Adagio slow graceful movements performed with fluidity and apparent ease

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ADAGIO Slow graceful movements performed with fluidity and apparent ease.

ALLEGRO Brisk, lively, fast. All jumps center. Should have lightness, smoothness and ballon.

ARABESQUE 1st. - standing on L leg, R leg extended in back, L arm front 2nd. - same as 1st. switch arms. 3rd.- both arms in front L arm higher. 4th. - on L leg, R leg in back oblique angle to audience R arm front

ASSEMBLÉ From 5th one leg brushes out then assembles with other foot to close 5th. Done in front, back and turning.

ATTITUDE Pose with working leg held at an angle. In back knee is bent at angle of 90 degrees, well turned out so that the knee is higher than the foot.

BALANCÉ 3 Counts reach and jete one foot, demi pointe other foot, demi plié on first foot. Rocking step, 3/4 time.

BALLON Bounce. Ballon is the light elastic quality in jumping in which dancer bounds up from the floor, pauses a moment, then descends lightly and softly. Rebound like a ball.

BALLONNÉ One foot jump with other foot in coupe, temps leve at the same time extend leg out then land bringing extended leg in coupe. Always land and coupe on the beat.

BALLOTTÉ Spring up feet under body, extend leg front land in demi on one leg, then spring up both legs under, extend back leg. Step can be performed with straight legs at 45 degree or developpes at 90 degree.

BATTUS Small rapid beats in front of supporting ankle on demi point. SERRE - continuous beats.

BRISE FERMÉ Broken. An assemble beaten and traveled. Brush back foot from 5th out, join legs together in air, land in original 5th.

CABRIOLE Large beat, landing on one leg demi. Beat front then back. Always bring supporting leg up to meet extended leg.

CAMBRÉ Arched. The body is bent from the waist. Backward or sideways, the head follows the movement.

CENTER POSITIONS/DIRECTIONS CROISÉ-crossed ÉFFACÉ -open not crossed EN FACE -facing the audience ÉCARTÉ -thrown apart, foot tendu side diagonally, look into hand. DEVANT - front DERRIERE - back

CHAINES TOURS Like a chain. Half turns in 1st. position. Series of turns across floor in releve.

CHANGEMENT From 5th change feet in the air, end in demi plié other foot front 5th.

CHASSÉ A sliding step. One foot chases the other. Jump into air from 5th. front foot goes through coupe then weight transfers out through 4th position to the front.

COUPÉ To cut, cutting movement, position foot above sur le cou de pied,

CROIX, EN In the shape of a cross. Indicates that an exercise is to be executed to the front, side, back.

DEGAGÉ Extended tendu point slightly off floor. Twice the speed of tendu. Developes speed and precision.

DEVELOPPÉ Battement foot rises up through sur le cou-de-pied, through passé, opens out fully extended at least 90 angle, then closes to 5th. FONDU DEVELOPPÉ- supporting leg bends as working foot goes to coupé,

ECHAPPE Slipping movement. Both feet open from a closed to an open position.ECHAPPE SAUTE - spring from 5th end in demi plié open position. ECHAPPE SUR LES POINTES - releve to open position knees straight

EMBOITÉ Series of half turns, jump from one foot to the other. Foot in front open from coupe. Grand lift foot higher, En Tournant do same turning.

EN CLOCHE or BALANCOIRE Leg swings from grand battement front to grand battement back through first position.

ENTRECHAT QUATRE Interweaving. From 5th jump up change feet beat, return to original 5th.

EPAULEMENT Shouldering, placing of the shoulders. Movement of the torso from the waist

FOUETTE EN L’AIR Leg opens into second position in the air, same time releve supporting foot in one movement turn torso to side leg extends to arabesque.

FOUETTE EN TOURANT Whipping working leg in quarter circle while turning, demi on supporting leg after each turn.

FRAPPÉS From sur le cou-de-pied a striking movement, brushing the ball of the foot on the floor then extend to point off floor and return to original position.

FRAPPÉS DOUBLE Two beats around ankle before outward strike.

GLISSADE Gliding movement accent in 5th demi. Work through degage brush feet through floor. Stretch and extend each leg in the air.

GRAND BATTEMENT Big kick, from tendu swing straight leg up, tendu and close. Developes freedom of leg movement from hips.

GRAND JETÉ Extend legs into leap. Both knees straight, hips forward, head looking forward.

