Acer recommends Windows Smart multitasking notebook

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Windows®. Life without Walls. Acer recommends Windows 7.

Smart multitasking notebook

5349 / 5749 / 5749Z

  • Do-it-all performance

  • Media entertainment

  • Effective communication

  • Practical usability

Windows®. Life without Walls. Acer recommends Windows 7.

Aspire 5349 / 5749 / 5749Z


  1. Product views

    1. DC-in jack for AC adapter

    2. External display (VGA) port

    3. Ethernet (RJ-45) port

    4. HDMI® port

    5. USB 2.0 port

    1. Microphone-in jack

    2. Headphone/speaker jack

    3. Acer Crystal Eye webcam

    4. Kensington lock slot

    5. Optical drive

    1. Two USB 2.0 ports

    2. 2-n-1 card reader

    3. Multi-gesture touchpad

    4. 103-/104-/107-key Acer FineTip keyboard

    5. Power button

    Operating system1

    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit2 Service Pack 1

    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic 64-bit2 Service Pack 1

    CPU and chipset1

    Intel® Core i3-2310M/i3-2330M/i3-2350M processor (Aspire 5749 only)

    Intel® Pentium® processor B940/B950/B960 (Aspire 5749Z only)

    Intel® Celeron® processor B710/B800 (Aspire 5349 only)

    Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset

    Memory1, 3, 4

      Up to 4 GB of DDR3 system memory, upgradable to 8 GB using two soDIMM modules5


    15.6" HD 1366 x 768 resolution, high-brightness (200-nit) Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT LCD

    Mercury-free, environment-friendly

    16:9 aspect ratio


    Intel® HD Graphics 3000 with 128 MB of dedicated system memory (Aspire 5749 only)

    Intel® HD Graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory (Aspire 5349 / 5749Z only)


    High-definition audio support

    Two built-in stereo speakers

    MS-Sound compatible

    Built-in digital microphone


    Hard disk drive: 250/320/500/640/750 GB or larger1, 6

    2-in-1 card reader, supporting: SD, MMC

    Optical media drive

    8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive


    Acer Video Conference,1 featuring: Acer Crystal Eye webcam

    Wireless and networking

    WLAN:1, 7, 8

    • Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED

    • Supporting Acer SignalUp wireless technology


    • Bluetooth® 3.0+HS

    • Bluetooth® 2.0/2.1+EDR

    LAN: Fast Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready

    Privacy control

    BIOS user, supervisor, HDD passwords

    Kensington lock slot

    Dimensions and weight1

    Dimensions: 381 (W) x 253 (D) x 29.6/34.7 (H) mm (15 x 9.96 x 1.17/1.37 inches)

    Weight: 2.4 kg (5.29 lbs.)9 with 6-cell battery pack

    Power adapter and battery1

    Power adapter: 3-pin 65 W AC adapter

    Battery: 4.5 hours10 with 48.8 Wh 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion standard battery pack (Aspire 5749 only)

    4 hours10 48.8 Wh 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion standard battery pack (Aspire 5349 / 5749Z only)


    Input and control

    Keyboard: 103-/104-/107-key Acer FineTip keyboard with independent standard numeric keypad, international language support

    Touchpad: Multi-gesture touchpad, supporting two-finger scroll, pinch, rotate, flip

    Media keys: Media control keys (printed on keyboard): play/pause, stop, previous, next, volume up, volume down



    • Acer Backup Manager1

    • Acer ePower Management1

    • Acer eRecovery Management

    • Adobe® Flash® Player 10

    • Adobe® Reader® 10.x

    • AUPEO! (US only)

    • Bing Bar

    • Internet Explorer 9

    • Kobo (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK only)

    • Microsoft® Office Starter 2010: Includes limited-functionality Microsoft® Word and Excel with advertising; no PowerPoint or Outlook. Buy Office 2010 to use the full-featured software.

    • New York Times Reader (US only)

    • newsXpresso

    • NOOK for PC (US only)

    • Norton Online Backup

    • Windows Live Essentials1


    • McAfee® Internet Security Suite Trial12

    • MyWinLocker®1 (except China, Hong Kong)


    • Acer

    • NTI Media Maker


    • Acer Games powered by WildTangent®1 (except China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea)

    Communication and ISP

    Web links and utilities

    • Acer Accessory Store1 (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK only)

    • Acer Identity Card

    • Acer Registration

    • Acer Updater

    • eBay® shortcut1 (Australia, Austria, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, US, CA, UK, FR, ES, IT, DE, MX only)

    • Netflix shortcut1 (Canada, US only)

    Options and accessories

    1/2/4 GB DDR3 soDIMM module

    6-cell Li-ion battery pack

    3-pin 65 W AC adapter


    One-year International Travelers Warranty (ITW)

    1. Specifications vary depending on model.

    2. 64-bit software is required to enjoy the advantages of 64-bit processing.

    3. Shared system memory may be allocated to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors. Actual system memory available to the operating system will be reduced by any memory used by the graphics solution and resources required by the operating environment.

    4. This system is bundled with DDR3 1333 MHz memory; however, memory speed may vary depending on CPU/chipset support.

    5. A 64-bit operating system is required to enjoy the ultimate performance of 4 GB or higher memory.

    6. 1 GB is 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less and may vary depending on preloaded materials and operating environment. Acer eRecovery Management utilizes up to 10 GB of the stated hard disk capacity as dedicated backup space.

    7. Actual throughput may vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors such as network traffic or overhead, building construction, and access point settings.

    1. Acer Nplify, a high-throughput wireless solution, delivers superior performance and reliable connections while enabling emerging voice, video and data applications. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, it supports Acer SignalUp wireless technology and is compliant with 802.11b/g/n and 802.11b/g standards.

    2. Weight may vary depending on product configuration, vendor components, manufacturing variability, and selected options.

    3. The listed battery life is based on MobileMark 2007® productivity mode testing with wireless on. Details of MobileMark2007® testing are available at Battery life rating is for comparison purposes only. Actual battery life varies by model, configuration, applications, power management settings, operating conditions, and utilized features. A battery's maximum capacity decreases with time and use.

    4. Bundled software may vary depending on hardware configuration, OS and regional availability.

    5. Trial periods vary depending on the geographic region and specifications: 365-day trial for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese OS models); 60-day trial for other regions.

    As a phenomenon known to thin-film transistors (TFTs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs) commonly exhibit a small number of discoloration dots, as so-called "non-conforming pixels." This phenomenon is a limitation of TFT LCD technology, not a product defect, and as such is not covered by Acer's warranty.

    © 2011. All rights reserved. Acer Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All specifications are subject to change. Pictures are not contractual.

    Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel, Intel Core, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

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