2004, Volume 11, Issue 9-10

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Troop 575 Newsletter

Scout Resource Center: www.troop575.org

2004, Volume 11, Issue 9-10
Boy Scout Troop 575, Louisville, Colorado

Upcoming Events:

RMNP Hike …10-Sep

Swim Test Night …21-Sep.

Wall Climbing Night …05-Oct.

Jr. Leader Training …23-Oct

Janson F. Eagle COH …24-Oct

Shooting Campout …06-Nov

MBU …20-Nov

November COH …30-Oct

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Feature Articles

Troop 575 Sea Base Sailing Crew

Florida Sea Base:

A Scout’s Sea Paradise

By: Scout Ryan S.

Sea base was great. The ship, the captain, the destination, all a paradise, but the plane ride… not so good. First, the huge security line at the airport just to get inside. That’s all an airport is, one big line, lines for planes, lines for people, even for the bags. There are people in lines waiting to get in bigger lines. After security we waited again to get on the plane. Well we finally got in the air, but then… another snag.

An elderly woman, with minimal pulse, a diabetic, on morphine medication, in a front window seat, is semi-conscious. So our non-stop flight landed in Montgomery Alabama where we waited three hours while the elderly woman and her daughter where escorted from the plane. We watched F-16s take off and land out of our tiny little windows, while paramedics worked to get the 200 pound elderly woman, who cant move, off the plane. We where finally cleared for takeoff and headed for Ft. Lauderdale. When we got to Ft. Lauderdale the airport was closed because of heavy rain. We circle Ft. Lauderdale for thirty minutes and then got diverted to Ft. Meyers. We waited another 3 hours on the ground in Ft. Meyers before getting back in the air, headed for Ft. Lauderdale. Our expected four-hour

flight resulted in a nine-hour adventure before reaching our non-stop Ft. Lauderdale destination. We were all relieved to finally be on the ground and off the plane.

Next, we can’t find the rental van. Now it’s a tiny Astrovan with a license plate for a sign, like a novelty plate. After finding the van, we went through this maze of streets in Ft. Lauderdale to get to the rental place. Anyway it’s another hour and a half before we get to the hotel on Isle Morada and were all exhausted.

The next day we traveled down the highway towards Sea Base looking for breakfast along the way. We found a really good place called Mangrove Mike’s. They had a pretty good selection. Since it was so late in the day, some of us had lunch and some had breakfast.

After arriving at Sea Base and right away the people were great. After check-in we went under this kind of tropical roof thing and got an overview of what to do. We packed our bags, did our swimming and snorkeling test, brought our stuff to the boat, checked out the eco system, ate dinner, and went sailing. All of this sounds like we zipped through it, but the captain was late so we actually sat around a lot. The captain gave us another overview and the rules. “You guys stay below deck and clean and maybe I’ll let you out in Key West if it’s sparklin’ GOT IT?” no I’m kidding he didn’t say that.

The 1st night, the first Storm

Our first night on the boat was a blast. Ten-foot waves, sea spray everywhere, and more wind than a hurricane. It was awesome. We stayed up all night, (because no one wanted to miss the action) and slept most of the next day. During the storm we swayed and rocked and we watched the lobster buoys to see where we were swaying on anchor, if we started to drag anchor, we had to tell the captain, that was anchor watch, the worst part, but we all wanted to stay up that night.

The next day we went out to snorkel. We were all anxious to get off the boat (Especially me because I lost my breakfast to the sea that morning). The first reef wasn’t that interesting, but when we got to Sombrero, the water was crystal clear and a huge school of minnows was there. We swam through them, we saw scuba divers and clown fish and a big grouper. We also saw a manta ray. After the reef, we headed out to the Gulf Stream to do some fishing. We caught just one fish, a Spanish mackerel, caught by me.

That night we anchored of big Munson Island, and saw Paradise Island next to it. A small tropical resort with thatch roof huts, tiki bars, speedboats and a ferry. Then Big Munson, no electricity, no boats, it looked horrible next to Paradise Island. Here’s where the captain said to watch out for drunken people in boats on anchor watch. I had to flag some one off on my shift.

