878 Banff/Canmore Squadron

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878 Banff/Canmore Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

PO Box 8033

Canmore, Alberta

T1W 2T8

Email: cadets@878squadron.ca

June 11, 2005

Thank you to all who managed to attend our 25th Anniversary and Banquet. We know that not everybody got the news and we are certainly sorry you could not attend.
We invite you to join the Alumni Association we are forming. The intent is to let each other know where we are and what we’re doing now! Only your name and general information will be placed on the alumni website, indicate below if we may publish your email and contact information. Other Alumni can contact you through a request to the webmaster who will forward that request to you.

Current Rank or Title

i.e. Mr. Ms, Captain

First Name

Last Name

Maiden Name / Previous

Rank attained

With 878 or indicate other unit


Joined / quit / retired

Military Service

CIC / Reserves / Reg

Current Mailing Address


Province / State

Postal / Zip Code



Career / Accomplishments?

Can we publish your information on the website?

Photos and information from the Reunion/ACR will be published on the Squadron Website (www.878squadron.ca) This document can be faxed to the squadron or emailed (cadets@878squadron.ca)

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