1550nm catv edfa: we-1550

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1550nm CATV EDFA: WE-1550

Standard Optical Amplifier Module Dual Power Supply Optical Amplifier

Outdoor Optical Amplifier

Built-in Splitter Optical Amplifier HS Multipath High-power Optical Amplifier

1. Summary

1. WE-1550 Series 1550nm CATV EDFA is an important Optical Relay Transmission Equipment of 1550nm Optical Fiber Communication System. It is mainly used in Long-distance Optical Fiber Transmission of Television Image signal, Digital Television Signal, Telephone Voice Signal Data (or Compressed Data) Signal.

2. Low-noise Pump Laser of famous brand, import high performance Erbium-doped Fiber, perfect and Microcomputer Automatic Controlled System are built in the WE-1550 Series 1550nm CATV EDFA to ensure the excellent performance.

3. We developed front-type, line type, power type and some other types in order to adapt to a variety of engineering environments better; We also developed a Wild-type Model that fit for the ambient temperature from-40 ℃ to +60 ℃ .

4. The out look of WE-1550 Series 1550nm CATV EDFA is beautiful. It’s technical index of performance and advanced of technique are comparable with the same import types. It can meet the different engineering application of the user because of its easy installation and high cost performance. So that ,it’s the best choose to build a Large or medium-sized.

2. Performance Characteristics

  • We use low-noise pump laser of famous brand with low distortion, wide bandwidth and high output optical power.

  • We Use high performance erbium-doped fiber, with high energy conversion efficiency; Advanced SMT production process with higher reliability is used in the internal circuitry.

  • Built-in perfect microcomputer automatic control circuit, monitor a variety of working conditions of output power and laser in real time, to make sure the optical output power is steady and extend the working life of the laser.

  • Blue VFD Display displaying the operating parameters and fault information accurately and GB Class II Transponder monitoring the network by Ethernet are built in 19”1U High-standard Rack.

  • Pre-type EDFA whose lowest Input Power is -12 dBm is mainly used in long span transmission of primary route about 100km single-stage.

  • Circuit –type EDFA whose noise index is lower than 4dB (when the Input Optical Power is 0 dB) is mainly used in multistage cascade long-distance transmission of primary route.

  • Power-type EDFA whose Output Optical Power is 25 dBm is mainly used in FTTB network of MAN.

  • Large cast aluminium drain case and high-frequency E-Electric refrigerator witch make the equipment can adapt to field environmental temperature about from -40 ℃ to +60 ℃ are build in the wild-type EDFA. It is mainly used in remote areas having no indoor room.

3. Technique Parameters



Technique Parameter




Working Bandwidth


1535 ~1565

Input Optical Power Range





Output Optical Power


10 ~19

16 ~22

13 ~24

Output Power Stability



Noise Figure(When the Input Optical Power is 0dB )


≤ 4.0

≤ 4.0

≤ 5.0

Return Loss

Input Port


≥ 45

Output Port


≥ 45

Pump Leakage Power

Input Port


≤ -30

Output Port


≤ -30



≥ 51



≥ 63



≥ 63

Optical Connector Type


Power Voltage


AC 160V~250V (50 Hz)

Working Temperature Range


Max Working Relative Humidity


Max. 95%no condensation

Storage Temperature Range

-30 ~+70

Max Storage Relative Humidity


Max. 95%no condensation

Overall Dimension


Indoor:483(L)X 380(W)X 44(H)

Outdoor:550(L)X 280(W)X 218(H)

★Special Notice:

The performance parameters of this manual according to GY/T 143-2000 .We get it under the following testing environment.

★Testing Environment:

Together with Standard 1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter, 10km standard optical fiber and optical passive attenuator make the testing circuit .Set with 59PAL-Danalog TV channel signal at range of 550MHZ in the fix index loss of circuit, transmit digital TV signal at rang of 550MHZ~862MHZ, the electricity (8 MHZ bandwidth) digital signal is 10dB lower than analog signal of carrier electricity level. When the input of optical receiver is -1dBm, measure C/CTB, C/CSO, C/N.

4. Block Diagram

5. New Model in 2011 to Recommend:

  • HB model is a product with adjustable output power. The max output power is up to 24dBm, and can be adjusted within 0-4dB with stepping of 0.1dBm.

  • HS model is a multipath high power output product. The max output power is up to 27dBm, 8 paths at most with 16dBm in each path.

  • Technical targets of HB and HS model are same to conventional models.

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