40 higher education assistance agency (Updated November 2015)

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40 hIGHER eDUCATION aSSISTANCE aGENCY (Updated November 2015)


(Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency)

1200 North Seventh Street, Harrisburg 17102

Help Desk 720-2649
Human Resources 720-2700
Legislative Affairs/Office of Public Information 720-2511
Loan Operations 720-3100
Public Relations & Communications/Office of Public
Information 720-2509
State Grant and Special Programs 1-800-692-7392
FedLoan Servicing 1-800-699-2908

Executive Offices

FAX – Executive 720-3902

President & Chief Executive Officer

Preston James 720-2575

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Gipe Lisa 720-2575

Public Affairs – Senior Vice President

Hench Nathan 720-2511

Executive Assistant/Board Affairs

Garbacik Karen 720-2253

Legal Services – Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Swartley Jason L Esq 720-3610

Executive Assistant

Irwin Jamie L 720-2074

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Steeley James 720-2023

Executive Assistant

Good Marisa 720-2555

Information Technology – Chief Information Officer

Lecher Brian 720-3262

Executive Assistant

Wilsbach Beth 720-2615

Client Relations & Loan Operations – Senior Vice President

Martella Stephanie 720-3444

Executive Assistant

Holden Tikki 720-3450

FedLoan Servicing VP and Program Director

Weigle Daniel 720-2955

Executive Assistant

Summers Nannette 720-2029

Human Resources – Senior Vice President

Garman Michael 720-2526

Executive Assistant

Shomper Jodi 720-3209


FAX 720-3911

General Counsel

Swartley Jason L Esq 720-3610

Legal Services

Deputy Chief Counsels

Callahan Debra Snyder Esq 720-3691

Cameron Robert G Esq 720-1555

Assistant Chief Counsels

Detar Corey Esq 720-3779

Jarecki James Esq 720-1568

Foster Amanda Esq 720-2198

Senior Attorney

Snyder-Lansberry Amy Esq. 720-1941


Cravitz Melissa Esq 720-7596

Guise Jessica Esq 720-2182

Petsu Andrew Esq 720-2227

Saylor Elizabeth Esq 720-3095

Vance C Doran Esq 720-2886

Zeiders Alicia Esq 720-2560

Compliance Services

Phone 720-2740
FAX 720-3933

Director of Enterprise Compliance

Pandeladis Leo 720-1768

Compliance & Consumer Protection Education and Training – Manager

Racculia David 720-2379

Compliance Testing – Manager

Racculia Lynn 720-3251

Eligibility and Compliance – Manager

Snyder James 720-3758

FedLoan Servicing Compliance – Manager

Freundel Diane 720-3267

Compliance Services – Manager

Zaleski Joyce 720-2884



Veet Michael 720-7777

Internal and Information Technology Audit

FAX 720-3971

Vice President

Bard Dawn 720-3013

Internal Audit Manager

Smeltz Kristen 720-2140


Senior Vice President

Hench Nathan 720-2511

Office of Public Information – Public Relations

FAX 720-3903

Communications and Public Relations – Director

New Keith 720-2509

Internal Communications Manager

Elbertson Nicole 720-2509

Office of Public Information – Legislative and Board Affairs

FAX 720-3903


Vacant 720-7670

State Grant and Special Programs/Research and Policy Analysis

Senior Vice President

Zuzack Christine 720-2368

Assistant Vice President

McCloud Elizabeth K 720-1600

Program Integrity, Manager

Blake Margaret 720-1945

Customer Service – Manager

Kokoiy Arezuh 720-2208

Program Management – Manager

Greene Isaac 720-3310

Research and Policy Analysis – Manager

Suran Stephanie 720-7718

State Grant and Special Programs, Director

Koller Lee 720-2020

Pennsylvania School Services

FAX 720-3919


Lindsey Will 720-1529

Regional Staff

Allegheny County

McCurdy Kimberly 724/734-8550

Philadelphia County

Felder Ron 267/294-8204

Cumberland Valley Region (Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York)

Mann-McFarlane Sonya 514-6043

Handlan Carol 514-9038

Northeast Region (Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming)

Pacewicz Linda 570/592-1209

Southeast Region (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery and Northampton)

Burke Michael 215/205-5451

McKeown Frances 215/801-7097

North Central Region (Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Sullivan, Tioga and Union)

Kane Marla 570/220-0473

South Central Region (Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin and Somerset)

