Adobe Photoshop cs3 Classroom in a Book

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book
Author: Adobe Creative Team
Publisher: Adobe Press (April 2007)
ISBN: 0321492021
List Price: $54.99

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book is a beneficial book for both newcomers to the Photoshop world as well as seasoned Photoshop users. The book is divided into individual lessons -- beginning with a basic introduction to the Photoshop work area including the menu bar, tool bar and palettes, and concluding with a discussion of printing and color space. An enclosed CD contains all the image files needed to follow along with each lessons. Every lesson folder contains a completed image indicating your goal, a starting image to work from, as well as any complimentary images needed.

I am a self-taught Photoshop user, and I hoped this book would teach me more technically efficient ways to use filters, layers, and masked. I was pleased with the methods recommended by the authors, as well as happy to learn many new image editing tools. Each lesson thoroughly covers the intended subject area.

I particularly liked the organization of this book. All lessons (chapters) in the book are taught using the same format, so you get into a routine as you peruse through the book. Every chapter begins with an estimated time to complete the lesson, and I thought the time estimate was realistic.

There is a lot of subject matter included in this 478 page book, so plan to take your time if you want to cover every lesson. This book works better as a teaching tool, than a desktop reference manual.

I highly recommend this book to Photoshop beginners because of the thorough step-by-step approach to learning the material, as well as intermediate Photoshop users who will learn many new techniques. Both PC and MAC commands are clearly stated.

~ Louise C. O'Conner
IU Macromedia User Group

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