6 Arrays are data structures consisting of related data items of the same

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6.1. Arrays are data structures consisting of related data items of the same __________.

a) sort order

b) subscript

c) type

d) element

ANS: (c)

6.4 An array is not

(a) a consecutive group of memory locations

(b) subscripted by integers

(c) pointer-based

(d) a dynamic entity

ANS: (d)
6.5 Assuming that int a has a value of 3 and that integer array b has 7 elements, what is the correct way to assign the value of the sum of 3 and the third element, to the fifth element of the array?

(a) b[ a + 1 ] = b[ a ] + 3;

(b) b[ a + 1 ] = b[ a - 1 ] + 3;

(c) b[ a ] + 1 = b[ a + 3];

(d) b[ a + 2 ] = b[ a ] + 3;

ANS: (b)
6.6 Which of the following is not true?

(a) the first element of an array is the zeroth

(b) the last element of an array is the array size - 1

(c) the position number contained within square brackets is called a subscript

(d) a subscript cannot be an expression.

ANS: (d)

6.7. An array is a group of memory locations related by the fact that they all have __________ name and __________ type.

a) different, different

b) same, different

c) different same

d) same, same

ANS: (d)

6.12 Which of the following is not a correct way to initialize an array?

(a) int n[ 5 ] = { 0, 7, 0, 3, 8, 2 };

(b) int n[] = { 0, 7, 0, 3, 8, 2 };

(c) int n[ 5 ] = { 7 };

(d) int n[ 5 ] = { 6, 6, 6 };

ANS: (a)
6.13 Constant variables

(a) can be assigned values in executable statements

(b) do not have to be initialized when they are defined

(c) can be used to specify array sizes, thereby making programs more scalable

(d) can be used to specify array sizes, but this makes programs harder to understand

ANS: (c)

6.16 Assume string1 is a character array. Which of the following operations does not produce a string?

(a) string1[] = “test”;

(b) string1[] = { ‘t’, ‘e’, ‘s’, ‘t’, ‘\0’ };

(c) string1[] = { ‘t’, ‘e’, ‘s’, ‘t’ };

(d) string1[] = “ ”;

ANS: (c)

6.18. What’s wrong with this code?

int[] = ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

a) The array size must be specified in the square brackets.

b) The parentheses should be square brackets.

c) The square brackets should be curly braces.

d) The parentheses should be curly braces.

ANS: (d)

6.21. The following array definition

int n[ 5 ] = { 32, 27, 64, 18, 95, 14 };

a) is correct

b) causes a syntax error because there are only five initializers and six array elements.

c) causes a logic error because there are only five elements but there are six initializers.

d) causes a syntax error because there are six initializers but only five array elements.

ANS: (d)

6.26. Which statement is false?

a) The string termination character is called the null character.

b) The string “string” actually occupies 7 characters in memory.

c) The character representation of the last character in memory of a string is ‘\0’.

d) A character array representing a string should be defined as large as the actual number of characters in the string minus the terminating character; C automatically provides the space for the terminating character.

ANS: (d)
6.30 Unless otherwise specified, entire arrays are passed __________ and individual array elements are passed __________.

(a) call-by-value, call-by-reference

(b) call-by-reference, call-by-value

(c) call-by-value, call-by-value

(d) call-by-reference, call-by-reference

ANS: (b)
6.31 Which of the following is false about a function being passed an array?

(a) it knows the size of the array it was passed

(b) it is passed the address of the first element in the array

(c) it is able to modify the values stored in the array

(d) all of the above are true

ANS: (a)

6.35. The special conversion specifier for printing addresses is __________.

a) %a

b) %m

c) %p

d) %loc

ANS: (c)

6.38. Which statement about the bubble sort is false?

a) It is easy to program.

b) It is a high-performance sort.

c) It compares only adjacent elements with one another.

d) The bubble sort compares successive pairs of elements.

ANS: (b)
6.39. A bubble sort of 1000 elements requires a maximum of __________ passes.

a) 1001

b) 1000

c) 999

d) 998

ANS: (c)

6.40 In order to calculate the __________ of an array of values, the array must be sorted.

(a) median

(b) mode

(c) mean

(d) (a), (b), and (c)

ANS: (a)

6.41. The _____ is the average value of a set of data items.

a) mean

b) median

c) mode

d) matrix

ANS: (a)
6.50 Given the following definitions, what is the value of b[ 1 ][ 0 ]?

int b[ 2 ][ 2 ] = { { 1 }, { 3 , 4 } };

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 3

(d) this isn’t a valid definition

ANS: (c)

6.53. An array containing 3 columns and 4 rows is typically referred to as a __________.

a) 12-element array

b) 3-by-4 array

c) 13-element array, because of the zero element

d) 4-by-3 array

ANS: (d) 4-by-3 array
6.54. Which of the following initializations is not performed by the definition

int b[ 2 ][ 2 ] = { { 1 }, { 3, 4 } };

is false?

a)b[ 0 ][ 0 ] is set to 1

b) b[ 0 ][ 1 ] is set to 1

c) b[ 1 ][ 0 ] is set to 3

d) b[ 1 ][ 1 ] is set to 4

ANS: (b) b[ 0 ][ 1 ] is set to 1

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