Activities of the Forum Structure of current draft of S

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Introduction to ST.66 Forum’s Activities

(ST.66 Informal Meeting)

  1. Background of ST.66 Forum
  2. Activities of the Forum

  3. Structure of current draft of ST.66

  4. Remaining Issues on the ST.66

  5. Schedule of ST66 Forum

Background of ST.66 Forum
1 The Standards and Documentation Working Group (SDWG) of the Standing Committee on Information Technologies (SCIT), at the 2nd session of SDWG, in December 2002, the SDWG agreed to establish Trademark Standards Task Force to handle the issues of WIPO Standards regarding trademarks.
2 At the 4th session of SDWG, in January 2004, the SDWG agreed to create a new Task called Task No.34 with the wording: “Prepare an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) standard for the electronic external process and exchange of trademark data”. The SDWG also agreed that the Trademark Standards Task Force should work in close cooperation with the TM-XML OHIM’s WG.
3 At the 5th session of SDWG, in November 2004, the Task Force leader reported to SDWG that Members of the Trademark Standards Task Force and TM-XML OHIM’s WG agreed that once the OHIM XML Working Group had completed its work concerning an XML standard for trademarks, the Trademark Standards Task Force would take that work as input for its own work, i.e., that of preparing a draft standard to present for the consideration of the SDWG as a proposal for the adoption of a new WIPO standard.
4 At the 6th session of SDWG, the representative of OHIM presented status of XML standards developed by the TM-XML OHIM’s WG.
5 At the 7th session of SDWG, the Secretariat informed that OHIM had almost completed their work on the preparation of its standard that would be forwarded in due course to the Trademark Standards Task Force as input to a future WIPO Standard.
6 In order to be able to present the outcome of the Task Force concerning both the figurative elements and the XML standard at the next SDWG meeting, the Secretariat offered to share the leadership of the Task Force with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). The Secretariat would lead discussions related to the XML standard for trademarks while KIPO would continue to lead discussions on figurative elements of trademarks. The Representative of the OHIM offered to collaborate with the Leader of the Task Force in the preparation of the new WIPO XML standard. The SDWG welcomed the support offered to the Task Force Leader.
7 At the informal meeting of Trademark Standards Task Force held in May 2006, it was agreed that the new WIPO XML standard for trademark standards would be called ST.66. The title of ST.66 must be approved by the SDWG when it is adopted.

Activities of the Forum

8 On the basis of the agreements referred to above for the preparation of the XML standard for trademarks, in June 2006, the International Bureau (IB) set up the WIPO Standard ST.66 Forum within the framework of the Trademark Standards Task Force. The members of the Forum are the same as those of the Trademark Standards Task Force.

9 The ST.66 Forum prepared the first draft proposal of WIPO Standard ST.66, which was based on the work carried out by the TM-XML OHIM’s WG, WIPO Standard ST.36 and other standards in industry such as ebXML (Electronic Business using XML) sponsored by UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). The Forum has improved it from version 0.1 to version 0.3 that is a current version.

Version 0.1

10 The first version of the WIPO Standard ST.66, version 0.1, was born in last summer. It consists of the ST.66 main part and XML Dictionary.

11 The XML Dictionary of ST.66 version 0.1 was prepared and discussed from July 2006, which was based in large part on "TM-XML 1.0 Final - Terms Dictionary" issued by the TM-XML OHIM’s WG.
12 The main part of ST.66 version 0.1 was prepared and discussed from August 2006, which was referred to the OHIM TM-XML.
13 GB, US, AU and JP contributed the discussion on the version 0.1
Version 0.2
14 In order to reflect comments on the version 0.1, the ST.66 version 0.2 was prepared. The XML Schema was added to the Standard from this version. The ST.66 version 0.2 including XML Dictionary and the XML Schema was discussed from September 2006.
15 GB, JP and US gave comments on the version 0.2
Version 0.3
16 The current version of the standard is version 0.3. (I expected it would be a final draft, but I was too ambitious.) In order to prepare the version 0.3 of the ST.66 (I called it a final draft), WIPO and OHIM had a meeting in Alicante in November 2006. Through the meeting, both parties tried to review all comments from Task Force and prepared the ST66 version 0.3. Following issues were mainly discussed:

  • Harmonization among XML Standards for IP business

  • Generalization and Specialization of schema

  • Maintenance of ST.66

  • Including external entity (transaction protocol, image and file name/format)

  • Versioning

  • Providing more detail information of Data in ST.66 Dictionary

  • International Classification

17 The version 0.3 has been discussed since December 2006.
18 JP and US gave comments on the version 0.3.
19 Now, ST66 Informal meeting is taking place here to prepare a final draft of ST.66.

Structure of current draft of ST.66

20 The ST.66 is composed of:

  • ST.66 main part,

  • ST.66 XML Dictionary (Appendix A),

  • ST.66 XML Schema (Appendix B),

  • ST.66 Class Diagram (Appendix C) and

  • List of Acronym & Abbreviation (Appendix D).

21 The XML Dictionary, Schema and Class Diagram are tightly bound to each other. If one of them is changed, the two others should be modified.

Remaining Issues on the ST.66

22 All comments on the current version are concerned on the XML Dictionary and Schema. No comment on the main part has been given though I asked two times. Now I consider we agreed on the main part and need further discussion on the XML Dictionary and Schema.

23 With regard to the XML Dictionary and Schema, we have two main issues. The first one is ‘harmonization of common elements between ST.66 and ST.36’, and the other is ‘generalization or specialization of elements’. I hope we can find the best solution for the two issues through this meeting.
24 Once the Forum agrees on the draft ST.66, we will discuss how to maintain the Standard, e.g. how to get comments and to update the Standard.

Schedule of ST66 Forum

25 We have a provisional schedule for further activities as follows:

  • on 29-30. 01. 2007: Informal meeting in Geneva

  • by 05. 02. 2007: T.F. Leader to provide the 0.4 draft of all associated documents of ST.66 for Task Force members to get comments

  • by 11. 02. 2007: T.F. Members to comment on the 0.4 draft

  • by 15. 02. 2007: T.F. Leader to provide the final draft of ST.66 to get final comments (or to conclude discussion and submit it to the Secretariat, if there is no comment on the 0.4 draft)

  • by 19. 02. 2007: T.F. Members to comment on the final draft (if necessary)

  • by 21. 02. 2007: T.F. Leader to submit the final draft of ST.66 to the Secretariat

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