22nd International Mountain Wine Competition

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22nd International Mountain Wine Competition

Aosta Valley - Italy

3th -5th July 2014
Dear Producer,
I am very pleased to invite you to the 22th International Mountain Wine Competition which is organised by CERVIM (Research and Coordinating Centre for the Protection, Promotion and Enhancement of Mountain Viticulture) in collaboration with the Aosta Valley Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the VINEA Association (Switzerland), under the sponsorship of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).
The tasting committees, composed of oenologists, technicians and international journalists, will meet in Aosta Valley from 3rd to 5th July 2014 for the judging sessions.

The aim of the most important international wine competition, which is reserved to wines produced in mountain and steeply sloping areas, is to promote the wine production of these regions, which are characterized by structural difficulties but also by rare wines possessing extraordinary features.

Like the two previous editions, registration to the 22nd International Mountain Wine Competition must be made through the online enrolment procedure by accessing www.cervim.org. In case you cannot access the Internet, please contact the Secretariat’s office, by calling the phone number below, and the staff shall register you directly.
For further information, please contact CERVIM’s Secretariat at: Fraz. Chateau, 3 - 11010 Aymavilles (AO) – Italy (phone +390165/902451, fax +390165/902451, e-mail segreteria@cervim.it ).
I take the opportunity to extend to you my kindest regards and my deepest appreciation for the invaluable work you carry out to support mountain and steeply sloping areas.

Roberto Gaudio


Only wines produced from vineyards which permanently feature one or more of the following structural issues will be admitted to the 22ndInternational Mountain Wine Competition:

  • Altitude above 500 metres a.s.l., excluding vineyards on high plateaus;

  • Slopes with terrain gradients greater than 30%;

  • Vines grown on terraces and embankments;

  • Vines grown on small islands.


Each wine enrolled into the competition is evaluated by a judging committee.

Selected wines will be awarded:

- a silver medal from 85 to 89,99 points

- a gold medal from 90 to 93,99 points

- a grand gold medal from 94 to 100 points.

As established by the rules of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), the total amount of awards assigned must not exceed 30% of the total number of samples enrolled into the competition.

The 2014 “CERVIM Special Prize” will be awarded to the winery (from each participating country) with the top score, that is the total of the highest scores obtained by three wines entered in three different categories that have a score of at least 80 points out of 100.
The 2014 “CERVIM Grand Prize” will be awarded to the wine that obtains the best overall score.
A special Prize will be awarded to the best wine of each participating country with at least 8 wineries enrolled.
The 2014 “CERVIM Futuro” Prize will be awarded to the winery whose owner or associate is 35 years old or younger and whose wine obtains the best score. In order to participate, you must send a copy of your ID card or a copy of the details of your company's registration with the competent authorities.
A Prize will be awarded to the top-scoring organic or biodynamic wine, entered in any of the categories available for submission. This prize will be awarded only if at least 5 wineries participate by enrolling their wines.
Another Prize will be awarded to the top-scoring wine produced on small islands. Again, this prize will be awarded only if at least 5 wineries enrol their wines.

The 2014 “CERVIM’S Women” Prize will be awarded to the winery whose owner or associate is a women and whose wine obtains the best score. In order to participate, you must send a copy of the details of your company's registration with competent authorities

Enrolment must be made only through CERVIM’s website www.cervim.org Producers who do not have access to the Internet can register by filling out the paper form, available by contacting the Secretariat’s office.

However, we remind you that in order for the online registration to be valid and effective, each producer must send the following items no later than 16th June 2014 for each sample entered in the competition:

  • Six (6) bottles of wine from the same lot containing 750 ml or, for sweet and fortified wines only, 9 bottles containing 500 ml or 12 bottles containing 375 ml. All bottles must be fully labelled;

  • A copy of the documentation showing payment of the 65,00 Euro fee for each of the first two wines enrolled and the 60,00 Euro fee for each additional entry; all bank charges are to be paid entirely by the sender;

  • the entry form, the sampling record, the personal data consent form obtained from printing the online enrolment form, together with the certificate of analysis, data sheets describing the wine, proof of DOP certification and three (3) front labels and three (3) back labels;

  • All documents must be packed in one of the wine cartons, on which it should be clearly written “CONTIENE DOCUMENTI” (containing documents), and then sent to: CERVIM – c/o Cave des Onzes Communes – loc. Urbains 3 – 11010 Aymavilles (AO) – Italy.


  • All the wines already entered into previous editions of the International Mountain Wine Competition cannot be submitted again and therefore will not be accepted;

  • The sampling record can be filled out by the owner of the winery as well, as a self-certification;

  • In order to compete for the ‘Best Organic or Biodynamic Wine’ Award, each producer must provide proof of wine certification issued by qualified certification authorities, to show eligibility. Any wine competing for this award which does not carry the above requested certification will not be considered;

  • All charges, relating to banking and shipping, will be paid entirely by the sender. In the event that any fee or tax is unpaid, the wine samples will not be accepted and therefore they will be sent back to the sender;

  • Certificates of analysis issued by the winery’s internal laboratories will be accepted as well, provided that they show alcoholic strength and residual sugars;

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