50 Common Trees in Hong Kong 1

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50 Common Trees in Hong Kong 1

Scientific Name

Aleurites moluccana

Name in Chinese


Common Name

Candlenut tree


Aleurites moluccana, originated from Malaysia and Polynesia, now widely grown in most tropical countries. It is quick growing, regular shaped and possess a dense crown. Thus it is commonly planted as shade and roadside tree. Being cold resistant, and able to withstand strong wind, it grows well in sheltered environments with good soil.

Special Features

From a distance, the crown appears whitish or frosted due to the coating of a layer of white or pale brown minute scales on the young leaves, twigs and inflorescences. Aged leaves lose the scaly covering and appear a glossy dark green. The bark is greyish white in colour, with prominent lenticels on the surface.

To Learn More

Its seeds can be used to extract oil, to make paints and soaps. Toasted fruits taste like peanuts, have medicinal values in relieving diarrhoea. Excessive consumption may lead to vomit and diarrhoea.







Large-sized, up to 9 metres


of Leaf



Quick growing, in regular shape, with a dense crown.


Tai Po Centre


  • Young leaves, twigs and inflorescences are covered with a layer of white or pale brown minute scales.


  • Bark greyish white in colour, with prominent lenticels on the surface.


  • Simple leaves, alternate, oval, drooping, each 7 to 25 cm in length.

  • Leaf apex acute, base rounded, margin entire and wavy; with 3 to 5 veins from the base.

  • Leaves of young plants or in low branches, 3 or 5 lobed, base heart-shaped.


Photo 1:

  • Unisexual, regular, flowering in spring.

  • Flowers small, white, fragrant, made up of 5 free petals.

  • Flowers in large clusters up to 10 to 15 cm wide, at the branch ends; male and female flowers found in the same panicle.

Photo 2:

  • Above is a close-up shot of the flowers.


  • Fruit round, hard, apple-shaped, up to 4 cm across.

  • Containing 1 to 2 oily seeds.

  • Produced in autumn.

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