Ae 1350 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering (2-0-2) Catalog Data

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AE 1350 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering (2-0-2)
Catalog Data: AE 1350: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering. Introduction to the field of aerospace engineering, basic aerospace systems and disciplines and a working vocabulary of the field. Demonstration of conceptual design through examples. Wind Tunnel and industry visits.
Textbook: At the level of John D. Anderson, Jr., Introduction to flight, McGraw-Hill Book Co., fourth edition, 2000.

Richard S. Shevell, Fundamentals of Flight, Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 1989.

Reference: None
Coordinator: R.G. Loewy, Professor of A.E.
Goals: The purpose of this course is to promote an understanding of the field and a higher level of motivation among students by providing an overall perspective before they begin their more specialized courses. A broad base is developed into which subsequent courses can be integrated in depth.
Expected Outcomes: Students will acquire: background and history of aerospace engineering; a working vocabulary; an introduction to underlying theory, the operational environment and operational aspects; an understanding of the basic systems and design concepts; experience with computer applications.

1. Introduction and history background. (2 classes)

2. Nomenclature, flight regimes, the atmosphere and atmospheric models. (3 classes)

3. Properties of fluids, airspeed measurement, compressibility and viscosity effects, aerodynamics forces and moments, generation of lift, finite wing effects, and wind tunnels. (6 classes)

4. Critical Mach number and effects of compressibility, wave drag, and variable geometry. (3 classes)

5. Introduction to airplane performance, power required, rate of climb, range and endurance, and stability and control; and to space launch vehicles, staging, and reentry vehicles; including design implications. (5 classes)

6. Propulsion systems: propeller, turbojet, turbofan, rocket, ramjet, and SCRAMJET. (4 classes)

7. Introduction to orbital mechanics and the space environment. (2 classes)

8. Aerospace structures, flight loads, introduction to structural design. (3 classes)

9. Tests. (2 classes)

Prepared by: R.G. Loewy Date: March 21, 2002

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