JETÉ To throw leg in the air. small jete - foot is brushed into along floor then thrown into the air, jump onto foot other foot coupe.

MAZURKA Polish folk dance in 3/4 time. Hop, brush, hop, step.

PAS DE BASQUE Combination of four movements done in 3 counts. From 5th position tendu front quarter ronds de jambe out to side, step onto tendu foot, take other foot through first, fourth, shift weight and close 5

PAS DE BOURREÉ Three steps. coupe back foot, step onto back foot, step side coupe, step front demi. DESSUS (Over), extended leg out to side passes over supporting leg. DESSOUS (Under) extended leg passes back.

PAS DE CHAT (CAT LIKE) Jump up and bring both legs to passe underneath body the land on one foot then close the other into 5th.

PAS DE CHEVAL Horse step. Like horse pawing the ground. From tendu devant brush foot inward toward knee, then do developpe to tendu.

PENCHÉ Leaning inclining. Arabesque body dips as far as leg goes up. keep head and body placement.

PETITS BATTEMENT Fast quick movements around ankle in sur le cou-de-pied.

PIQUE TOURS Turns across the floor stepping onto straight leg other foot in passe. Dehors- turn to R plié onto R, pique step onto L passe front. Dedans- turn to R Pique step onto R, passe back

PIROUETTE Whirl or spin. A complete turn of the body on one foot in releve. Dedans- inside toward supporting leg Dedors- outside away. Body well centered, arms furnish momentum.

PLIÉ A bending of the knee or knees. Demi-plié a half plié, heels pressed into floor. Grand plié full plié, knees bend until the thighs are horizontal, heels lift at bottom of plié

PORT DE BRAS Arm movement. Develops co-ordination.

POSTURE Placement of the torso over legs, pelvis must be centered not tipped forward or back. Shoulders down, abdomen slightly drawn in.

RELEVÉ Roll up to balls of feet. Weight over beg toe, inside heels forward. Strengthens Achilles tendon, knees and thighs.

RENVERSÉ Reversed. Brush leg front through 1st. same time body turns away to end in arabesque. Or brush leg back through 1st turn body toward leg end with leg front.

RETIRÉ Passé position, to retire the leg through passe and close.

REVERENCE Curtsey or bow. At barre deep bend of body forward at the waist. At the end of Ballet or class, a thank you.

RONDS DE JAMBE A TERRE Semi circle movement from tendu around to tendu through first position. DEHORS-outside from front out around to back DEDANS-inside from back around to front

RONDS DE JAMBE EN L’AIR Circular movement of leg in the air. Developes freedom of movement from knee to toe.

ROYALE COUPÉ From 5th jump up beat front, change feet and land coupe back. Changement battu (with a beat).

SAUT DE BASQUE Step onto prep. leg, turn torso as other leg swings forward and upward, land on demi plié with coupe.

SAUTÉ Jumping. When term added to the end of step done jumping. @ Arabesque Saute.

SISSONNE FERMEÉ CLOSED- Jump from 5th position 2 feet, spring up land on one foot, then close 5th.

SISSONNE OUVERTE OPEN- Jump from 5th position 2 feet, to one foot the other leg extended to 90 degrees. Done in all directions.

SOUBERSAUT Leap from 2 feet to 2 feet.

SOUTENU Demi plié leg in tendu draw leg into tight fifth releve. SOUTENU TOUR do while turning.

SOUTENU EN TOURNANT Sustained in turning. Pulling together. Step onto Right cross Left turn to the Right end with Right foot front.

SUR LE COU-DE-PIED Foot wrapped around ankle, toes back, heel front. Developes strength in legs, ankles and instep.

TEMP LEVÉ Jump from both feet to both feet or one foot in coupe back and jump one foot to one foot.

TEMPS LIÉ Moving from closed position like 5th through 4th to 5th going from a straight leg position through demi to straight

TENDU To point. Extend foot out to a point, keeping toes on the floor. Strengthens feet and developes insteps.

TOMBÉ Falling, with the working leg raised in the air dancer falls into fondu.

TOUR EN L’AIR Jumps from 5th upward turn land in 5th demi.

TOUR JETÉ In one movement from prep. step kick leg to the front, turn torso in the air land on one leg kicking the other leg behind. Land in arabesque position.

WALTZ A ballroom dance in 3/4 time.

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