2 noaa acquisition Process Guide Solicitation Module July 2008 rev. Feb 2011

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2 - NOAA Acquisition Process Guide Solicitation Module July 2008 rev. Feb 2011

2 – NOAA Acquisition Process Guide Solicitation Module

2.1 Synopsis

2.1.1 Presolicitation Notice

2.1.2 Draft Solicitation

2.1.3 Sources Sought

2.1.4 Combined Synopsis/Solicitation

2.1.5 Special Notice

2.1.6 Award Notice

2.1.7 Emergency Acquisition

2.1.8 Procurement Instrument Numbering

2.2 Competition Requirements

2.3 Solicitation Development

2.3.1 Simplified Acquisitions Oral Solicitation Written Solicitations

2.3.2 Negotiated/Sealed Bidding Acquisitions – Uniform Contract Format Section A – Solicitation/Contract Form Section B – Supplies and Services and Prices/Costs (CLIN) Section C – Description/Specifications/Work Statement Section D – Packaging and Marking Section E – Inspection and Acceptance Section F – Deliveries or Performance Section G – Contract Administration Data Section H – Special Contract Requirements Section I – Contract Clauses Section J – List of Attachments Section K – Representations, Certifications and Other Statements of Offeror Section L – Instructions, Conditions, and Notice to Offerors Section M – Evaluation Factors for Award

2.3.3 Solicitations for Performance Based Acquisitions

2.3.4 Service Contracting

2.3.5 Options

2.4 Issuing the Solicitation

2.5 Amending a Solicitation

2.6 Special Considerations

2.6.1 Small Business Program

2.6.2 Prompt Payment Act

2.6.3 Fast Payment Procedures

2.6.4 Economic Quantity Discounts

2.6.5 Evaluating Quotes for Multiple Awards

2.6.6 Federal Technical Data Solution (FedTeDs) now incorporated into FedBizOpps

2.6.7 Government-Furnished Property, Material, Equipment or Information

2.6.8 Buy American Act

2.6.9 North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

2.6.10 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases

2.6.11 Hazardous Material and Waste Disposal

2.6.12 Transportation Provisions

2.7 Files and Documentation

2.8 Summary of Solicitation Module References

The objective of preparing the Solicitation is to accurately describe NOAA requirements so that all qualified Offerors are given the opportunity to respond. This phase of the contracting process includes publicizing the planned procurement; preparing the Solicitation; amending the Solicitation, as necessary; and receiving offers.
All information attained during the Solicitation phase must be documented in the contract file.
This module explains the NOAA processes for preparing and issuing a Solicitation. The Contracting Officer develops the Solicitation in concert with the Project Officer. The Solicitation will ultimately form the basis of the contract.

2.1 Synopsis

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FAR 5 describes the regulations for publicizing contract actions. All procurements at NOAA expected to exceed $10,000 (not the FAR required $25,000) must be synopsized unless an exception exists (see FAR 5.202).
The Contracting Officer prepares and issues the synopsis using the information provided in the Procurement Request (PR) package by the Project Officer. Synopsis content requirements are provided in FAR 5.207 and FAR 12.603.
The purpose of publicizing contract actions is to increase competition, broaden industry participation in meeting Government requirements, and assist small business concerns (FAR 19) in obtaining contracts and subcontracts. The Contracting Officer publishes contract actions via Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) at http://www.fedbizopps.gov. Contracting Officers are required to register and obtain a user ID and password in FedBizOpps.
All Solicitations, regardless of value, should instruct Offerors to complete Representations and Certifications, or the submission of other information via the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) at: https://orca.bpn.gov/. See Planning 1.9.2 for more information.

2.1.1 Presolicitation Notice Top of Page

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