Aha ractrac Compatible Contact Sheet

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AHA RACTrac Compatible Contact Sheet

Please fill out the information requested below and return to RACTracsupport@providercs.com

Please note in the subject line of the email: Vendor Contact Sheet


Vendor Response

1) Company Name

2) RAC Product Name

3) Name and Contact Information for AHA (and PCS)

This should be the individual in your organization who understands Medicare RACs and can make decisions about RACTrac compatibility If you are receiving this questionnaire, then by default you are currently an AHA contact. Please indicate who the primary contact should be.

4) Name and Contact information for SALES

Information on RACTrac vendor list is most appropriate

Product Information

(This is for AHA Internal Use only and will not be shared)

1) Is your RAC management tool currently operational and ready for use? (yes or no)

If no, when is it expected to be ready for use?

2) Is your RAC management tool web based? (Yes or No)

If no, what type of application is it?

3) How long has your company been in operation?

4) How long has your organization worked with hospitals specifically?

5) How many hospitals have currently purchased your product as of March 20, 2009?

RACTrac Compatibility

1) How long do you anticipate it would take you to have your application ready for testing to validate that it is indeed RACTrac Compatible?

2) Do you anticipate creating a report for hospitals to run or creating the CSV file?

3) Do you anticipate that the user will have to select the AHA RACTrac variables in the application or does your application do it for them behind the scene’s?

4) Who will AHA’s point of contact be for testing and validation that the application meets all requirements for compatibility?

  • What questions have we forgotten to ask that you think are important for AHA to know about your organization?

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