Adel Ali Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia pjsc

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Adel Ali

Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia PJSC
Adel Ali, recently awarded world’s best Low Cost Airline CEO 2008, has been given credit for setting up the Middle East and North Africa’s first low-cost carrier (LCC), Air Arabia. Adel has brought over 26 years of strategic aviation, tourism and marketing experience to Air Arabia since the company commenced operations in October 2003. Adel’s distinctive leadership style, vision, skilful management combined with his charisma and zeal, makes him an inspiration to his team and has made Air Arabia one of the top 400 most admired companies in the Arab world.
Adel previously served as Vice President (Commercial and Customer Service) for Gulf Air, where he played a central role in the airline’s recovery. Before that, he spent over 20 years with British Airways where he also held senior management positions, including General Manager (Middle East and Africa).
In addition, Adel has served as a Director and a Senior Board Member for a number of companies in the Middle East and Europe. He has been recognised within the industry as a Middle East airline expert and has received awards for his contribution to air transport and tourism in the Middle East and Africa.
Adel innovative achievements has been globally recognized on creating a successful low cost business model in the Middle East customised as per region’s needs, marking Air Arabia as the first low-cost airline in the MENA region. Adel drove Air Arabia’s growth to become the largest low cost carrier in the Middle East as well as the first publicly owned airline in the Arab World with in a span of only five years.

Adel holds an MBA degree from Marlhurst University, Oregon, USA. He bagged ‘British Airways Award for Excellence’ and ‘Middle East Tourism Contribution Award’. In 1983 and 1991, he received ‘British Airways Customer Services Award’. In 2007, Adel has been awarded the ‘Airline CEO of the year’ by Aviation Business Magazine. He has been named world’s best LCC CEO during the World LCC Congress 2008. Adel is also the Chairman of Sharjah Information Systems Associates (ISA) and Alpha Sharjah catering.

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