Administrative costs

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32-136832-1368.  Administrative costs

On its determination that a licensee or registrant has violated a provision of this chapter or a rule adopted pursuant to this chapter, the board may assess the licensee or registrant its administrative costs and expenses incurred in conducting the investigation and its administrative costs and expenses incurred in connection with the informal interview or formal hearing.  The board may assess these administrative costs and expenses in addition to any civil penalties imposed pursuant to section 32 1367.  The board shall deposit, pursuant to sections 35 146 and 35 147, all monies collected pursuant to this section in the board of funeral directors' and embalmers' fund to defray the board's expenses in connection with disciplinary investigations and hearings.  Notwithstanding section 35 143.01, these monies may be spent on investigations and hearings without legislative appropriation.32-1368

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