12 imam: Vaccine Injury Coalition: Vaccine Liability Form 12 "Eye" M. A. S. S. Anoxia Measurement

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12 IMAM: Vaccine Injury Coalition: Vaccine Liability Form

12 "Eye" M.A.S.S. Anoxia Measurement

M.A.S.S. - Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes





 I (Dr so-and-so)________acknowledge that I am the treating physician for (patient so-and-so____) and that I am recommending and providing the following vaccination(s) (vaccine x.._________.y)_________________________ for (patient so-and-so) on the following date_m:    d:     yr._______ and time_________am/pm.


I acknowledge that I have a duty of care while performing any medical acts that could forseeably harm others.


I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Vaccine injury series "Tolerance Lost - Volumes 1 to 3" (available at BrainGuardMD.com).


I acknowledge that I have completed a full (pre-vaccination) neurological exam of the listed vaccine recipient and that my findings are duly recorded in the patients medical records.


I acknowledge that the ACIP - Advisory Counsel on Immunizations and Practices guidelines have stipulated that if neurological adversity unfolds from vaccination, that referral to a neurological/neurobehavioral specialist is mandated.


I acknowledge that I have also reviewed the Authoritative Guide to USA Vaccine Legal Exemptions ebooklet wherein multiple cases and families are depicted demonstrating that ALL vaccinations are causing ischemic brain damages to infants, children, teens, and adults alike.


With this medical knowledge, and in the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath "to do no harm", I sign my name to this document accepting full responsibility, in medical malpractice, negligence, and Civil Tort Laws, without duress or misrepresentation, with full knowledge that the patient listed above with whom I have a duty of care relationship, has BrainGuardMD.com non-invasive neurovascular functional neuroimaging that will be performed before and after vaccination.


If ischemic brain damages emerge in this patient, post vaccination, then I accept full responsibility, in negligence and tort liability, for the brain and health damages my medical practice has caused.

_______________________________________   _________

Signature of physician                                         Date

_______________________________________   _________

Signature of Nurse administering vaccine            Date



_____________________________________      ________

Signature of Vaccinee/parent or Guardian             Date



____________________________________       ________

Signature of Witness                                            Date

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