The next day we motored to Key West. We talked, laughed, napped, listened to the captain tell wild tales, and as we came into Key West, we watched a lot of yachts, cruse ships, and the big coast guard cruisers and smaller cutters come in and out. We docked at the Galleon resort and marina. We tied up the boat on the slip and ventured out to explore Key West. First we went to the showers, hadn’t had one of those in awhile, to get all that sea salt off. Then we headed out to find something to eat. We went to Fogarty’s; there I had the best and biggest hamburger I had ever eaten. Then we headed for the “southern most point” and there, the climax of our trip, we saw the southernmost bum in the continental U.S. he was taking pictures for tourists at the marker.

That night we ended up staying at the Galleon because the boat wasn’t big enough to have us all sleep below deck. That night we had dinner at the commodore. It was a very fancy restaurant and I tried some Florida Spiny Lobster tail, which is a very nice dish. The next day we took showers, got some breakfast at the room, (we made pancakes) packed up, and went to the boat. We stowed our stuff, and got ready to depart. We backed out of the slip and headed out of the marina.

We headed out to another reef, which wasn’t very interesting. Then we went to Pelican Shoal. It was a very shallow reef so we had to look for canyons and channels under water in the reef to swim through so we wouldn’t touch the coral. Then we had lunch. After lunch we sailed to Big Munson anchorage again. We stopped there and had dinner and went to sleep. The next day was horrible, stormy skies, rain here and there, but we headed for Sombrero anyway. We didn’t snorkel when we got there; it was too rough. So we motored to another anchorage off Marathon. The next day we motored back to sea base. It rained as we went under the Channel 5 Bridge again. And the deck was “cleaned by god” so we didn’t have to clean it, YAY! So that was the trip to Key West. But we still had other adventures; Miami, the Everglades and of course the dreaded flight home.

Miami and The Everglades

On Our first night back on land we stayed at a very nice Hampton Inn. With nothing to do, we decided to take a trip up the highway to Miami and explore. In Miami, we went to the beach, had dinner at Johnny Rockets, and walked around. Then we drove back to the hotel to get ready to go to the everglades the next day. At the Everglades we went on a pontoon boat ride through a mangrove forest and hurricane shelters for boats, they were just open area in the mangroves but they were still pretty cool. Bach in the channel, we let speed boats go by and watched the waves sweep through the trees and crush the grasses only to have them spring up again. After the boat ride we went to another hotel. Then we went to the Everglades National Park, found it was closed, and found a lot of hungry skeeters there. Then we went to the gator farm. The airboat ride was pretty cool. The driver would go really fast and then pull a u-y and flood the boat. After the gator farm we headed for the airport.

The Flight Home

No snags this time! We got home without a hitch. We all got home safely and without any nine-hour-flight-fatigue. I had a lot of fun in Florida; it’s probably my favorite Scouting trip so far. Thanks Mrs. Guidas, Mr. Kinz and all the adults who organized and attended Florida Sea Base 2004, I had a blast!

P.S. Mr. Dawson, I watched the movie and finally get the “Captain Ron” jokes!

Troop 575 Florida Sea Base Adventure

By: Scout Brian R.

Troop 575 met up at the airport with our blue Sea Base shirts on and our carry-on bags ready to get on the airplane so that we could head down to Sea Base, Out Island adventure. Everyone got on the plane and was hoping for a good flight but it was a 9-hour trip. There were weather delays and we also had to land in Alabama because there was an emergency for a person that was sick. After sitting on the ground most of the trip there, we finally made it to the Fort Lauderdale airport, where it was really moist and humid. We got our luggage and headed outside to catch a ride to our hotel for the night. We got to our hotels safely and after arriving, walked to McDonalds for food because we were all starving. We walked back to our hotel rooms (3 people to a room) and we hung out and watched shows till late that night. Then we fell asleep and woke up at 7:30 to catch another ride down to Florida Sea Base. On the way we all stopped by the alligator farm, and boy was that cool! We saw a lot of cool exhibits and a Croc feeding, (rats were flipped in the air into a pit of big crocs). We left the farm and headed down to Sea Base. We traveled trough the Keys, which was cool because basically the highway was surrounded by ocean. We arrived at FSB and were greeted by the Counselors for our two groups, Mike Pikenbroch (I have no clue how to spell it) and someone by the name of Link because somehow he looks like the guy from Zelda. We got our dormitory and got certified for snorkeling and stuff of that sort. Then that night we went to a beach fire and the Counselors talked about the Sea Base and they did a little skit, which had a lot of our crew’s boys joining in.

