01. This measure is: a good Practice

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01.This measure is: A Good Practice

02. Title of the measure Entreprenourial Education in the school curricula

03. Country Romania

04. Language EN

05. Responsible organisation Ministry of Education and Research

06. Contact details


Eugen Stoica


G-ral Berthlot St,28-30, 1st District, bucharest





07. Charter action line Education and training for entrepreneurship

08. Description of the measure In primary education the enterprise spirit is dealt with implicity, at the age level, within the subject Civil Education in the 3rd and 4th forms (the subject is taught alternative text books free of charge).At the same time, in primary education there are several optional courses (modules under Junior Achievement Romania).In Secondary education the enterprise elements are to be found within the subject Technological Education included in the common bole, in the 5th ans 8th forms (the subject has as teaching tools alternative textbooks free of charge).In the first level of high school, the Enterprise education is included in the curriculum Techologies area - the common bole (compulsory subject) the 9th and 10th forms for all the profiles and specialisation (tools alternative textbooks free of charge).In the superior secondary education, the Enterprise education is included in the discipline Man and Society, in the common bole,technological domain, all the profiles and specialisation. Starting 2007-2008 schoolyear, the subject Enterprise Education in the technological domain will be replaced by Applied Economics. In highschool Education, all domains,Enterprise Education is compulsory studied.In vocational schools the subject Civil and Enterprise education is compulsory. In post highschool,drawing a business plan is forseen in "Vocational Information and Counseling".

09. Objectives Ol: adapting the national curriculum to the changes that interfered in the preuniversity teaching system. 02: forming the key competence in the domain Enterprise Culture according to the assumed objectives for the development of educational systems and professional training in Europe (Barcelona - Copenhagen process). 03: developing a specific concept of enterprise culture through the extension of the exercising companies in all the educational units having an economic profile. 10. Implementation

Start Date


End Date


11. Expected impact / targets ( quantitative / qualitative ) Acquiring key skills in the domain of Enterprise Culture.

12. Target group School population at the level of preuniversity education.

13. Communication strategy - posting on the MEdR site at the address www.edu.ro/invatamant preuniversitar/ all the curricula targeting the common bole and the national curricula containing the optional courses in the domain of enterprise education, which allows the access of all interested in such programmes (students, teachers, parents etc); - presenting and analysing the curricula of courses from the common bole and the national curricula on optional courses concerning the enterprise education, at a county level on the occasion of methodological activities; - organizing open teaching activities within methodological and training programmes; - drawing sites of exercising companies and ROCT (Romanian Center Training Firms); - taking part in national and international training companies.

14. Assessment by national business organisations and entrepeneurs -key competences/skills are foreseen in the job training standards which are approved by the domain committees organized within the National Council for the Professional Training of Adults, contact data on the site : www.cnfpa.ro;

15. Results already achieved and, if available, some statistical information on the impact of the measure. 16. Evaluation

17. What makes this practice better than others? 18. Obstacles that had to be overcome and lessons learned 19. Additional information Cooperation with National Agency for SME and Co-operatives within an Agreement of Colaboration 20. This measure was inspired by the following Member State or Best Project (explain) EC Policies on Scholar Entrepreneurship Education

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