Wray Dan 814/889-1056

Fontana Julie 814/322-2563

Northwest Region (Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Craw­ford, Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Mercer, Venango and Warren)

Hargrave Marian 724/614-3823

Sloan Amy 724/977-3662

Southwest Region (Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Wash­ington and Westmoreland)

Dunlap Wendy 724/831-7317

Harr Jayeann 412/904-8545

Information Technology

FAX – Administration 720-7688

Chief Information Officer

Lecher Brian 720-3262

Technical Support Services – Vice President

Tarlecki James 720-2910

Application Development/ Financial Aid Delivery – Manager

Klingensmith David 720-2769

Application Development/Compass – Manager

Keeports Dave 720-3511

Application Development/Web Development – Manager

Scordo Mike 720-2601

Application Developmen/Enterprise Architecture – Vice President

Kapp Brian 720-3813

Enterprise Program Office – Director

Daniels MaryAnn 720-2101

Enterprise Security Office – Network Security Manager

DeBoard Todd 720-2722

Enterprise Security Office – IT RPC Manager

Roda Kline Pam 720-2485

Enterprise Security Office – IAM Manager

Simko Tom 720-3325

Enterprise Security Office – Enterprise Security Director

Kilheffer John 720-3323

Financial Management

FAX 720-3923

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Steely James 720-2023

Financial Analysis, Reporting and Budget

Vice President

Witten Kathy 720-2014

Financial Reporting and Accounts Receivable

Sauers Mike 720-2994

Federal Accounting and Accounting System Support

Karoly Jeff 720-2817

Budget and Accounts Payable

Pressel Nicole 720-3132


McMullen Denise 720-2518

Internal Controls

A123 Internal Control Manager

Lefever Kyle 720-2128

Student Loan Accounting and Public Finance

Vice President

Mehalko Andrew 720-2018

Treasury Management

Vice President

McGeary Cindy 720-2792

EFT and Treasury Adjustments

Howell Yvette 720-2888

Cash Management

Lindsey Felita 720-1725


Heckman John 720-2796


Vice President

McIntyre Sandra 720-2026


Hewitt Thomas 720-2342

Physical Security

Archer Craig 720-2712

Printing & Warehouse Services

Guild Deborah 720-2152

Supply Management

Gummo Diane 720-3381

IT Governance

Vice President

Eppley Mark 720-3510

Executive Assistant

Guma Tara 720-1514

General Servicing

Donat David 720-3252

State Grants and Special Programs

McKee Duane 720-2468

Loan On-Boarding/Off-Boarding

Martin Cheryl 720-7791


Pottgeiser Edward 720-3085


Oyster Danielle 720-2085

Human Resources

FAX 720-3901

Senior Vice President

Garman Michael 720-2526

Staffing Manager 720-2841

HR Service Center Manager

Bower Holly 720-1625

Learning and Development Manager

Corey Kiersten 720-7731

Compensation Specialist

Schultz Sarah 720-3560

Client Relations/Loan Operations

Senior Vice President

Martella Stephanie 720-3444

Client Relations

Vice President

Zellers Daniel 720-2274

Vice President

Shutter Kenneth 720-3551

Vice President

Renard Tom 720-2385

Loan Operations

Conversions – Manager

Knisely Tina 720-2293

Client Contractual Testing –Vice President

Roganish Vicky 720-3515

Credit Bureau Reporting – Director

Galloway Stephanie 720-1670

Customer Service/eComm – Vice President

Bowman Shelly……………………………….720-3215

Customer Service/eComm – Manager

Helwig Maria 720-7681

Graduate & Professional Services –Vice President

Bowman Shelly 720-3215

Graduate & Professional Services/Consumer Complaint Management – Assistant Vice President