On Day 3, Tuesday, our crew got in to pairs, and kayaked out to Munson Island with a bag to keep our dry items in and a wet bag for items that can get wet. It was a 5-mile trip that took 3 hours which was a pain, but then we got to Big Munson, hopped out of our kayaks and dragged everything, including our meals and material with us to shore. Overall on the island we had a lot of fun, we cooked meals down on the beach, fished at night, snorkeled, deep sea fished, Dusky boat rides, night snorkeling, lobster hunting, and we even went to a island named Picnic Island where we ate lunch and goofed around in the water. The only bad parts were that mosquitoes infested our camp. In our free time we would sleep, look for mini hermit crabs, or just hang out with the nice beach weather and the nice little shady hammock tree. On the last day, we had a ceremony on the north side of Munson were we sung songs with the Crab master that came out of the sand, had hermit crab races, and passed a conch shell around the group, with each person telling what the best part of the trip was. On the way back we walked through the dark forest with key deer looking at us with their green night vision while singing songs and talking about how much fun the island was. We slept really well that night and comfortably. That night, Mr. Kinz had been sleeping with his book light on, and Matt Hopson had just been getting back from the beach and he scared Mr. Kinz because Mr. Kinz thought it was an animal or something. We packed up that morning and left on war canoes, which fit all of our belongings and our whole crew. We were really determined to get back less than two hours while singing songs and having fun. Fortunately we made it to the Sea Base port at exactly 2 hours. We got on shore and unloaded our stuff from the boats. After getting on the island we tried to make ourselves as comfortable as we could because Munson compared to home is horrible. The next night we did a skit with our crews and mine got 1st place. That night we celebrated our going away (our last night there) so we had ice cream and stuff. The most popular game that night was spit the card game. We left the morning after and got to the airport on time and caught our flight where we met up with the other boat crews that were not with us. Overall the experience was a blast and everyone had fun. I learned a lot of Boy Scout tips and lessons. It is a great trip for all Scouts.

Regular Features

Ask the SPL!

Troop 575 SPL: Brian R.

Q) What are your goals as SPL?
I will always be at the meetings making sure that fun and helpful activities are running smoothly as planned. I will try to plan many fun camp-outs such as having individual patrol camp-outs.  I will make sure that all leadership positions are being run correctly. I will take notes, and offer my assistance to any Scout or grown-up that is in need of my help.
Q) What have been the most important things that you have learned from the former SPL that you want to carry on?
I have learned from our former SPL, Tucker J. that being organized helps a lot.  Along with other extracurricular activities I don't have a lot of time to fulfill every duty as SPL.  What helps that is to be organized and prepared for my duties long before I need to fulfill them, therefore I will have time for my other activities. Being organized will definitely help me in the role as SPL.  I have learned that organization is very important from our former SPL.

Scoutmaster’s Corner

All Scouts learn how to find north using Polaris, the North Star, because it will help us find our way in the wilderness. While camping in the Mountains, the sky is often so clear that it is easy to find the North Star, and we always know which way is north. For centuries man has known that the North Star is fixed in the heavens, and sailors have used it as a navigational aid ever since the first adventurers sailed away from the sight of land.

The North Star is still used that way by mariners and space explorers. So in learning how to find it, we are joining a very long line of adventurers.

There are some "North Stars" in our everyday lives, too. One of them is our conscience. If we listen to our conscience, we can be sure to steer our lives in the right direction.

And let's not forget our Scout Oath and Law, too. They are North Stars because they give us excellent guidance in how to behave and what we owe to God, country, our fellow human beings, and ourselves.

