3. 6% of Americans are Asian American 2%

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Asian Pacific American Teacher Association Newsletter

www.apata.org Edition 1, January 2005


Leading back to educators like Alice Fong Yu (San Francisco Unified School District), 1921, Asian Pacific Americans have long served public education. Many APA educators are leaders in the community, including Congressman Mike Honda (Fremont Union High School District) and author Maxine Hong Kingston (San Lorenzo Unified School District). Yet, unlike Asian Americans in other professions like law and medicine, Asian American teachers were missing their own organized association. APATA works to elevate Asian American teachers as a profession in terms of practice and community.


Create a supportive community among APA teachers

Increase the number of APA teachers

Advocate for APA students, equity, and diversity.


3.6% of Americans are Asian American

2% of lawyers are Asian American

15% of doctors are Asian American

(2000 US Census)

1% of teachers are Asian American

(2001 NEA Status of American Public School Teachers Survey)

11% APA students in California, total number 704,678

6% APA teachers in California, total number 18,117
(2003 California Department of Education)

72 certified bilingual Vietnamese teachers in California, though there were 47,663 Vietnamese-speaking students

(1997; cf. Olsen 1997:21)

Faria Elementary School, Cupertino CA

545 Asian Students (94.5% of the students)

2 Asian Teachers

Pollicita Middle School, Daly City CA

209 Filipino Students (36.3% of the students)

0 Filipino Teachers

(2003 California Department of Education)
18.8% of Pacific Islanders in CA dropout, 2nd highest rate.

(2003 California Department of Education)

#1 ranking, Asian American girls have the highest rates of depressive symptoms and suicide across all ethnic groups.

There will be a special on mental health in APATA’s March Newsletter.

(2001 CDC National Center for Health Statistics)


1) 2/17, Free, SF Facing History Chinese Am Workshop.
Info at: http://facinghistory.org (under calendar of events)
2) 1/30, Free UCSD Vietnamese High School Conference.
Info at: http://vsa.ucsd.edu (rsvp online)

3) 1/22, Free Stanford APA Student Conference.

Info at: http://aasa.stanford.edu (rsvp online)

4) Lowell HS (SFUSD) starts to offer APA history elective.

Mission San Jose HS and Palo Alto HS start to offer ethnic studies.


-It’s free.

-To get involved with APA education leadership.

-To network with other APA educators in your area.

-Join at:


Meetings are Third Thursdays of the Month, 7pm at the E Tea Cafe

135 Castro St on the corner Evelyn Ave

Mountain View, CA 94041

Block from the Central Expressway/Caltrain
(Future events will expand outside N. CA)

January 20, Thursday 7:00pm

1) Introduction to APATA and education research and statistics on Asian Pacific Americans.

2) Guest Speakers: Recruiters from Bay Area school districts

Location: E Tea

February 17, Thursday 7:00pm

1) Asian American books, films, and community resources available

2) Guest Speakers: Asian American parent organizations and leaders

Location: E Tea

March 17, Thursday 7:00pm

1) Successes and challenges with Asian American students

2) Guest Speakers: Asian American education researchers

Location: E Tea

April 21, Thursday 7:00pm

1) Successes and challenges with Asian American teachers

2) Guest Speakers: APA veteran educators

Location: E Tea
May 19, Thursday 7:00pm

End of year party

Location: TBA


Review of Asian American K-12 books, videos, curricular materials.


APATA welcomes teachers of all races and ethnicities.

Asian Pacific American Teacher Association, E-Mail: apateachers@yahoo.com, Tel: (650) 962-1079
Web Address: www.apata.org, Mail Address: 279 Bush St, #1, Mountain View, CA 94041

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