3099 Kirklevington Drive # 33 Lexington, ky 40517

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3099 Kirklevington Drive # 33

Lexington, KY 40517



Dana Hammonds

Objective: Seeking challenging employment with greater rewards by utilizing my diversity of skills and practical experience to be put forth into a new career opportunity.

Education: 1999-2002 South Laurel High School London, KY

General Education

2002-2004 Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY

English/Completed 2 years

2010-Current BCTCS student
Work Experience:
Ashland Inc./ Valvoline

August 2007-Present

Account Support Rep II

Lexington, KY

  • Making up-sales on backordered products

  • Used critical situation management to ensure customer satisfaction for over 100 accounts within the Direct Markets including Indiana, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis and Memphis.

  • Experience in the use of SAP, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office

  • and Sales Force.com

  • Developed professional relationship with customers and communicated effectively with territory business managers along with co-workers at the plants.

  • Handled accounts receivable/payable for over 100 accounts.

  • Managed and worked with Sales in order to retain customer orders and shipments.

  • Manage Valvoline Distributor Accounts

Wayne Dalton

June 2006-March 2007

Administrative Assistant

Georgetown, KY

  • Handled all business calls and generated sales orders for residential and commercial builders.

  • Accounts Receivable for current/past customers.

faxed to clients i.e.: Lowe's Home

Improvement and Toyota.

CBS Personnel Services

May 2005- May 2006


Lexington, KY

corporate office.

  • Filed I9's, Medical forms and Applications.

  • Helped account managers fill client orders with qualified candidates.

  • Ordered office supplies for all CBS offices located in


Orthodontic Center

October 2001-August 2002

Orthodontic Assistant

Corbin KY

  • Applied oral braces/brackets and made adjustments to new/existing patients.

  • Took mold impressions and customized for dental review.

    • Administered x-rays, panarex and cephs of patient teeth to file in



Michael Guarriello, Valvoline, (317)645-5002

Ron Sells (317) 645-5567

Tilly Sain-Manager, CBS Personnel (859) 254-4011

Gene Crawley, Sales, (317)693-4336

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