When you're lost at night, look for the North Star. The rest of the time, steer your life with those other North Stars - your conscience and the Scout Oath and Law.

Yours in Scouting,

Steve Kinz


Quiz Question #1

What is this?

Scout of The Month

Ryan K. is a first year Scout and has attained the rank of Tenderfoot. He attends Platt Middle School and is in the sixth grade. His favorite subject is P.E. because he likes being active. Ryan’s favorite sports in P.E. are flag football and basketball.

Favorite Campout:

The Micro Backpacking trip. It was fun sleeping in the wilderness, it was so beautiful and I really enjoyed fishing.”

About Troop 575:

I like it because I have made new friends and the Troop goes camping a lot. I love the campouts and that it is run by the Scouts.”

- Ryan K.
hen Ryan is not involved in Scouts you can find him on the ice, playing hockey. He has played Ice Hockey since the first grade. He plays center and finds hockey to be really fun. He enjoys skating around. Ryan is looking forward to being on Platt’s track team this spring. Ryan also is involved in his Youth Group at Eternal Savior Lutheran Church.

When asked his favorite campout, Ryan did not hesitate to say, “The Micro Backpacking trip. It was fun sleeping in the wilderness, it was so beautiful and I really enjoyed fishing.”

Ryan has earned the First Aid Merit Badge and is working on the Personal Management Merit Badge with the Troop. He is looking forward to earning any Merit Badges that require you to be athletic.

And what does Ryan have to say about Troop 575? “I like it because I have made new friends and the Troop goes camping a lot. I love the campouts and that it is run by the Scouts.”

Congratulations Ryan on being Scout of the Month for October!

Troop 575 Historian

By: Scout Caleb O.

Hi! My name is Caleb O. I am a Star Rank Boy Scout with Troop 575. This is my first article as Troop Historian. In August, I attended the Florida Sea Base trip, where my crew sailed to Key West and back. It was the best scout trip I have ever been on. Fortunately, we weren’t bothered by the hurricanes that have been hitting Florida the last month or so.

While the Older Scouts were at Sea Base, the 1st year scouts went on a micro backpacking campout and the 2nd and 3rd year scouts went on a mini backpacking campout.

Recently I also climbed Grays Peak with a number of other Scouts and Leaders. It was the first time I had ever climbed a Fourteener and I encourage more boys to attend this activity next year. Lastly, I went on the backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked from Bear Lake to Fern Lake; it was a lot of fun. It has been a busy time for Troop 575.

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Scout Articles

Micro Backpacking Trip

By: Scout Seth M.

I liked the Micro Backpacking trip. It made a good impression on everyone that went on the trip. We caught fish and to add to that excitement, we each got to gut our own fish. We ate them for dinner that night; it was cool how the fish had white eyes when they got cooked. We all hiked 5 miles there and 5 miles back. Some of the Scouts got tired and had to give some of the stuff in their backpack to the adults. Every night we all had to go and collect fire wood. The last night some of us had a play. We had good food like hotdogs, chili, and pop tarts. We forgot the marshmallows, and we had p-b & h (honey).

All I can say is that we had a-lot of fun and I would love to go again.

Mt. Zirkle Mini Backpacking Trip

By: Scout Ryan D.

Troop 575 held an awesome back packing trip this summer.  We went to Mt. Zirkle Wilderness near Steamboat Springs. We left in the early morning hours of August 4 and returned very sore the afternoon of August 8.

The Scouts that attended were Kyle B, Paul B, Ryan D and their fathers. We hiked 21.5 miles and saw beautiful country that could only be seen by foot.   We crossed the Continental Divide twice, which made it a very long and scenic journey. The scenery also included plants, cows, and deer.   On the third night at Gold Lake two deer actually joined our campsite.  We also saw a gold mine and lots of bear markings.  One of the fun stories we shared around the campfire was "Jake the Dog", just ask Kyle, Paul or myself for the details...

One important lesson we all learned about this trip is how important a light backpack is.

