Affidavit of due execution of Will/Codicil

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In the [Will/Will and Codicil/Estate of] (name of deceased including any aliases in which assets are held) deceased

Last address: (insert last address of deceased)
[Address in will – if different]: (insert address in will)
Affidavit of due execution of Will/Codicil
(Full name of deponent) of (residential or business address, or place of employment), (occupation or other description)i states on oath [or: solemnly and sincerely affirms and declares]:
I am one of the witnesses who signed the will [or codicil] of the deceased, dated (date), a clear copy of which is exhibit # to this affidavit.
The deceased executed the will [or codicil] on the day it is dated [or on (date)] by signing his or her name at the foot or end of the will [or in the testimonium clause (or in the attestation clause)] meaning and intending the same to be his or her final signature to the will [(or codicil)].
The deceased signed the will in my presence and in the presence of (name), the other witness who signed the will, both of us being present at the same time, and we then attested and signed the will [or codicil] in the presence of the deceased and of each other.
The signature appearing on the will is that of the deceased.
(Insert anything else relevant about the making of the will).
Sworn [or: Affirmed] by (full name) on (date) at (place) in the presence of:

(Signed by deponent) (Signed by person taking affidavit)

Deponent (Statement of capacity to take affidavit)ii

iIf more than one deponent, continue with the name, address and description of each other deponent.

ii For example, “solicitor”, “barrister”, “Justice of the Peace”.


Affidavit of due execution of Will/Codicil Name:

Filed on Behalf of the Executors Address:

Form 107, Version 2

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999. Phone No:

Rule 604 Fax No:

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