90-Day Performance Appraisal Form

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90-Day Performance Appraisal Form
This appraisal provides a written record of the employee’s 90-day probationary period. Supervisors are expected to be accurate and candid in their evaluation of employees. This appraisal will become part of the employee’s permanent personnel file.



Job Title



Appraisal Period

Date of Appraisal

Performance Rating Scale:
5 - Outstanding: Work performance is consistently superior to job expectations.

4 - Exceeds expectations: Work performance is consistently above job expectations.

3 - Meets expectations: Work performance consistently meets job expectations.

2 – Partially meets expectations: Work performance meets some, but not all, job expectations.

1 – Unsatisfactory: Work performance is inadequate and inferior to job expectations.

Performance at this level cannot be allowed to continue.

N/A – Not applicable: Not relevant to the job.
Performance Factors:

Quality of work: Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness and effectiveness


Flexibility: Performs well under pressure; adaptable; welcomes change as an opportunity


Initiative: Sets own constructive work practices; recommends new procedures; seeks creative solutions to obstacles or problems


Dependability: Completes work in a timely manner and meets deadlines; follows through on plans and assignments


Interpersonal Relations: Is cooperative, considerate and tactful in dealing with supervisors, subordinates, peers, faculty, students and others


Organization: Work is well conceived, analyzed and carried out systematically


Communication Abilities: Expresses thoughts clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing


Embraces Diversity: Fosters an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued


Facing Issues: Handles issues and seeks to resolve them by constructive action at his or her own level


Utilization of Resources: Utilizes funds, staff and/or equipment economically and effectively


Judgment: Exercises sound judgment; demonstrates awareness of work-related considerations in decision-making


Growth and Development: Attempts to improve competencies in job-related areas; seeks opportunities to develop professionally


Section VI: Goal Setting Worksheet (To be discussed and agreed upon by employee and supervisor.)
Goal Setting: List goals for the coming year that will support unit objectives and enhance job performance. We recommend using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria for setting effective goals:

  • Specific – Helps staff member to understand exactly what is expected.

  • Measurable – Measurements help staff member and supervisor understand when the expectation has been achieved.

  • Achievable – Expectations should focus on end results.

  • Results-Oriented – Expectations should be realistic.

  • Time--Specific – Deadlines should be identified where applicable.

Goal I:

Goal II:

Goal III:

Goal IV:

Goal V:

Employee Comments:

Supervisor Comments:


Supervisor: Sign and give form to reviewer.


Employee: Sign and return form to your supervisor within 48 hours of its receipt.


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