Aban Press release on the occasion of the Naming Ceremony of the new Rig Deep Driller 5

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Aban Press release

Press release on the occasion of the Naming Ceremony of the new Rig Deep Driller 5

Aban Singapore Pte Ltd, is proud to commemorate the completion of Deep Driller 5, the fourth in the Deep Driller series of the new-build advanced Jack-up Rigs and the third from Keppel FELS, which were ordered by its wholly owned subsidiary, Sinvest AS in Norway. The state of the art rig is of Super B class, equipped with skid-off capabilities and high capacity hook load of two million pounds for operations in high temperature and high pressure wells and are capable of drilling upto 35,000 feet in ultra-deep wells under harsh conditions. The earlier Rigs of the same class, Deep Driller 2 and 3 are currently being employed in Brunei and Malaysia.

Speaking on the occasion of the naming ceremony of Deep Driller 5, Mr. Reji Abraham, Managing Director, Aban Offshore Ltd. said – “Aban’s acquisition of the complete share holdings of Sinvest AS in Norway, early this year, was a significant milestone in its history and a step-change in the Offshore Drilling Industry in this part of the world, in becoming the first Asian Company to be having 20 Offshore assets in our fleet. Keppel FELS Super B class Rigs are the very latest and the most advanced in their class, and are best suited to operate some of the most challenging wells that exist today.”
Aban Singapore Pte. Ltd. (ASPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aban Offshore Ltd., (formerly known as Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd.). Incorporated in 1986, Aban Offshore Ltd is India’s largest offshore drilling entity in the private sector, offering world-class drilling and other services, and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Aban Offshore aims at providing innovative and cost effective solutions in the demanding field of offshore oil exploration and production in the world. The Group has a total of twenty offshore assets which includes fifteen jack-up offshore drilling rigs, two drill ships, one floating production platform and a jack-up rig and drill ship each on bareboat charter. Sinvest AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASPL.

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