Baer Tyler 720-3571

Consumer Complaint Management – Manager

O’Connell-Gorecki 720-3260

Guarantor/Insurer Relations/Records Management – Assistant Vice President

Baer Tyler 720-3571

Guarantor/Insurer Relations – Manager

Winters Scott 720-3672

Records Management – Manager

Batista Leo 720-2869

Operations & Client Support/Conversions –Vice President

Botterbusch Debbie 720-3449

Operations & Client Support – Managers

Hallett Brenda 720-2278

Potteiger Jenny 720-2563

Zilinski Amy 720-3843

Conversions – Manager

Knisely Tina 720-2293

Workflow Analysis & Production Control –Vice President

Schaffer Kenneth 720-3154

Workflow Analysis & Production Control – Manager

Kelley-Snyder Tammy 720-3403


Program Director

Weigle Daniel 720-2955

Project Manager

Swett Lauren 720-3693

Loan Operations – Vice President

Bitsko Marc 720-3824

Program Strategy Manager

Hannum Melissa 720-1518

Loan Assets Management Division

FAX – Asset Management 720-3909

Vice President

Mosko Todd 720-2532

Default Collections – Assistant Vice President

Lebo Garrison 720-2472

Default Prevention Services – Administrative Officer

Clark Casey 720-3005

Reinsurance, Policy & Compliance – Manager

Seay Christyan 720-2373

Asset Maintenance & Skiptracing – Assistant Vice President

LaVia Mark 720-3321

Archer Craig PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2712

Bard Dawn PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3013

Baer TylerPHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3571

Bitsko Marc PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3824

Blake Margaret PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1945

Botterbusch Debbie PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3449

Bower Holly PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1625

Bowman Shelly PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3215

Buchenauer Jamie PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-7670

Burke Michael PHEAA (SE Reg) 215/205-5451

Caffrey Cathy PHEAA (NE Reg) 570/592-1209

Callahan Debra S Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3691

Cameron Robert Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1555

Corey Kiersten PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-7731

Cravitz Melissa Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-7596

Daniels MaryAnn PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2101

Detar Corey Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3779

Donat David PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3252

Dunlap Wendy PHEAA (SW Reg) 724/831-7317

Eppley Mark PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3510

Felder Ron (Philadelphia Reg) 267/294-8204

Foster Amanda Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2198

Galloway Stephania PHEAA Westport 720-1670

Garman Michael PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2526

Greene Isaac PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3310

Guild Deborah PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2152

Guise Jessica Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2182

Gummo Diane PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3381

Handlan Carol PHEAA (Cumberland Valley Reg) 514-9038

Hargrave Marian PHEAA (NW Reg) 724/614-3823

Harr Jayeann PHEAA (SW Reg) 412/904-8545

Heckman John PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2796

Hench Nathan PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2511

Hewitt Thomas PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2342

Howell Yvette PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2888

Irwin Jamie PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2074

Jarecki James Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1568

Kane Marla PHEAA (NC Reg) 570/220-0473

Kapp Brian PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3813

Karoly Jeff PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2817

Keeports Dave PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3511

Kilheffer John PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3323

Kokoiy Arezuh Hdqtrs 720-2208

Koller Lee PHEAA Westport 720-2020

Kreiser Wes PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2840

LaVia Mark PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3321

Lebo Garrison PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2472

Lecher Brian PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3262

Lefever Kyle PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2128

Lindsey Felita PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1725

Lindsey William PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1529

Mann-McFarlane Sonya PHEAA
(Cumberland Valley Reg) 514-6043

Martella Stephanie PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3444

McCloud Elizabeth PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1600

McCurdy Kimberly PHEAA (Allegheny Co) 724/734-8550

McGeary Cindy PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2792

McIntyre Sandra PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2026

McKee Duane PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2468

McKeown Frances PHEAA (SE Reg) 215/801-7097

McMullen Denise PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2518

Mehalko Andrew PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2018

Mosko Todd PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2532

New Keith PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2509

Pacewicz Linda PHEAA Hdqtrs (NE Reg) 570/592-1209

Petsu Andrew Esq PHEAA Hdqts 720-2227

Pottgeiser Edward PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3085

Pressel Nicole PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3132

Preston Jim PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2575

Renard Tom PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2385

Roganish Vicky PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3515

Fontana Julie PHEAA Hdqtrs (SC Reg) 814/322-2563

Sauers Mike PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2994

Saylor Elizabeth Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3095

Schaffer Kenneth PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3154

Schultz Sarah PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3560

Scordo Mike PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2601

Sessa Matt PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2248

Shutter Kenneth PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3551

Sloan Amy PHEAA (NW Reg). 724/977-3662

Smeltz Kristen PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2140

Snyder John PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2503

Snyder-Lansberry Amy Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-1941

Steely James 720-2023

Summers Nannette 720-2029

Suran Stephanie PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-7718

Swartley Jason L Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-3610

Tarlecki James PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2910

Vance C Doran Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2886

Witten Kathy PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2014

Wray Dan PHEAA (SC Reg) 814/889-1056

Zeiders Alicia Esq PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2560

Zellers Daniel PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2274

Zuzack Christine PHEAA Hdqtrs 720-2368


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