This was a great Scout adventure.  I hope we get to go again next year and more Scouts can join us.

A 14,275 ft. Challenge

By: Scout Chris L.

On August 21, 10 people and 5 scouts, set out to climb Grays Peak. Everyone had to wake up extra early, to be at Kohl’s at 5:30 AM. After about an hours drive, we reached the parking lot, to discover that the place was packed. There was a shuttle service operating to raise money for cancer. We drove up to the trailhead anyway, instead of using the shuttle, as it cost money. At about 8:00 AM we finally started hiking. The trail was pretty flat and smooth for the first 2 miles (halfway). There were beautiful views of a valley off to our left, with mountains right beside it, but Grays was covered in fog, so it couldn’t be seen. Continuing on, we soon encountered a small rock field, and a small station of people with tents giving directions, etc, from the fundraiser. After walking around a small hill, we could now see the challenge that lay ahead of us.

The trail went up a ridge, and then there were very steep switchbacks leading to the very top. There was about 1.8 miles to go. It was about at this point when the group split up. Caleb and Mr. Wakefield went ahead, I was with Mr. Kinz, and the rest of the group was behind us. It was very challenging hiking up the ridge and switchbacks. They were very steep, and the air was thin, but the views were spectacular.

Caleb and Mr. Wakefield made it to the top at about 11:00AM, and started to come back down. Mr. Kinz and I were within a few switchbacks from the top, and we decided to turn back because it started to snow. We soon met up with the group that was behind us. They wanted to go back also, but Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Guidas, and I still wanted to peak. So we went back up to where Mr. Kinz and I turned around, but kept going. We peaked at about 1:00 PM. The climb down seemed longer than the climb up, but all made it down OK. All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip, even though only 3 adults and 2 Scouts peaked. It was a great experience, with the best (and highest) views around.

Fern Lake Backpacking

By: Scout Andy G.

In early September, we went on a backpacking trip to Fern Lake. Colin S., Ryan S., Caleb O., Tucker J., Chris L. and me (Andy G.) went along with three adults Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Guidas and Mr. Smith. On Friday we got to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw a herd of elk in the middle of the park entrance road! We went to Glacier Basin, built a campfire and some of us had to set up our tents in the dark because we had stopped to eat at McDonalds on the way up.

Then on Saturday, we took the bus to the trailhead and started hiking. It was a long trip up, but in the end it felt good to stop and take a break. We pumped a lot of water and cooked dinner, which was, dehydrated meals, which tasted great. The blueberry cobbler was the best part.

The way down was beautiful and we stopped by Fern Fall. Everybody liked the chipmunks near the waterfall and one even crawled into Mrs. Guidas’s pocket while she was taking a nap and woke her up! The rest of the walk down felt like forever and we had to walk even farther to get to the bus stop. When we finally got there, everyone was tired and it felt good to sit down.

All in all, it was pretty fun. Next year, I hope that more kids will go and try it.

Junior Leader Training

By: Scout Jack E.

I recently attended the Junior Leader Training Conference (JLT) for the Long’s Peak Council. On Sunday, July 25, 2004, I went to Camp Laramie Peak, where the JLT Conference was being held. It took about 3 hours to get to the camp located in Wyoming, north of Wheatland. While driving to the camp we could see buffalo and antelope.

When I got there on Sunday I first signed in and then went to a field to put my gear in and find my patrol. The patrols were made up of groups of 7-8 boys all from different troops. The name of my patrol was the Palm Trees. The camp was run the way an ideal troop would function. Altogether there were 63 boys from Long’s Peak council that attended JLT. We went on an outpost on Thursday night and cooked on a backpacking stove. Most of the meals we cooked for ourselves except for dinner the first night, all meals on Friday, and breakfast on Saturday.

I learned a lot of leadership skills at JLT. The staff members delivered leadership skills as presentations. After the presentations we would write Personal Conference Goals (PCGs) about how we planned to use our new skills at our home troops and outside of Scouts. Some of the skills that I learned included counseling, leading by example, and many other important leadership skills.

