A specialized suffix for interrogative words. Appended to the interrogative

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(-'s) - suf. (s) A specialized suffix for interrogative words. Appended to the interrogative cou particle. This particle indicates that the question is expecting a negative answer, e.g. Alse cou's-siall? The previous sentence translates to English as "He's not really that fast, is he?"
Sa - adj. (sah) Again.
(sa-) - pre. (sah) Again. Indicates that the action or noun is being done over again, like the english 're-'.
Saij - v. (sizh) To choose.
Sait - v. (site) To believe, to believe in.
Salle - n. (sal-LEH) Speed.
Sat - v. (saht) To wonder.
Sau - adj. (sou) Short.
Sauje - n. (SOU-zheh) Helm.
Saulu - n. (SOU-loo) Hat.
Saut - n. (sout) A head.
Sautato - n. (sout-AH-toh) A cowl.
Se - v. (seh) To rise, to move upwards, to arise.
Secaiv - v. (seh-KIVE) To fail.
Sei - n. (say) Second-person plural pronoun. You [all], yourselves.
Seile - n. (SAY-leh) Shirt.
Sein - v. (sayn) To be familiar with.
Seit - v. (sate) To tell.
Sela - n. (SEH-lah) Blade.
Selame - n. (seh-LAH-me) Haft. The grip or handle of a weapon.
Seraje - n. (ser-AH-zhey) Axe.
Sert - v. (sirt) To deserve, to merit.
Setalle - n. (seh-TA-leh) Knife.
Setes - 1. adj. (SEH-tehs) Bright. 2. v. To brighten or highlight.
Sey - n. (say) The number one, One.
Seyas - adj. (SAY-ahs) Together, grouped.
Si - n. (see) Second-person singular pronoun. You, yourself.
Siall - adj. (si-ALL) 1. Quick, swift, fast. 2. When applied to something not capable of moving itself, means the object is for throwing.
Sialuva - n. (SEE-ah-loo-vah) Crossbow.
Sic - v. (sik) To begin, to start.
Siccatasore - n. (si-ka-ta-SOH-ray) Origin, beginning-point.
Siel - v. (si-EL) To read.
Sielte - n. (si-EL-teh) Book, tome, collection of text. From siel-te (read-thing).
Sijeg - v. (SI-zheg) To twist or bend.
Sijegut - adj. (si-ZHEG-uht) Twisted, bent.
Silict - adj. (sill-EECT) Ready, prepared.
Silis - v. (sill-EES) To be ready, to be prepared.
Simal - n. (SEE-mal) White, the color. Adjectival use possible.
Sipac - v. (si-PAK) To create.
Sipagg - v. (si-PAHG) To fabricate, to make from nothing.
Sitej - v. (see-TEZH) To take, to remove.
Sitel - v. (see-TELL) To take quickly, to grab or snatch.
Sitevec - v. (see-te-VEK) To receive, to get.
Siv - v. (seev) To embrace. Sive-sive! A'si?
Sivaje - n. (see-VAZH-eh) Poison.
Sivat - v. (see-VAHT) To set something down.
Sivej - v. (see-VEZH) To acquire.
Sivute - n. (see-VOO-teh) Armor.
(-so) - suf. (soh) The target of an action. Equivalent to English -ee.
(so-) - pre. (soh) Reflexive prefix.
Socovo - n. (SOH-coh-vo) Pants or trousers.
Solot - adj. (SOH-lot) Devoid of obstacles. easy.
Sonn - adj. (sohn) Red (color).
Sonni - n. (SONN-ee) Clothing. Literally "Reds", comes from an old term for the bright red ceremonial clothing of the ancient temples.
Sono - n. (SOH-no) The number two.
(sor[e]-) - pre. (sorr) Far away, specifically for distance.
Sor - n. (sorr) There, at that location, a location removed from the present location.
(-[a]sore) - suf. (SOR-ey) Location for noun, location for verb. Defines the location for performing or encountering an action or object.
Sorev - v. (SOR-ef) To call, to shout or yell to someone or something.
Soreveu - n. (SOR-tay) Abstract, a concept without physical referent.
Sortei - n. (SOR-tay) North.
Sote - n. (SOH-te) 1. Self, the same. Appending a pronoun on the end makes it more specific - Sotej, sotesi, sotealse for Myself, yourself, himself. From so-je (itself-it). 2. The number seven.
Sotou - n. (soh-TOUE) Mere, merely. Used to indicate that a verb or noun isn't as (something) as would be assumed.
Soutecer - n. (SOO-teh-serr) Red-orange.
Soveice - n. (soh-VEH-seh) Leggings.
Su - par. (soo) For, is for. Co tehte su tinalse-ej.
Suor - v. (swore) To hear.
Suort - v. (swort) To listen.
Suran - v. (SIR-ahn) To scream.
Suraite - n. (soo-RATE-eh) A set of objects.
Sut - v. (sooh't) To learn.
Sutasore - n. (SOO-tah-soh-ray) School, seminary, college.
Suy - decl. (suee) May, as in "May you suffer if you lie."
Swae - par. (sway) Then, following if, concurrently. Not a temporal phrase.
