Acquisition of lands and buildings

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23-649.  Acquisition of lands and buildings

A.  The department may acquire for and in the name of the state by lease purchase agreement, or otherwise, lands or buildings for the purpose of providing office space for units of the department performing functions provided by this chapter at such places as the department finds necessary and suitable.

B.  An agreement made for the purchase of the premises mentioned in subsection A of this section shall be subject to the approval of the attorney general as to form and as to title thereto and shall not subject the state to liability for payment of the purchase price or any part or portion thereof except from monies allocated to the state by the United States department of labor for the administration of this chapter.

C.  All monies received from the United States for the payments authorized by this section for lands and buildings shall be deposited, pursuant to sections 35 146 and 35 147, in the employment security administration fund and are appropriated therefrom for purposes of this chapter.  Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, monies received from the unemployment trust fund pursuant to section 903 of the social security act, as amended, are not liable or subject to appropriation, except in accordance with the provisions of subsection E of section 23 704.

D.  If the premises are purchased pursuant to this chapter, the employment security commission or such other department of the state performing its functions, shall be housed therein, or if it is desirable to move the employment security commission, other substantially similar space will be furnished by the state to the commission without further payment therefor by the United States.

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