to the implementation of this MoU, within the authority delegated by the General Assembly, and maintaining relevant records;

  1. Elaboration of strategic inputs and proposals, for consideration by PAC and the General Assembly;

  1. Preparation and negotiation, with the support of PAC and other designated experts, any draft co-operation agreement, taking into account guidelines from the General Assembly;

  1. Organisation and coordination, with support from the CSSI (see definition in paragraph 43) and the ALADIN Local Team Managers and following the guidelines of the General Assembly or its Chairperson, of:

  • The ALADIN Project Team;

  • ALADIN Workshops and other meetings;

  • Scientific and technical participation of the ALADIN Consortium at International Numerical Weather Prediction meetings.

42.The Programme Manager is supported by a Programme Team, composed of:

    1. The ALADIN Local Team Managers designated by each Member or acceding Member, who are responsible for the execution of the contribution of that Member or acceding Member to the agreed Work Plan, and supervise the ALADIN Project Team members working at their premises;

    1. The ALADIN Project Team involving all manpower committed by Members and acceding Members;

    1. A Committee for Scientific and System/maintenance Issues (the CSSI), composed of the first level System/maintenance and Scientific Coordinators (SSC) of the ALADIN Project Team;

    1. A Support Team for administrative, information and secretarial support.

43.The Programme Manager proposes the detailed organisation of the Project Team, including specific delegation of responsibilities and assignments, following discussion at the ALADIN Workshop. The proposal is submitted to the General Assembly, after review by the PAC, as an integral part of the proposed Work Plan.

44.System and scientific coordination within the Project Team is ensured as necessary under the authority of the Programme Manager through Thematic Working Groups led by System and Scientific Coordinators, e.g. in the fields of dynamics and coupling, physics, data assimilation, surface processes, predictability, verification and post-processing, code maintenance and system coordination. (Add Climate and Nowcasting ?)

45.The Programme Manager supervises the coordinated maintenance effort, with support of designated CSSI and Project Team Members.

46.The Programme Manager organises, with the support of the CSSI and the ALADIN Local Team Managers, the annual ALADIN Workshop, where the scientific and technical priorities, the objectives and the activities that form the proposed Work Plan for the next year are defined and agreed, taking into account inputs from the Project Team and resources available from Members and acceding Members. (Shall it be reflected here that we have joint ASM-Workshop occasions?)

47.The Programme Manager establishes appropriate consultation and interaction mechanisms involving the ALADIN Local Team Managers and CSSI members, as necessary to enable smooth coordination and implementation of all activities under the agreed Work Plan (rather ‘plans’), including anticipation or resolution of day-to-day difficulties and definition of priorities against available resources.

48.The Programme Manager brings to the attention of the Chairperson of the General Assembly and to the Chairperson of the PAC any issue that endangers or may endanger the execution of the agreed Work Plan (rather ‘plans’) and cannot be resolved at his/her level, with the support of the ALADIN Local Team Managers and CSSI members.

49.The Programme Manager presents to the General Assembly proposals for the designation of System/maintenance and Scientific Coordinators, based on discussions at the ALADIN Annual Workshop.

50.The Programme Manager is responsible, with support of the CSSI, for the coordination of the joint activities agreed by the HIRLAM and ALADIN Consortia, under terms and conditions defined in Annex III. (The LTM side should appear here)

51.The Programme Manager shall consolidate, maintain and make available to the Parties a consolidated list of the ALADIN shared codes that form the ALADIN System, with an identification of (i) the ALADIN Common Codes, (ii) the ALADIN Co-owned Codes and their co-owners and (iii) ALADIN Shared Third-Party Codes with appropriate reference to the rights granted by the owner to the Parties.

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