Ta - par. (tah) Too, also. Used in conversation to indicate that one is listening. Cou-suorte eja? Ta, ta, ta, si suorte.
Tac - v. (tak) To decide, to make a decision.
Tacca - n. (TAK-ka) A decision.
Tai - par. (tie) So, "because of that." Ej sutit siel, ne tai ej sivejit sieltei.
Taicta - n. (TIKE-tah) A scratch.
Taita - n. (TIE-tah) Color.
Taleta - n. (tah-LAY-tah) A finger. Refer to specific fingers with ordinal numbers, i.e. Farau taleta, taleta casoua.
Tanpec - v. (TAHN-pec) To rule over something, to control, to administrate.
Tanpecca - n. (tahn-pek-ka) Manager, administrator.
Tapecca - n. (tah-pek-ka) Declaration, statement. From tarc-pecw-ca (strong-speak-thing).
Tapacu - n. (tah-PAHK-oo) Issue, point of contention.
Tapec - v. (TAH-pec) To declare.
Tapect - v. (TAH-pekt) To finish, to end.
Tapecta - n. (tah-PEK-tah) The end or terminus of something. The point of something sharp.
Tapepa - n. (tah-PAY-pah) Law. From tarc-pej (strong-justify).
Tar - v. (tar) To protect.
Tarc - v. (tark) To be strong.
Tarcaste - n. (TAHR-ka) Strength.
Tarcasu - n. (tar-KA-su) Respect.
Tariet - v. (TAH-ri-eht) To organize.
Tarma - n. (TAR-mah) A duty.
Taro - n. (TAR-oh) A shield.
Taroc - v. (TAR-ok) To wield.
Tars - v. (tahrs) To push, to motivate, to drive.
Tarsecte - n. (tar-SEK-teh) Unity.
Tarseut - v. (tar-SUIT) To unify.
Tarsic - v. (TAR-sik) To cause.
Tarsicca - n. (TAR-sik-ah) Cause, reason. From tars-sic-ca (push-begin-thing).
Tarsonne - n. (tar-SON-eh) Uniform.
Tarsot - adj. (tar-SOT) Unified.
Tas - v. (tahs) To ask.
Tatie - n. (TAH-tee-eh) An arrowhead.
Tavac- n. (ta-VAHC) Ice.
Te - par. (teh) In, into, within, contaning, inside.
Tec - v. (tehk) To offer.
Tecca - n. (TEH-kah) An offer.
(tei-) - pre. (teh) Objectwards. Indicating a direction that an object is in.
Teilu - con. (TEH-loo) Hello! A greeting.
Teipe - n. (TEH-peh) East. From tei-peais (sunwards).
Teive - n. (TEH-veh) West. From tei-ven (blackwards).
Teivelu - n. (teh-VEH-loo) An impossibility. From the phrase "E peais a-atte lua e Teivea." Lit. "The sun would rise in the West."
Teho - n. (TEY-ho) A tooth.
Tehte - n. (TEH-tay) A gift.
Teite - adj. (TEY-tay) Straight, without curves or bends.
Tej - v. (tezh) To give, to present to.
Teji - n. (TEH-zhi) Day, daytime.
Telie - n. (TEH-li-eh) The number five.
Tepacu - n. (TEH-pa-ku) Sentence, as in a string of words.
(-tenu) - suf. (TEH-noo) Denotative of a series. Adds the English meaning "a series of."
Tess - v. (tess) To bring.
Tesc - v. (tesk) To return, to give back or bring back.
Tevo - n. (TEH-voh) Parent. May be inflected to 'father' or 'mother' with tevolse or tevisse, respectively.
Tica - n. (TEE-ka) An eye.
Tiju - adj. (TIH-zhoo) Cruel.
Tina - n. (TI-nah) Child, offspring. May be inflected to 'son' or 'daughter' with tinalse or tinisse, respectively.
(tina-) - pre. (TI-nah) Subordinate or child object in relation to a parent.
Tinalse - n. (ti-NAHL-say) Son, male child.
Tinisse - n. (ti-NIS-say) Daughter, female child.
Tipe - n. (TEE-peh) A heel of a foot.
Tipetare - n. (tee-peh-TAH-reh) Boots.
Tipeso - n. (tee-PEH-soh) Shoes.
Tirect - v. (teer-EKT) To hammer or pound something using a striking instrument.
Tireja - n. (teer-EH-zhah) Hammer.
Tirit - v. (TIH-rit) To work.
Tiro - n. (TIH-ro) A job.
Tirote - n. (tih-RO-tay) An occupation.
Titu - n. (TEE-too) 1. Honor in intent. 2. A heart.
Titul - v. (TEE-tool) To honor. (Titu)
Tolos - v. (TOH-lohs) To protect.
Tolu - par. (TOLL-oo) Polite requesting particle, please. Tolu, peue'j, feicc-si eja...
Toru - n. (TOH-roo) A neck.
Tou - par. (too) Questioning particle used in the same sense as cou, but only when the question is rhetorical or addressed to oneself. Aiii, tou-mueracu?
Tourit - v. (TORE-it) To fade.
