15 – ’16 say swim Team Cost and Payments payment & registration information a deposit of $100. 00 is due by July 31

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15 – ’16 SAY Swim Team Cost and Payments
A Deposit of $100.00 is due by July 31st 2015 to hold your place on the team. According to Y National bylaws, Y Memberships must be active and current through April 10 of 2016 at the time of the deposit. Deposits are nonrefundable. You will also register your swimmers at the time of the deposit online. A CC or ACH draft must be stored to make the deposit.
If you are a current Y member, you will pay your deposit online. An email will be sent to each family indicating how to register and pay the $100.00 balance.
If you are a new family, you will pay your deposit online. An email will be sent to each family indicating how to register and pay the $100.00 balance. You must also come into the YMCA and take out a membership for your swimmer.
An application for new membership can be found at the following link:
Balance Payment by 9/13/15 @ The Summit YMCA
Once you have paid your deposit, you may pay your balance at any time before 9/13/15 at the front desk. Please bring your deposit receipt to the Y to indicate that you have registered for the team and paid the deposit in order to pay the balance. To make balance payment easier, on 8/1 a list of families who have paid deposits will be available at the front desk. If you would like to call in your balance payment, and you are on the deposit list, you may do that instead.
Please note: The online team registration system is different from the Y’s system. They are not linked. Online and deposit registration will put your swimmer in our team database. The balance payment at the Y will place your swimmer in the Y’s database and create a Y account for them that every swimmer must have.
Any swimmer registering and paying after September 13th will incur a 2% administration fee.
Payment Plan

Payment Plans are available for those families with multiple children on the team. If you are choosing the payment plan, you must come into the Y to sign up.

Y Membership Fee
All swim team members must be members of the Summit YMCA. Most of our swimmers are family members. Please make sure your swimmer is a member of the Summit Y through the end of March 2016. (Swimmers attending Sun Kissed and Y Nationals must be a member through April 2016.) These fees are in addition to the program fees listed below. You will be asked to fill out a membership application.
Swim Team Fees – Age group is determined by age as of 12/1/15
8 & Under $1,210
9 & 10yrs $1,210
Age Group (9-18 yrs) $ 810
Junior (11 – 14yrs) $1,450
Senior (14 – 18yrs) $1,675
For families with multiple children, please subtract:

2 children - $30

3 children - $120

4 children - $220

from the total cost for the family
For example:
Becky Senior $1675.00

Tim Junior $1450.00

Jeff 9&10 $1210.00
Cost: $4335.00

Subtract for 3 children: $ 120.00

Final swim team cost: $4215.00

Your swim team fees are made up of many different components. For a breakdown of exact dollar amounts per component, please contact us.
Program Fees –

Includes pool time, equipment, practice and meet coaching fees.

Team Social Events -

The Summit Seals Parent Organization provides social events for the season. This includes the parent welcome party, age group pool parties, holiday relay carnival, championship season pasta party, National and Sun Kissed sendoff party.

Computer Maintenance –

Colorado (computer/timing system) maintenance including computers, touch pads, and scoreboard

USA and YMCA Swimming Registration Fees

Our Swimmers are registered with USA swimming and the Northern YMCA Swim League

SAY Team Tshirt


Uniform – Our swim suit and apparel vendor will be on hand in early September for suit try on and ordering. Suits, caps, fins and paddles are a mandatory purchase. All other apparel is optional.
**New for 2015/16 season **Meet Fees – Entry fees for all Invitational and Championship meets will be collected for each meet online through the Team Unify system. Once entries are submitted to the meet host, there will be no reimbursement of the fees.
End of Season Banquet – Our annual end of season banquet in late April or early May is an optional social event. Monies will be collected at time of sign up.

Payment Plan For Families with 2 or more Children on the Team
Families that have 2 or more children on the team may participate in our payment plan option. Please fill out the form below and return to the front desk with a credit card. Your credit card will be scanned and used for your payments.
A 5% service charge will be applied to the payment plan option. Any credit cards that are declined during the payment plan period will incur a $15.00 decline fee.

I ___________________________________ hereby give authorization to the Summit YMCA to charge my credit card in the amount not to exceed the cost of membership and the cost of my swimmer’s swim team total fees.

3 equal payments – 1/3 on September 13th, 1/3 October 13th, and 1/3 on November 13th will be charged.

Name of Swimmers:_______________________________________

Phone number: ____________________________________________
Email address: _____________________________________________
Cardholder Name: __________________________________________
Cardholder’s Signature /Date _________________________________
Last 4 digits of card ____________ expiration date ______________

Your completion of this authorization form helps us to protect you, our valued members from credit fraud. The Summit YMCA will keep all information entered on this form strictly confidential. After it is used, it will be shredded to further protect you.

The Summit Area YMCA is one of the area’s leading charitable 501(c)3 organizations. Our programs and services are open to all through our financial assistance programs made possible through the generosity of our members, donors and partners. To help us help others, donate online at www.theSAY.org

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