Overall, I learned a lot at JLT. I think that it would be worth it for more boys from our troop to attend the conference next year. Also, the camp was in a nice location and should possibly be considered for summer camp next year.

Eagle Scouts

Mark K.’S Eagle Project

By: Mark K.

I would like to thank all that attended my Eagle project. It was a great success and couldn’t have been done without those who attended. I’d also like to thank Lamar’s Doughnuts and Hole in One Bagels for donating food for the workers.

Now to recap the project so you who tragically couldn’t attend (though I know you wanted to) can read about what we did. The night before the project, Louisville was rained on heavily. The dirt turned to mud and I thought we wouldn’t be able to do the project. So the next morning I woke up and hoped that we could still do the project. My dad went up to ask Gene Jornes, the man who designed the project, if it was still on. I waited by the phone in case it was cancelled. But it wasn’t. I then drove up there. Yes, I was behind the wheel, wearing my cool aviator sunglasses. I set up the table with food and a sign in sheet. After about 19 people arrived, I began the project.

We were able to assemble two teams, which grew in numbers as the late arrivals came. We were finished with the first two zones by 11:30. The third zone took us half as long because we had double the people working on one zone. After cleaning up, I cruised home in my sweet wheels, my Dodge Caravan, or my Mom’s. Anyway, the project went well, and thanks again to all who attended.

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Future Campouts

Troop Climbing Night

By: David Normen

Troop 575 will have the first of three indoor climbing sessions at our October 5 Troop meeting at Rock’n and Jam’n in Thornton. The climbing will be from 7:00 to 8:30pm. But plan on meeting at Rock’n and Jam’n at 6:45 to get your harness and shoes. The cost is $18 (includes harness, climbing shoes and belayer) and is limited to 30 climbers. The deadline for turning in your permission slip and waiver is the September 28 troop meeting. There will be four climbers per belayer. For directions go to www.rocknandjamn.com for a map. The next climbing sessions will be December 7 and January 11.

Personal Management Merit Badge

By: Jim Dorney (Counselor)

The Personal Management Merit Badge is an Eagle required Merit Badge. As important as it is to learn to take care of yourself mentally and physically, you must learn to manage your money as well. Money must not be the most important part of your life but it will be an important issue that you will deal with everyday. It can improve your life or make it harder, it is up to you. To learn to manage your money you must first learn to manage yourselves, to control your desires and set realistic needs and expectations. We will study shopping techniques, budgeting, bank accounts, investing, saving, planning and an important issue, borrowing. We have already had our first meeting (contact me to get missed information). The next meetings are to be held Oct. 12 and Nov. 9th. I hope all of you will be able to attend and will find the information critical and helpful.


WHO: Troop 575 and Pack 80 Scouts

WHAT: Leaf Clean-up

WHERE: Scared Heart of Mary

WHEN: Oct. 30, 2004 - Saturday Morning
Pizza will be provided for lunch and there will be Tomahawk throwing.

Teton High Adventure 2005

By: Claire Guidas

Older Scouts, would you like to go on a high adventure trip next summer where Troop 575 gets to choose the activities? Then mark your calendars for July 24-30, 2005 and plan to join us for this exciting opportunity!!

As a group, we can choose from activities like rafting (float trips, whitewater or both), canoeing, pistol shooting, mountain biking, high or low COPE, or scenic hiking. We can also choose whether to stay in tents or cabins. During the evenings, Scouts and adults can take a dip in the giant hot tub or enjoy a movie or play sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, horseshoes, ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee golf. Food is dining hall and showers are available.

Sound like fun? You must be 13 years old by January 1, 2005 to attend. The total cost is expected to be about $400 (2005 figures are not yet available) and we will be taking $100 deposits anytime now to reserve your slot. Adults, we need at least two of you to attend as well and the fee will be the same (about $400 per person).

The Teton High Adventure Base is part of the Great Salt Lake Council and is located 13 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming. Water activities take place on the Snake River and through scenic Teton National Forest and Park. For more details, check out the following link http://www.gslc-bsa.org/camps/teton/

Okpik anyone?

