1212 Community Relations School Volunteers

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Community Relations

School Volunteers
The Board of Education recognizes that volunteers can make many valuable contributions to our schools. The Board endorses a volunteer program in schools subject to suitable regulations and safeguards. Appropriate recognition of volunteer services shall be made by the Board and school district administration.
Annually, Principals shall submit a list of all regular volunteers in the district (chaperones on field trips, aides, library and classroom volunteer assistance, grandparents, assistance at athletic events, field days, etc.) to the Superintendent of Schools.
Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
10-4g Parent and community involvement in schools; model programs; school-based teams
10-235 Indemnification of teachers, board members, employees and certain volunteers and students in damage suits; expenses of litigation.
54-254 Registration of person who has committed a felony for a sexual purpose

Policy adopted: May 16, 2013 DERBY PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Derby, Connecticut



Derby, Connecticut
On March, 20, 2008, the Board of Education adopted a policy requiring that adults who volunteer in certain situations must submit to a background check that includes fingerprinting and reviews of national databases checking for involvement with criminal and child protective services.
What are the circumstances under which I must submit to a background check?
You will work with or have contact with students either in school or at out-of-school activities. Fingerprinting will not be required for field trip chaperones if their own children are participating in the field trip.
How do I complete the process?
You will notify the school secretary or school administrator that you wish to volunteer and in what capacity. If your intended service fits the above criteria, school administration will provide the Human Resources Office with your name, address and telephone number along with a brief description of how you will serve the district.
You will be given a set of two fingerprint cards from the school secretary. You may also obtain the cards from the Human Resources Office if the Human Resources Office is in receipt of the form from school administration. You may request that cards be sent to your home address. Cards will be given to you only if an administrator determines that you meet the criteria where you must complete the background check.
You must take the cards to the police station for fingerprinting. The Derby School District will pay all necessary costs.
You must return the cards with your fingerprints to the Human Resources Office.
May I volunteer in a capacity other than the above before the background check is completed?
Yes, you may volunteer in any other capacity without completing the background check.
Must I complete this process every year?
No, the background check is completed only once.
What are the circumstances under which I would not be approved for volunteering?
You will not be approved for volunteering if you have a criminal record that suggests you might be a threat or a hazard to our children or if you have had an involvement with Child Protective Services where it has been determined that you have had an inappropriate contact with children.



How long should this process take?
We are notified in approximately four to six weeks from the time we send your fingerprints to the Department of Public Safety if the check has revealed any record. Please leave sufficient time for the process to be complete if you intend to volunteer for those activities where a background check is necessary.
What is reported to you?
We are notified of any case involving an arrest and its disposition.
Where can I have my fingerprints taken?
You may have your fingerprints taken at the Derby Police Station.
Must I have my fingerprints taken at the Derby Police Station?
Some police stations in other communities may take your fingerprints even though you do not live in that community. If it is more convenient for you to have your fingerprints taken close to the place where you work, call the local police station and ask if they can accommodate you. In any case, you must bring the completed fingerprint cards to the Human Resources Office at the Board of Education office.



Derby, Connecticut

(Completed by School Administration)

This individual has volunteered to serve in the following capacities at _____________________________ School:

After school program Mentor

Club or activity Overnight trip

Field trip supervision School project

Fund-raising Other (Please specify)

Name ________________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________

City State Zip Code

Telephone _____________________________________________________________________

Home Cell

Administrator Name _____________________________________________________________
Date Submitted ______________________________
To be completed by the Human Resources Office
 Fingerprinting complete

 Application complete

 This individual is in compliance with Board Policy and Regulation 1212 and may volunteer as described above.

Confirmed by __________________________________________ __________________

Name Date

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