4p example pdf how to use Burmer to Design 4-Bar Linkages for a 4-Position Problem Double click on Burmer sce

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4P Example PDF

How to use Burmer to Design 4-Bar Linkages for a 4-Position Problem
1. Double click on Burmer.sce in the folder on your Windows XP desktop.
2. Select Execute—then select Load into Scilab (this is done in SciPad the Scilab editor).
3. Choose the 4-position problem and keyboard option.
4. Click ok (or adjust) for the plotting range of graphics window: [X min, X max,Y min,Y max]. The default is [-100, 100, -100, 100].

5. Specify 4 positions by entering ri, iii The units of the angles are degrees.

6. The center-point and circle-point curves are plotted in the graphics window. There

are three basic menu options provided by scilab: File, Tools, and Edit, which

allow basic manipulations, such as copying and printing, of the graphics windows.

Five other menu options provided by Burmer are:

  • Select_pts: Click on this option and use the mouse to select center points or circle points. Click on the mark preceding “Select Ball’s pt here” to select Ball’s point for slider.

  • Zoom: To change the plotting range.

  • Restart: To specify a different set of positions.

  • Data: To view information about the positions, poles, and Ball’s point.

  • Exit: To quit the graphics window and abort the current design problem.

7. Once two pairs of center and circle points (or one pair plus Ball’s point) are

selected, you will see the animation menu. There are two new options: Animation

and Reselect. Click on Animation to see the linkage animation, and click on

Reselect to pick different center and circle points. The information about selected

points can be found in the Data option.

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