By: Claire Guidas

Older Scouts and adults, would you like to go on a high adventure winter campout where you make your own snow hut and then spend the night in it?

Okpik is a winter camping experience held at the Denver Area Council’s Tahosa High Adventure Base in nearby Ward, Colorado (just north of Nederland). You will arrive Friday night, learn about winter camping and sleep in a warm heated bed in a cabin. On Saturday morning, you will move into the backcountry (using sleds to pull your equipment) and build quinzees (snow igloos) as well as explore the environment. On Saturday night, you will sleep in the quinzees that you built! You’ll then return to the training Lodge Sunday morning and return back home after lunch (around noon).

In 2004, twelve people from the troop attended and had a great time. Troop 575 has chosen the weekend of March 11-13, 2005 to attend this exciting winter event again this year!

The fees are $55 per person (Scout or adult) and include all food and snacks for the weekend. Scouts must be 13 years old and a First Class Scout by March 11, 2005 to attend. In addition, we must have two adults (18 and over) in order to attend.

Sound like fun? Don’t delay-get your $55 payment to Claire Guidas to reserve a spot. Only the $55 payment will reserve your spot-it does no good to just let me know of your interest. All monies must be submitted at the time of reservation. Don’t miss out on this unique winter camping opportunity!

Shooting Campout

By: John Nagel

Our shooting campout is scheduled for Nov. 5th, 6th, and 7th at Peaceful Valley Camp. We will be sharing the range with Troop 634. This will work to our benefit because they also have an NRA Certified Instructor. This means that we will be able to use both the rifle and shotgun ranges at the same time. We are planning to shoot Sat. and Sun. morning and we may have a shotgun competition on Sun. morning. We will be leaving Kohl’s on Friday at 6:00pm and returning approx. 3:00pm on Sunday. Also, we have the opportunity to camp in one of the lodges at the camp instead of in tents. I would like to hear from you scouts if that is something you would like to do. As always NO personal guns are allowed. We will be using the Peaceful Valley guns. I will be sending out permission slips shortly.

Troop Business

Troop Elections

  • SPL     Brian R.

  • ASPL Chris L.

  • ASPL Mark K.

  • Scribe      Craig F.

  • Historian   Caleb O.

  • Librarian  John R.

  • Quartermaster   Hunter S.

Patrol Elections

  • Eagles Patrol Leader   Jason R.

  • Cyclones Patrol Leader   Wes S.

  • Pinetrees Patrol Leader   Jonathon N.

  • Wolverines Patrol Leader   Kyle B.

August COH Advancements

Congratulations Troop 575 Scouts


Scout    Spencer C., Colin S., Grant E.

Tenderfoot    John R., Colin S., Seth M.

Second Class John R., Andy G., Hunter S., Seth M.

First Class    Jack E., John R.

Star    Wes S., Ryan S., Caleb O., Jason R.

Life    Tucker J.

Popcorn Fund Raiser

  • Sell from September 11th through October 16th.

  • All order forms MUST be turned into Michael Newberger by October 19th.

  • Popcorn will be available for delivery after November 13th.

  • All money due to Michael Newberger NO LATER THEN November 30th.

  • If you have any questions or need more forms please come to the Tuesday meetings

  • Contact Michael Newberger, 303-828-2428

Troop 575 Community Partner card

A great way to help out our Troop with little effort is to use our Troop 575 Community Partner card when you shop at Albertson's.  A percentage of your purchases will be given to our Troop when you use this card.  Cards will be given/sent out to each Troop family in the next month.  If you don't want to carry yet another card in your wallet, the cashier will link our Troop card directly to your Albertson's preferred customer card when you give her both cards.  From that point forward, you only need to use your Albertson's preferred customer card - and the Troop will still benefit!

