Adrenalin Quarry Recruitment

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Adrenalin Quarry Recruitment
We are looking for people who:

Are great with other people

Are comfortable with crowds

• Are hard working and able to work unsupervised

• Are able to work under pressure as part of a team
You will need to have great people skills (i.e. getting people to do what you want and making their day at the same time).
Job descriptions:
We are looking for:

1. Instructors

To be trained to run the Adrenalin Quarry rides and work with our customers. This role will also include general maintenance and cleaning duties.

2. Reception Staff

To be trained as first point of contact. You will need to be great with people, to be computer literate with excellent organisational skills and to be clear and articulate on the phone. This role will also include general maintenance and cleaning duties.

The best candidates will be trained to do both
Finding us

Getting to work:

We are near Liskeard on the A38 (PL14 3PJ, about 15 miles from Plymouth).

We are next door to Menheniot train station.

Adrenalin quarry

Lower Clicker Road,

Menheniot, Near Liskeard,


PL14 3PJ
Still not sure? Use the ‘Find us’ tab on the website.
Opening times

Half term 11/02/2012- 19/02/2012

Weekends 20/02/2012- 31/03/2012

Everyday 1/04/2012- 30/09/2012

Weekends 31/09/2012- 25/11/12
What to do next:
• Familiarise yourself with the Adrenalin Quarry website until you know

what it is that we do.

• Fill in the downloadable form(s) from the ‘MEDIA, DOWNLOADS &

JOBS’ page of our website and mail to along with your CV.

If you think you have what it takes, then we want to hear from you!

AQ Team

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