8. timeliness: Time is of the essence in this Agreement

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1. APPROVAL: This Agreement is not valid until signed by both parties and approved by the Department of General Services, if required.


2. AUDIT: The agency performing work under this Agreement agrees that the awarding department, the Department of General Services, the Bureau of State Audits, or their designated representative shall have the right to review and to copy any records and supporting documentation pertaining to the performance of this Agreement if it exceeds $10,000. The agency performing work agrees to maintain such records for possible audit for a minimum of three (3) years after final payment, unless a longer period of record retention is stipulated.


3. PAYMENT: Costs for this Agreement shall be computed in accordance with State Administrative Manual Section 8752 and 8752.1.


4. AMENDMENT: No amendment or variation of the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing, signed by the parties, and approved as required. No oral understanding or agreement not incorporated in the Agreement is binding on any of the parties.


5. SUBCONTRACTING: All subcontracting must comply with the requirements of the State Contracting Manual, Section 3.06.


6. ADVANCE PAYMENT: The parties to this interagency agreement may agree to the advancing of funds as provided in Government Code Sections 11257 through 11263.


7. DISPUTES: The agency performing work under this Agreement shall continue with the responsibilities under this Agreement during any dispute.


8. TIMELINESS: Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

9. NON-PAYMENT OF INVOICES – FUND TRANSACTION REQUEST: In accordance with Government Code Section 11255, the parties agree that when an invoice is not paid by the requested due date to the Contractor (agency providing the service) and the invoice is not disputed by the contracting Department (agency receiving the service), Contractor may send the contracting Department a 30-day notice that it intends to initiate a transfer of funds through a Transaction Request sent to the State Controller’s Office.  To facilitate a Transaction Request should one be needed, the contracting Department shall no later than 10 business days following execution of this agreement provide data to the Contractor for the appropriation to be charged including: fund number, organization code, fiscal year, reference, category or program, and, if applicable, element, component, and task.

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