Quiz Question Answers

  1. Personal Management Merit Badge

  2. Indian Lore Merit Badge

  3. Order Of The Arrow Emblem

Troop 575 Campouts, Activities and Service Projects for 2004-2005

As planned by the PLC August 22, 2004

Monthly Campouts

September 10-12 - RMNP Fern Lake Backpacking

November 6-7 - Shooting Campout at Peaceful Valley

December 3-5 - Snow Mountain Ranch Family Trip

January 28-30 - Air Force Academy Freezoree

February (TBD) - Klondike Derby

March 11-13 - Okpik High Adventure

April 23-24 - Pawnee Buttes

May 13-15 - Sand Dunes Family Campout

July 10-16 - Peaceful Valley Summer Camp

July 24-30 - Teton High Adventure Base

July 25-Aug 3 - National Jamboree

August 5-7 - Micro-backpack (1st Yr Scouts)

August 5-11 - Mini-backpack (2nd/3rd Yr Scouts)

September 9-11 - Ed Dulaney Canoe Derby

Monthly Activities and Service Projects

Sept 4, Oct 9 - Highway Clean-up

September 21 - Swim Night / Lifesaving Merit Badge

October 5 - Troop Climbing Night

October 30 - SHM Leaf Clean-up/Tomahawks

October 23 - Junior Leader Training

November 16 - Community Food Share

November 20 - Merit Badge University

December 7 - Climbing Night

January 2 - Town of Superior Xmas Tree pick-up

January 11 - Climbing Night

February 12 - Scuba Day (for scouts 13 and older)

March 5 - Junior Leader Training

March 12 - Snowshoe Day Trip

April 2 - Highway Clean-up

April 9 - Merit Badge University

April 16 - Scout Show

May 7 - Scout Skills Day

May 21 - Memorial Day Flag Plant and

- Highway Clean-up

June 4 - Winter Park Mountain Bike Day

June 14 - Orienteering Night

June 21, July 9 - Highway Clean-up

August 20 - Climb a 14er

Sept 20 - Swim Night

Sep 24 - Highway Clean-up

Troop Calendar

September 2004

Sep 4


9:00a -10:00a Highway Clean-up


Sep 6


Labor Day
No School


Sep 7


6:45p -8:00p Troop Meeting


Sep 10


RMNP-Fern Lake Backpacking Campout

RMNP Hike …10-Sep

Sep 11


RMNP-Fern Lake Backpacking Campout


Sep 12


RMNP-Fern Lake Backpacking Campout


Sep 13


7:00p -8:30p Committee Meeting


Sep 14


6:45p -8:00p Patrol Meeting


Sep 20


No School (BVSD)


Sep 21


6:45p -8:30p Swim Test Night; Lifesaving make-up

Swim Test Night …21-Sep.

Sep 28


6:45p -8:00p PLC/Scout Business Night


October 2004

Oct 4


7:00p -8:30p Committee Meeting


Oct 5


6:30p -8:00p Troop Climbing Night

Wall Climbing Night …05-Oct.

Oct 9


9:00a -10:00a Highway Clean-up


Oct 12


6:45p -8:00p Patrol Meeting


Oct 19


6:45p -8:00p Troop Meeting: 2nd class Alcohol, tobacco, drugs presentation


Oct 22


No School


Oct 23


8:30a Junior Leader Training

Jr. Leader Training …23-Oct

Oct 24


6:00p Janson F's Eagle Court of Honor

Janson F. Eagle COH …24-Oct

Oct 26


6:45p -8:00p PLC/Scout Business Night


Oct 30


Sacred Heart of Mary Leaf Clean-up


Oct 31


Daylight Savings Time Ends



November 2004

Nov 1


7:00p -8:30p Committee Meeting


Nov 2


6:45p -8:00p Troop Meeting

Election Day


Nov 6


Shooting Campout at Peaceful Valley

Shooting Campout …06-Nov

Nov 7


Shooting Campout at Peaceful Valley


Nov 8


Veteran's Day
No School


Nov 9


6:45p -8:00p Patrol Meeting


Nov 16


6:45p -8:00p Community Food Share Greeters or sort


Nov 20


8:30a -5:00p MBU

MBU …20-Nov

Nov 22


No School (BVSD)


Nov 23


No School (BVSD)


No Meeting


Nov 24


Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 25


Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 26


Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 30


6:30p -8:00p Court of Honor

November COH …30-Oct

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