A definition of biodiversity that is altogether simple, comprehensive, and fully operational is unlikely to be found

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"A definition of biodiversity that is altogether simple, comprehensive, and fully operational is unlikely to be found." Listed below are several different definitions used by resource managers and ecologists. Together, they allow developing an understanding of the broad concept of biodiversity.
U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment, "Technologies to Maintain Biological Diversity :

"Biological diversity is the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. Diversity can be defined as the number of different items and their relative frequency. For biological diversity, these items are organized at many levels, ranging from complete ecosystems to the chemical structures that are the molecular basis of heredity.

Jones and Stokes Associates' "Sliding Toward Extinction: The State of California's Natural Heritage :

"Natural diversity, is synonymous with biological diversity. To the scientist, natural diversity has a variety of meanings. These include: 1) the number of different native species and individuals in a habitat or geographical area; 2) the variety of different habitats within an area; 3) the variety of interactions that occur between different species in a habitat; and 4) the range of genetic variation among individuals within a species."

So, biodiversity means the variety of life on earth. Tree diversity means verity of trees on earth. Indian cosmology estimates 84 Lake Species of living organisms in the entire universe but the biologists have described only 15 lacs species and estimates to have a total of around 50 lacs. Out of the 1.4 million known species of living organisms only about 2,50,000 are higher plants and 1.03 million are animals (World Wide Foundation for Nature, www.wwf.org).
According to another estimate, worldwide there are 2,70,000 known species of vascular plants. India is the seventh largest country of the world with an area of about 32,67,500 sq kms. India ranks sixth among the 12 mega biodiversity centres of the world. It supports 15,000 species of flowering plants.

Gujarat having 1,96,022 km2 (6% of country ) geographical area, has reserved forest of 14,155 km2, protected forest of 395 km2 and un-classed forest of 4,563 km2. Gujarat is home to nearly 7,000 species of plants and animals. Species diversity is high in Gujarat as seen in the documented-4,228 species of Plants

In modern health concerned world, city/town is classified on their pollution level like air quality, noise level and temperatures during different part of year. It is completely unavoidable to forgo side effects of pollutions while growing city like Ahmedabad but we must not forget that if pollution-matter is not resolve today, we shall pay in future and our generations will keep paying forever in form of health, wealth and life-span. We may either create controlled atmosphere or widen up area along with development of infrastructure.

Significance Of Work

:Out of about 410 tree species in Gujarat, over 230 tree species were encountered during the enumeration in the urban areas of Gujarat. The main tree species in order of their number are Neem (Azadirachta indica), Asopalav (Pollyalthia longifolia), Deshi baval (Acacia nilotica), Gandobaval (Prosopis chilensis), Amaltas or Garmalo (Casia fistula), Peltrofurum (Peltroforumferruginieum), Kasid (Casia siamea), Sirus (Albizia lebbek), Gulmohar (Delonix regia), Ardusa (Ailanthus excels), Saptparni (Alstonia scholaris), Pendula (Polyalthia pendula), Eucalyptus (Casuarina equisetifolia), Prosopis chilensis, Kanji (Pongamia pinnata) and Mango (Mangifera indica). The number of Ficus species-Vad (Ficus benghalensis), Pipado (Ficus tsila) and Peepal (Ficus religiosa) are also good and their presence in all cities or dominance in some cities are felt due their size and dimension.

Our current records represent counting of total 6.17 lac trees in all 6 zones of Ahmedabad (Tree Census 2012). Highest no. of trees was recorded in new-west zone (1.38 lacs trees) and the lowest no. of trees in cantonment area (0.57lacs in 5.62 sqkm area). Our city is also home to approx 201 tree species including very rare and exotic species. Out of total 102 rare species out of which 38 were of heritage time (more than 300 cms periphery @100 yrs old). There were approx 24 common tree species in all six zones.

Flora of Ahmedabad is highly diversified in vegetation and has rich number of floristic composition due to topography, climate and edaphic factors which are favourable for such luxurious vegetation.

It is also important to record effect of growth in pollution of this city area wise to plan remedies. We have also reviewed couple of research papers nationally as well as internationally and all comes out with one voice that if we don’t think for long term and if we do not plan our life/development/city, we will pay for it today, tomorrow and our generations shall pay forever.

Study Area

Ahmedabad City :
Ahmedabad is leading Industrial and commercial capital of Gujarat and 7th largest city of India. Following is it’s geographical position.


230   1' N, 720   41' E

Extreme North Point

230   1' N

Extreme South Point

220   56' N


220   58'  30" N

Extreme West Point

720   30' E

Extreme East Point

720   41'  E


720   35'  30" E

Ahmedabad is located on bank of river Sabarmati and connected with all other mega cities by rail, road and air. Ahmedabad city has an area of 190.84 Kms. and a population of 2.877 Millions according to 1991 Census. After the bifurcation of ex-bilingual Bombay State in May 1960, Ahmedabad was a capital of Gujarat, till (June 5, 1970) it was shifted to Gandhinagar; a newly constructed capital town at a distance of 24 kms. in the year 1970 . Ahmedabad is now a district headquarter and many state-level and district-level offices are located in the city.


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Ahmedabad map

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