Tov - v. (tof) To pardon, to forgive. Form "I'm sorry" with the imperative - Fetov-(pronoun).
(-[u]to) - suf. (toh) Agental suffix. The agent performing a verbal action.
Tucci - adj. (too-see) Drunk, inebriated.
Tucejo - n. (too-SAY-zho) A thigh.
Tuceso - n. (too-SAY-so) Chaps.
Tunaca - n. (too-NAH-ka) A chest.
Tunaso - n. (too-NAH-soh) A vest.
Turet - n. (TUR-et) Purple, the color. Adjectival use possible. Used figuratively to describe anger. Jasia turet sia?
Turuhe - n. (tur-OO-hey) A shoulder.
(-u) - suf. (oo) Ordinal suffix for numbers.
U - par. (oo) Or; introducing a mutually exclusive alternative.
Uan - n. (wahn) Time.
Ue - n. (way) Life, existence, consciousness.
Uej - v. (wezh) To live.
Uejje - n. (wez-zhay) A life.
Uenare - n. (weh-NAR-eh) A brain.
Ues - v. (ways) To exist.
Ujo - n. (OO-zho) A fool.
Uparre - n. (oo-PAR-ey) An identity, usually a false identity, a facade, a mule.
(-ut) - suf. (ut) Nouned. Etinu is "spear", so etineut would be "speared." Hajitut sia!
Uvre - n. (OO-vray) Person, human.
Uvri - n. (OO-vree) A people, a culture or nationality.
Uvretta - v. (oo-VRET-tah) Culture, a set of customs and rules.
Vaceru - n. (vah-SER-oo) Nature, the natural status quo.
Vaice - n. (VIE-seh) Steel.
Vaila - par. (VIE-lah) Anyway. Used to dismiss the previous statement and continue on. Eh, vaila, ej ais-purit...
Vajur - n. (VAH-zhur) Yellow. Adjectival use possible.
Var - adj. (vahr) Silent, quiet.
Vatte - n. (VAH-tay) Bludgeon.
(ve-) - pre. (vay) Not, negation, no, anti. Negates the word it precedes.
Veave - adj. (ve-AH-veh) Weak.
Veccasore - n. (ve-ka-SOR-ey) Market, marketplace, bazaar, suk.
Vect - v. (vehkt) To have not yet finished something.
Veh - n. (veh) Bad.
Vehet - adj. (ve-HET) Free, without cost.
Veji - n. (vay-ZHEE) Path, way, course. From ve-jei (not-things). See also FETE.
Velos - v. (VE-los) To know, to have knowledge of something.
Veloc - adj. (VE-lok) Without thought.
Velocca - n. (ve-LOK-ka) Stone.
Vemer - v. (VE-merr) To be bored.
Ven - adj. (venn) Black (color).
Ventres - adj. (VEN-tres) Enigmatic, mysterious, hidden.
Venufret - adj. (ven-OO-vret) Apart, separated.
Venuv - v. (ven-OOF) To part.
Vepact - adj. (ve-PACHT) Without a goal or motive.
Vepelev - adj. (ve-PEH-lev) Dull, as in not sharp.
Vere - n. (veer) Enemy, foe.
Ves - adj. (vess) Out, out of, away from, outside.
Vesaj - adj. (VEH-sazh) Never, at no time, impossible.
Vescat - v. (VES-khat) To hope, to wish for.
Vescatu - v. (ves-KHA-too) A hope, an unrealized goal, a wish.
Veset - n. (veh-SET) The number six.
Veseti - n. (veh-SET-ee) The Six, the primary gods of Gaia.
Veseut - v. (veh-SEH-oot) To divide.
Vesipac - v. (veh-SI-pak) To destroy, to unmake.
Vetac - v. (veh-TAK) To have something in common with.
Vetarc - v. (veh-TARK) To change. From ve-tarc (not-strong).
Veto - n. (VEE-toh) Hair.
Veu - n. (VEH-oo) Empty.
Veurou - n. (veh-OO-roo) Fatal.
Veue - n. (VEH-oe) Death.
Vicit - v. (VIH-sit) To eat.
Vic - adj. (vik) Edible.
Vicca - n. (VIH-kah) Food.
Vicce - n. (VIH-seh) A mace.
Viec - v. (vyek) To be free.
Vien - n. (vyen) 1. A shaft or rod. 2. An arrow.
Viesejo - adj. (vyeh-SEH-zho) Jacket.
Viesu - adj. (VYEH-soo) Around, encompassing.
Vievar - v. (VYEE-var) To be independent.
Vievaste - n. (vyee-VAS-teh) Independence, sovereignty.
Vija - n. (VEE-zhah) A line.
Vioju - n. (VYOH-zhoo) A bar or other horizontal solid object.
Vire - n. (veer) Field, a flat open space.
(-vre) - suf. (vray) One expressing qualities of the preceding word. Viecvru, for example, would be 'one who is free'.
Vucena - n. (voo-SEH-nah) A curve in something.
Vuso - n. (VOO-soh) The tang of a blade.
Vuteis - n. (voo-TEHS) To don or put on clothing.

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